What you hear is the result of Valet Parn

Hailz George!  It is good to correspond with you again! When I originally met you, you were performing with Septic Flesh on Tour with Behemoth. I knew you then as a great guitarist and guitar tech (I remember running around trying to help you find some tools as you were working on your guitar, haha!). Speed me up on what you have been up to since then.
Hello Will! Thanks for contacting me again! I remember that day for sure, the one technical problem used to come up after the other one, but it luckily ended up great! Since then there are some things I got involved with but the most important ones where the production of the upcoming Septic Flesh album, where I worked as a sound engineer and also mixing and mastering Valet Parn’s debut album with Fredrick Nordstrom at Fredman Studios.

I remember the same night I hung out with you I spent a lot ov time with Nergal ov Behemoth as well.  He spoke about how tough his latest project "Evangelion" was and the actual anguish he endured producing that colossal masterpiece. I think many people take for granted the great effort and dedication that it takes to produce a quality album. Some may think it is easy but we know better... What are some ov the hardships which one experiences in and out ov the studio?
Well, there actually plenty ov hardships that someone can experience when he’s producing an album with his band. With my experience I can say that deadlines and also overcoming workaholism, in order to achieve best results, probably will stress you and blur you, so any mistake or exhaustion in any section ov the production is possible. It's pretty hard being able to work under specific timelines and give your best self every day.

You are obviously in the studio with top-notch producers and engineers such as Fotis Benardo ov Devasound Studioz and finishing up with Fredrick Nordstrom ov Fredman Studios who have recorded well known bands such as Dimmu Borgir, At the Gates, In Flames, Arch Enemy, and Opeth, just to name a few. Can you tell us a little bit about your Studio experience with Valet Parn thus far?
We've been pretty lucky on that subject. That's because we had the chance to record our first album in a great studio in co-production with Fotis Benardo, who is really experienced on how to satisfy the needs ov a band in the studio and bring best possible results. Also another good thing was that we mixed and mastered our album with Fredrick Nordstrom ov Fredman Studios who's really experienced with what he is doing and knows how to make a band sound!

I share your excitement and enthusiasm for Valet Parn and have to admit I am absolutely blown away by what I have heard and experienced thus far. Some ov the things that really impress me is how heavy and thunderous the band sounds yet the vocals and each instrument is so crisp and clean sounding... it is really a breath ov fresh air considering some ov the muffled, muddled music which occurs many times in and around this genre nowadays. What would you say are some ov the things which contribute to such great sounding tunes?
In my opinion, every single pedal, mic, cymbal, guitar or amp you get is really important to your sound, even though some times we don't care about some small details but these are the ones that going to make the difference! So basically I believe that from the first to the last thing (probably mix and master) you'll choose for you band's sound is really important.

How did you guys come up with the name Valet Parn and what exactly is the meaning behind it?
It actually came up with a funny way. Me and Stathis (bass) were trying to find a name for the band. The time we were doing that I was regarding one of the best anime trilogies entitled “Lodoss of War” , I'm a big fan ov these stuff haha! So in that trilogy the hero of the story used to be called “Parn” and I don't know why ,but I liked it so a few days later I met Stathis who was also motivated on finding a name and I talked him about having a name in which the word  “Parn” could be included .A few days later he came up with the word “Valet” which used to mean slave ,so we wrote them down both and the result was “Valet Parn” and we liked it a lot, so we established it as our band's official name .That's how we ended up with the name Valet Parn.

In keeping with my nature, I am always after the occult meaning behind things, or the hidden symbols and meanings behind discography, lyrics, videos, etc.  (And I hope I get more out ov you than I did Nergal when I tried to pick his brain about the meaning behind "Ov the Fire and the Void" video, haha!). I have to ask what is the meaning behind the picture on your site with the guy standing in front ov a dry/brown looking field whose face is covered with a white cloth and holding a new green budding plant in his hands. I want to give part ov it a shot. I am guessing that this symbolizes the new project, new growth?
You can say it in a way. It is actually the Cover ov our debut album entitled “Riddle Figure”. It shows a totally dead environment with a faceless character and there's only a small piece ov life holding in the front ov it, which can give you the idea of a new life, a start or a new growth as you say. We wanted to leave each person free to give his meaning through his feelings, character and way ov living. So, it's totally free to describe it in any way each of us receives it!

If you had to sum the nature, focus and direction ov Valet Parn, how would you put that into words?
I'd say that Valet Parn is a bunch ov guys who enjoy playing Rock. Music in and out ov the studio. Each of us has different view of things and music preferences. The result is what you hear!

Interview by Will Lovelaw

Interviewer: Dave Wolff
Dec 23, 2010

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