Why do Screaming Afterbirth ends up in a stripclub?

We’ve (KP Ripper, JJ Blaze and DK Destroyer) been together since 1999. We put out our demo CD on United Guttural Records in 2000 or 2001. We had a 2nd guitarist at that time, but he didn’t work out. We also had a bass player sometime in there too..... He left before the recording of aformentioned CD. Then we were joined up by former Splattered Cadaver drummer Jon (Captain Party) on bass.
We played a shit load of shows during all this time...... Then we recorded our 6 songs for the MFAGCOQD split CD. And we recruited Air Force Private Powell (Sticky Privates, a.k.a. ’Sticks’) on 2nd guitar. We went on US tour 2003 and are recording for our next full length CD on Bizarre Leprous at Mercenary Digital as we speak. We plan to play the Obscene Extreme fest 2004 and do a mini European tour with Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay.

interview with Kevin on 23-12-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I'm Kevin, singer of Screaming Afterbirth. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Do you remember your first yell when you were born?
No, but I do remember when I got attacked by a dog that was owned by a local farmer. I probably yelled pretty damn loud then, or probably cried because I was a young child.

What is the reason for SA to filth the musical scene? What do you hope to reach?
You know, I really don’t know. I think everyone in Screaming Afterbirth has had the dream to be in brutal active death grind band since very young. But I don’t think anyone thought it would be a crust punk band turned hyper death grind band called Screaming Afterbirth would be the one on it’s way up the latter.

But now that where here, we want to play Europe a few times, we still need to tour the West Coast of USA and Canada. Although there is little talk of it right now, I think we may put out more material. We are all burnt out due to spending so much time in the studio.........

Do you play every possible gig? You prefer local shows or fests?
We play just about every show possible. We love to play shows and have fun. That is what it’s all about. I’ve seen the coolest shit at shows. The strip clubs in Appleton.... The crusty brawl down in River West... Brujeria in Arizona...... the nude waitresses in Georgia.... Too many good times to remember from all the shows we played either near or far.

Maybe youre attending Obscene 2004. What do you expect?
Not being able to communicate with the locals. Cheap beer. Euro weed.

What is the underground meaning to you? Do participate yourself?
The underground meaning to me is everyone working together to make brutal scene. Well, maybe not working together but at least working toward the same goal. I guess I participate. I buy CD’s by the truck load of all new killer shit..... Help put new e-zine online for brutal grind interviews.... Sell other bands CD for them..... Trade with labels..... Put flyers up a local music stores for concerts... all that shit.

Your meaning for the once called UG bands that now are seeing $$ signs?
I am unsure of this question..... Do you mean the deal with Crash Distribution? I can tell you right now that no one is making money at UG, no one.

How hard do you laugh when you see those rapguys with their gold chains?
What do you mean, we are all rap guys with gold chains. The struggle of the oppressed inner city brotha ain’t no joke cracka man!!!! I got my gold tooth, my 24 inch spinning rims, my nappy roots...... HA!!!!

Do you belief in the Bigfoot legend? Ever though of gonna hunt him?
Man, there are some big fucking bears here in Wisconsin.... Mix that with some beer and drugs and you can probably see Bigfoot. So, sure he is around.... In your mind. And no I never tried to hunt bears. You have to wait a long time to get a bear hunting permit here. They are protected.... Just like bigfoot.

Are you seeking bands for doing split releases? How do you contact them? Or waiting to be contacted?
Uhhhh, not really. As soon as we got the idea to do a split CD everyone had at least one band in mind to do a split with. The Mincing Fury split CD was by fluke. When we got our new guitarist ’Sticky Privates’ he was (and is) an e-mail bitch. He just sent out mass email about Screaming Afterbirth and Reef from Mincing Fury was one to reply. So we did a split on Bizarre Leprous. Very odd. We were supposed to do a 4 way split on UG but that shit fell apart, then we were going to record with Stump and just release it as a split with them, but then the Mincing Fury deal got set up. Now we are talking about split EP with Torsofuck from Finland. But, that is not set in stone.

What is the fun of having an album released? With every release a release party?
Just having the CD all done and the final product in your hands. It is a feeling of accomplishment. At least lately. The Puke Pile CD took over six months to come out, we had already parted ways with one of the guitarists on there, we weren’t happy with sound and our talent was shit.... So not such a feeling of accomplishment there. More of a feeling of ’What is next?!’

How does a party does like when SA is in da house?
Nice English by the way........ We love to party. We all work regular shitty job all day.. So when we get all five members together is usually ends up at a strip club and finally in some alcoholic black out. Some times it’s hard to remember all good times together! HAHAH!

Do you celebrate your birthday? How does it look like? How many beers will be consumed?
Of course we celebrate our birthdays!!! It is usually spent with good friends at a bar or pub in nice cloths and hearty drinking appetite. We consume beers until it just isn’t ’cool’ anymore.

Is beer a big part in the SA life? Or what other life fruits are involved?
Yes, we drink good quality Milwaukee brewed beer. Old Style, Blatz, Pabst, LaCross, Milwaukee’s Best, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz, Jacob’s Best Light, and the list goes on and on. We smoke janga too as life fruits. But not all of us. Some don’t because of Military or just because they do not like it. It is not big deal. Other life fruits.... Is probably our hate for things in life and our friendship of hate with each other.

With which band do you get a woody? And which one causes ejaculation?
Old school Grave.... Pigsty.

What is your top 3 shit list and why?
1. Pigsty - Spiders and Return. It is just fast brutal shit!!!!! Very aggressive. Now I hear that drummer has other band called Melancholy Pessimism, and I want to hear that. And there is Mincing Fury mixed in with them which is killer... but now Mincing drummer is from Alienation Mental and they are just fucking brutal as fuck!! The Czech scene is tangled mess of brutality!!

2. Gruesome Malady - I think probably the sickest drum machine gore grind ever. There is not one song that stands out on the CD, it is either you like it or you don’t. And I love that shit. The vocals are what make it... the guitarists crazy dive bomb solos in every song... just INSANE!

3. Woundeep - All I have is the 2 song demo, but it is killer Japanese death grind. Also I finally picked up the CSSO ’are you excrement?’ CD and that is original in more ways than I can write. There is just so much to hear out there that I just cannot give you 3 CD’s. Too hard.

How do you explain to your little kids (if you have them) that you are playing in SA?
Only our bass player has kids. 2 of them and they sometimes stay with baby sitter (one of our girlfriends) while we jam in the basement below. They just grew up around it so there is no real question from them. It is just their Dad’s band. That is it. No different from a polka band in 1950.

How do you think life started on earth? You believe Darwin? What is the miracle of reproduction?
I have read Darwin and about his theories. Evolution, sure, isn’t it just obvious? Why is there a fascination with spooks in the sky? You are the controller of your own actions and destiny. You are at the reigns of your life.... No God or shit like that.

Do you believe in reincarnation? As what or who do you wanna come back and why?
No. We are no different than a goose I kill while hunting. When it is shot, it just dies. There is no mystical bullshit about that, what makes people believe that humans are somehow different than that?

What can we expect from SA in 3 years? Any concrete plans?
Your guess is as good as mine.

Satisfied with your answers you have given? Wanna add something not questioned?
Happy if you are bro.

Last rites?
Go over to www.screamingafterbirth.com for all the news that’s fit to print and then stop by www.bizarreleprous.cz for all his sick ass releases!!!!!!!!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 23, 2003

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