What will Wormreich reveal on April 15th?

interview with wormreich the black metal band

Create in 09 out of Barren, Rotting Bowls of Nashville, TN and Huntsville, ala. Wormreich is a unholy trio of kindred souls who decided to create music as a vassel to the morning star. With upcoming release "Wormreich Revelations" which will unleashed on April. 14 on Moribund Records. Founding member V reveals the works of the "Wormreich Revelations".

Greetings from Texas. It's cold as fuck down here and I hope it's not as cold where you at?
The weather is fine here, very cold and snowy but it has warmed up considerably.

What's been going on with the reich so far?
We are currently awaiting the release of "Wormcult Revelations" on April 15th. In the meantime we are playing a few select dates, working on a split with the band Neftaraka from Malaysia, and we are also doing some writing for the next full-length.

For the people that not familiar with Wormreich can you give a brief history of the band?
I founded Wormreich in 2009 as a solo effort. Soon afterwards N. Vathron joined the project and as a duo we wrote, recorded, and released our debut album 'Edictvm DCLXVI'. Shortly thereafter we were joined by Profana on drums. Afterwards we started playing live and in January of 2013 we entered the studio to record 'Wormcult Revelations'. It has taken over a year to give it a proper release, but several months ago we had secured a recording contract with Moribund Records, and now the record will be released in about a month (from now).

How this band different from your previous band Blood Stain Dusk?
Myself and N. Vathron were never involved with that band during it's reign, though our drummer Profana founded Blood Stained Dusk and some of our live/session members were involved with it as well. We may share some similarities in regard to sound and aesthetics, simply given the personal ties and the fact that some of our members have been involved in the creative process for both bands, but Wormreich and Blood Stained Dusk are two entirely separate entities who share a common spirit and drive.

What was your source of inspiration when the band got write material for the new album?
We draw inspiration from within and without. For me the writing process for 'Wormcult' was deeply personal, inspired by not only the music that I was listening to, but also by the conviction of my religious views. The abstract and highly meaningful Satanic concepts that invade my soul are the driving force for what we create.

On this album the band cover a Deathspell Omega song?
Yes, we include a cover of the instrumental 'Malign Paradigm' from the album "Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice".

How long you been a fan of Deathspell Omega and what do they think of your version of the song?
I have become aware of DSO right around 2002 with the "Inquisitors Of Satan" album. I was around 15 or so. I have no idea if they are even aware of the cover, or what they think of it.

I been listening to the new album a lot, I like the album very much!
Thanks. We appreciate your interest.

How much the band mature and evolved since it's debut album?
Between our debut album "Edictvm DCLXVI" and now, we feel that our progression has been very natural and noticeable. We have shed some of the epic, symphonic elements of our early black works in favor of a more chaotic and ethereal approach. We are constantly evolving, but we will never lose touch with what Wormreich really is. To do so would be to disobey the calling of the Most Unholy forces whom we worship!

I was checking your Facebook page the band is getting ready to do some shows in Memphis, are there any plans to do some shows in Texas?
All I can say for sure is that things are in the works and that Texas is most certainly on the agenda for 2014/15.

You guys played any new material live?
Yes, we have played the entirety of "Wormcult" live, along with works from our previous album.

When you play live, you play as a three piece?
No. Most recently we play as a five-piece, with myself on vocals, N. Vathron on guitar and effects, and Profana on drums. We also have recruited S. Asura (ex-Blood Stained Dusk (live)) on live bass duties, and most recently we have brought in Ex-Hallows Eve guitarist Vercingetorix (Steve "Skully" Shoemaker) to take up live guitar duties following my decision to focus solely on performing vocals live.

Are there any plans to do a tour with some other bands like Marduk for a example?
There will be no concrete plans for such touring until after the release of "Wormcult". After that, we shall see what happens.

Is there a possibility of doing some shows in Europe in the near future?
There is definitely a great desire to go and play overseas. We are confident that it will happen eventually, but as to when is anyone's guess.

What's your opinion of the USBM scene you feel it got better?
We don't necessarily feel that the so-called "scene" has really changed much. We do take note that there are some very strong and exciting acts wading through a sea of boring, half-assed and half-thought out acts that come and go with the seasons.

Tell what other bands you enjoy listening to?
Personally, some of the bands I quite enjoy lately are Behexen, Katharsis, Pact, Aosoth, Teitanblood, Sargeist, Thunderbolt (Pol), Svartidau├░i, Kommandant, Svartsyn, Nightbringer, Merrimack, Hell Militia, Arkhon Infaustus, Incantation, Portal, Chaos Inception, Nocturnal Fear, Nyogthaeblisz, etc.
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Mar 30, 2014

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