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Haemorrhage is probably the most known spanish band of extreme music in the world and Luisma (one of the founder members) is talking with us today about these twenty years and their first record with the american label Relapse.

Before starting the interview, I wanted to thank you for spend this time talking with us, because we know that among the band, family and the time you spend with the drawing (the well-known side of you for every fan of extreme music), not let much free time for you...
You're welcome. Yes, I haven't got too much free time, but there is always a break to answer some questions.

We start with a question that many people do, what has changed haemorrhage during these 20 years of existence, from the point of view of the members of the band?
We haven't changed too much in our music, but obviously we have more experience now and sometimes experience gives us the chance of making the things in a determinate direction. This makes us to be more selective with our stuff, and not to release every shit we make.

Haemorrhage is possibly the Spanish band of extreme music most internationally, how is the support of the people outside of Spain?
The fans are awesome everywhere. There was a time when we were way more famous out of Spain than in our own country. Luckily things have changed now, and we feel the respect and support of spanish fans. Thats the most important thing to us cause it is something we got with our work, effort and dedication.

Part of your discography were edited with Morbid Records, a label that has worked with big bands in the extreme scene, but they does not have the history and popularity of Relapse, your current label. How was the change and what differences you see between these labels with the bands?
Yeah, that's clear. Morbid was a great label and I just would mention some of the bands they released to see that: Dead Infection, Agathocles, Blood, Gut, Dying Fetus, Blood, etc... Obviously they hadn't the same economical potential and distribution that Relapse but Morbid was a great label for many years. We knew they were interested in signing us in the past so once Morbid records closed down we thought in them. We were lucky to get many good offers from many great labels. Even bigger than Relapse, but we though Relapse was better for ous music, and also to promote the band in USA. They has been always cool to us so far, but the importance of Haemorrhage in Relapse is not the same than in Morbid. That's not a surprise, we knew it before we signed.

Relapse includes some of your works reissued in his catalog, would you put it as a condition when signing the contract or has been a proposal by the seal once you have already signed?
No, they offered a new album deal and the reissue of all the past catalogue. We thought it was hard for us to lost the control of all our stuff so we told them we would sign for only a couple of albums and the new one.

Many Spanish bands are speaking about the little support given to the national scene to the detriment of the great international bands, with cases like yours or that of bands like The Infected Extirpating, Thirst Of Revenge, Human Mincer, Gory Delivery, Goreinhaled and others that have signed with labels outside of Spain. Are you happy with the support that is given to Haemorrhage in Spain?
Yes, we are happy with the fans and some media cause they supported our band. There are other that always were jealous and they would never support us.

Haemorrhage remains true to her style since its inception. Is it very difficult to follow in that line without falling into repetition and maintaining the quality that characterizes your work?
No, its not easy. That's the reason for the long delay between "Apology" and "Hospital" (5 years). I think we won't record more albums if we can't offer something good to our fans. Something better than the things we did before.

We feel the influence of Haemorrhage on many current bands and for this reason and the number of fans of your band who play in other bands, now we can find many versions of Haemorrhage. What bands have influenced you, and what would your reaction if some bands wants to release a tribute album to Haemorrhage?
We can make a list of 2000 bands that influenced us, but I think our strongest influences are Carcass, Impetigo, Terrorizer, Carnage, Xysma, Necrony, Death, Eskorbuto, Doom, Cryptic Slaughter, old General Surgery, Macabre, etc...
A tribute album is something we have never think of. I don't know how would I take it. I think tribute albums are for bands that passed away and we are still alive. It would be a honour, but its something I don't care too much.

You've done splits with bands like Dead, Disgorge, Ingrowing, Groinchurn, Exhumed, Christ Denied, Denak, Embalming Theatre or Dead Infection, is there any other band that you would like to record a split?
Yes, Impetigo would be cool.

Albums, EPs, promos, splits, live albums, DVD and even compilations of your best songs ... What you have left to do as a band, if you left something?
I don't know...a porno movie??? lol... seriously, I don't think too much in that. I only think in making good songs.

Your first three discs were recorded in only one or two years of diference and since your album entitled "Anatomical Inferno" you have been to publish every four or five years as has happened with "Hospital carnage." Do you take it more calmly for to launch a better job or is due to the concerts, splits in which you have participated and other commitments?
No, that's the reason you told in the other question: Everytime is harder for us to write good stuff. For "Hospital" I wrote 36-37 songs, but not only were good enough to be on an album. Surely they would be good for other bands, but not for us. We want if someone pay 10 euros for our album he gets the best from us.

What's the reaction of the people to "Hospital carnage"?. What says Relapse about the sales of this album?
The album has a very positive response from fans and media. We don't care about album sales but I think the first press of 3000 was sold-out in less that 3 months and they had to made another one, but today is fucking hard to sell Cds. There are also Lps, digital, editions...

Before you recorded "Hospital carnage" you gave to us some songs in concert (I enjoyed it in the Etengabeko Zarate Festival last year) and the truth is that the songs sounds great. People enjoy with the new songs as with the classics of the band like "Excavating the iliac fossa"or "I'm A Pathologist"? What song of your last job you'll be asked for by your fans to touch in concert within two or three years, "Traumaggedon", "Amputation protocol" or "Flesh-devouring Pandemic"?
Yes, I think these songs you told are already some of our fans favourites. Time shall tell. It was the same with "Apology For Pathology" and now "Furtive Dissection" "Disgorging Innards" and "Festerfest" can't be missed in our set-lists. Of course the audience always wants to listen the most calssic songs like " I'm A Pathologist".

What are the plans of Haemorrhage after the "Butchery at Christmas Time Festival"?
We have some fests for 2012: Hellfest, Maryland Deathfest, etc... Surely we will do something in Spain too.

Prior to terminate the interview, you want to add something or send an apocalyptic message through these lines?
Apocalyptic Message???? Just watch TV news man! ha, ha...I want to tell a positive message to people in these troubled times so, here is our music to think in unreal things, to escape from the fucking reality, to bang your heads and shake your legs! Enjoy!

Thanks again for everything and good luck.
Thanks!!!!!!! Stay Sick!
Interviewer: Hijo del Dolor
Oct 30, 2011

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