Who is the brother of Jakob from Illdisposed?

Cheers Jakob, thanks for taking some time to make this interview.
Please tell us something about Illdisposed in the early days, about the idea of founding the band and the first important fact of the band.
That's nearly 20 years ago now that Bo formed the band. The idea of the band was the dream of any teenager back then: to become rockstars.

Have the members known each other before Illdisposed or was there a 'casting' in search of souls, uhm musicians? How was your way into the band?
It has always been friendship rather than a career band. Members weren't picked because they were good musicians, but because they were good friends. I got into a closer friendship with the band in the mid-nineties when my former band Infernal Torment supported Illdisposed live in Denmark and Germany.

Your first hit with Illdisposed was "Retro" in 2000, the cover album. How long have you been in the band before and what was the idea behind this album?
I joined the band when they started recording "Retro". It was winter 1999. So I didn't really have much to do with that album. And I'm happy about that cause I think the idea of a cover album sucks. It was just something our label back then wanted us to do.

Have you been involved into songwriting as you entered Ilddisposed or had you the 'newbie' status?
I started writing songs immediately and most of the songs on "Kokaiinum" are partly my work.

In 2001 the band released "Kokaiinum". I´ve read several times, that the band is not satisfied with that release, why?
The reason is that we felt the album was left hand work. We were only focused on drinking at that time so when we entered the studio we only had 4-5 songs. The rest of the songs we wrote in the studio. Today, 10 years later we actually started to like the album.

"1-800 Vindication" was the step into a new style of the band and the breakout for Illdisposed. What were the reasons to go this musical way? There weren´t a lot of samples in the albums before, was it a decision, or progress? Also the sound changed massively, in a really heavy way, who was responsible for that? How was the recording ans samlping process?
We nearly split up after the "Kokaiinum" album. 2 Members left the band because they couldn't stand the circus anymore. Things kind of went out of control with the drinking and stuff. So we had a break and hired 2 new people, Thomas and Jonas. We needed some change to get out of the bad times. And that's what you hear on "1-800 vindication". So you can say that the bad times we had are responsible!

Please tell us something about the touring life of a Illdisposed member. The band played several gigs in Europe. I have visited some shows in Austria, one in Graz, one in Vienna, and sure in Kaltenbach Open Air 2005. Do you prefer small club shows or a big festival stage?
I can't say we prefer one to another. The most important thing is that people are with us and into it. It doesn't matter if there's 10.000 people if they are yawning and looking the other way.

At the Kaltenbach Open Air 05, i´ve met you at 6 o´clock in the morning at the campsite, for sure we all were not drunk. Bo alway said that you are his brother, what about that?
Bo and I are running this band together. We do all the hard work and write all music and lyrics. We also have a strong friendship besides the band. He's my brother from another mother.

So, how is the progress of writing a typical Illdisposed song? Have you always been the main part of the songwriting, or were the songs developed in the rehearsal room?
From "Burn Me Wicked" I started writing everything at home. Before then we made a lot of the songs in the rehearsal room. When Lasse got out of the band I was the only one left to write songs and since we live in 3 different cities it was easier for me to do it at home.

Your latest output "To Those Who Walk Behind Us" was released under Massacre Records, what are the reasons th change the label? Is the band satisfied with the album, are you glad with the reactions from the media?
We had too many problems with AFM so we changed to Massacre Records. Everything works way better now. We're very satisfied with the album, in my opinion it's summing up the past 3 albums perfectly.

In September the band was headlining the "MTV´s Headbangers Ball Tour" through Denmark. How did you get this slot and the contact to such a big media MTV? How was the tour?
The Headbangers Ball tour has been running 3 years before this year. The past 3 years wasn't that great a success. So they looked up some different music this year. And that turned up to be a wise decission. It was a huge success with a big crowd every night.

What are the future plans for Illdisposed? Is there a new album in work, or are you focused on touring, maybe a world tour? What can we expect form the band in the near future?
We gotta tour some more before I'll start working on the next album. In December we're doing a co-headlining tour with Six Feet Under in Germany and Austria. After that we have offers from Russia and USA to look at.

Thanks for the interview, congratulations to the new album, which is really great! Hope to see you on stage soon, cheers and greetz, Paul.
Cheers, see you on tour!
Interviewer: Paul
Oct 28, 2009

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