Warfather is demanding the Apocalypse

So here we are with Steven Tucker, probably one of the most distinctive death metal voices out there. So Steve, back with a new band called Warfather, and of course we could expect nothing less than extremity filtered through death metal! Nice to be back bro. Probably the most boring question out there, but since your bio is a little short on backstage detail, take some time and give us a quick briefing on Warfather .
Well, Warfather is my new full time band. We are death metal, what most would consider old school. Warfather is a band with a message and an agenda.

The bands you’ve been a part of, more or less share the same darkness in the way they express their extremity. Judging from the song ‘’My Queen shall not be Mourned’’, which is third if I am not mistaken in your upcoming first full ‘’Orchestrating the Apocalypse’’, we could say that the same aspect is followed here. In the album preview you’ve uploaded, one can definitely listen to tons of blast beats and sheer brutality themes of course, but it looks like the whole album leans in favor of dark and majestic atmosphere. So how would you describe Warfather s’ music to someone that hasn’t listened to a single note! Did I get anything right?
I think that you got it right man, you can expect what I feel is pure death metal music. A lot of blast beats, double bass, fast picking and riffing, with brutal vocals! The theme of OTA revolves around the desire to see this shithole that we live in change! We are demanding the Apocalypse come! The album is definitely dark and the atmosphere is that of frustration and desire, it is good to hear you use the term Majestic!

Something, that anyone can notice while listening to either the full track you’ve uploaded, or the album preview, is the voice! It is Tucker-ish as hell, if I may use the term, and yet it sounds so refreshed and improved. Of course I believe the music helps a lot, as I believe it is the proper music to bring your voice forth. So how is it done? You write music to fit in with your vocal lines, or is it the music first, and then you adjust the vox?
That is a bit funny, I would hope the vocals are a bit Tucker –ish! Cheers for that, I got a good laugh. I think the most distinct difference is the fact that I am writing the music and the vocals from the same exact mindset. So there is cohesiveness. As well, with me switching to guitar, I think there is a much better connection to the songs for myself, I am able to express more emotion myself, and I think it makes it more real than anything I have done previously. When writing the songs, they all seem to happen differently, but usually, I start with music, and very often, the vocal ideas will start immediately while writing the music. There are always adjustments, vocally and musically, as the ideas grow.

What is the lyrical inspiration behind Warfather? Is there a lyrical concept the songs follow, or each one has its own theme?
I think on this album it is pretty straightforward, the message is out there. The lyrics are calling for an end to the world we currently live in. And, yes I do know, if the world dies, my music means nothing. Every song on the album is part of an overall concept, the apocalypse. However, each has its own story inside of it, after all it is music, and music is art. The idea is to go on a journey with the music and the lyrics. To take the listener into my mind for the 40 some minutes of the album.

Do you believe a death metal band can inspire people with its lyrics? I mean ok, there are the gory lyrics which obviously exist for the fun of it, but there are also bands that choose their lyrics carefully, picking themes as politics, or religion, or man and his existence etc etc. How influential do you think these lyrics could be for people? Do you take lyrics as seriously as you take music or you believe that lyrics are a matter of lesser gravity?
I absolutely believe death metal lyrics can contain a message and I believe they are very important. I spend a lot of time working on lyrics to get them to where they are both flowing and relevant. I know there are people who don’t give a shit about the lyrics; some people just love blast beats and fast music. To each their own! For me lyrics are incredibly important. As a matter of fact, some of the lyrics deal with the idea that man has become lazy and ignorant and often will only do the minimal to get by in life. In this scenario, art becomes irrelevant and disposable. I believe this is happening in our current time. It is not pleasant!

What is your contribution to the music of Warfather? Is all the music and lyrics your responsibility or others get involved as well? How do you see yourself evolving as a musician as time passes by?
On OTA I wrote the music and the lyrics, the band help to finish things up during recording. They will all contribute much more on the next album, over time trust has grown and I think we all see things the same way. I don’t really think of how I will evolve, al l that I want is to not stand still, I want to constantly get better as a player. I do not see me trying to bring Warfather into any other musical direction; we are death metal and very proud of it.

I would like your opinion on two hot matters of the music business nowadays. Number 1 is the Kickstarter! Many bands tend to use it, from high status death metal bands as Obituary, to low status bands..How do you find a movement like that? Would you use Kickstarter to raise funds for a Warfather s’ future release?
I personally would not use Kickstarter. I am not in any way against the existence of it, I think it makes sense, people can help the bands they love. I totally understand why the bands do it, most bands have been so fucked over by record labels that they find a way to do it without a label, or they break up. I would rather see a great band continue without the label. Labels do shitty things. The last album I did was basically buried by the label that released it, because they wanted another album that came out the same day to succeed. As a musician, this really sucks. But the labels don’t give a fuck, they all started because they “loved metal “but in the end, they just become a cut throat money making machine… If you love metal, then release what you believe in, not what will make you a few more dollars.

Number 2 is of course…..’’Downloading’’. Let’s put you in a dilemma where you have to face two kinds of people. After a live show they approach you, and one tells you that he downloaded everything you’ve recorded and thinks they’re the coolest shit out there, and the other tells you that he bought everything, and he thought that it was the biggest waste of money ever. Which of both gets a punch in the face?
Fuck man, this is a hard question. First thing is, I am not going to punch either in the face, unless I feel I am in danger of being physically hurt. Obviously, downloading the music hurts the bands financially, in an already very bad financial time. I personally put a lot of time into the layout, artwork, lyrics and every other detail that is part of the physical packaging of the music. So, the guy that downloaded the music has probably missed out on some things that he would have probably enjoyed, so that is his loss. The other guy has issues man, that dude keeps buying shit that he hates, and feels the need to tell people that he hates it, while still going to shows and supporting the music…. Lol. To this fella, I just say, hey bro, thanks for coming to the show, do you want me to sign those for you?

Ok back to music. You have uploaded an album teaser, and a full song. What is the feedback so far? Is it as expected, better or worse?
Man it is the internet! People want to kill each other over the song! It is either brilliant or pure shit, but either way, the internet bad asses are all over it. It is actually exactly how I expected it to be.

I liked the cover of "Orchestrating…". It is chaotic, and the combination of it along with the logo reeks an old school feeling. Who is responsible for the cover? Is there a meaning behind, or is it just a cover to fit in with the album title?
Cheers man, I love cover!! The cover art, layout and all imagery was done by a brilliant man from Limerick, Ire. He did an amazing job in my opinion. It is chaotic, dark, and beautiful. The art ties in directly to music and concept of the album. I really don’t want to get into exact meaning s of the images, what each represents, I would like to leave that to anyone that looks at it, but if you read the lyrics and spend time checking it out, I think you can see how it all ties together.

So let’s talk a little promotion shall we? What are the tour plans you have for promoting ‘’Orchestrating…’’ Have you given any live shows as Warfather so far? Are there any tour plans including Europe?
Yes there are plans to quite a bit of touring. This will definitely include Europe, and we will be making announcements very soon about some upcoming shows!

Besides Warfather you did vocals for ‘Nader Sadek’ as well. Apparently you got many music demons running in your veins. What other bands are you into one way or another?
Right now, my sole focus musically is Warfather ! It is always fun to do things with friends musically and I am sure I will do some other things in the future, But my focus now is Warfather.

Ok that was it Steve. Thank you for your time and wish you the best for Warfather. Close this any way you like!
Cheers Brother, thanks for the interesting questions.

Warfather will be in Holland very soon, all of my old friends and new ones as well, let’s have a beer!