Why Miss Gory Rae loves hearing crows

Interview with Miss Gory Rae done by Jesse Kahler.

Greetings Miss Gory Rae, and thank you for taking time to rap a bit. First of all, can you tell us a little bit about what sort of responsibilities being Canada's first and ONLY horror host entail?
Well, First? Let me extend my virtual hand, as thanks for thinking of me. Actually? That..right there..Being an American that was born and lived in Horror Host central (which would be Ohio...Columbus) and I moved here..So? I guess you could say "You can send the gal to the place of nothing, but you can't take away the seed she carries..." I know that the people, the Horror Hosts, so saturated in the States...I have my American roots..But to be honest?? I guess I have done 'Horror Hosting' in other forms..I mean, Of course, I am literally shooting the pilot, and trying to begin to incorporate the Hosts South of The Border...I am more of a Live performer..I love hearing the crows chant my name after I have had guts pulled from me...It is live...so...you get addicted to instant energy..I don't plan to give it up...I just 'know' I have to take a TV show offer when I can....and That? Is how I am going to try and do something, that we have never even thought of before...We have had HILARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN, (With Vincent Price) and That is Canada's shining glory of 'Horror Hosting/ Kids show with cool Monsters' Billy Van...He was a genius...played over 20 characters.) And that was it..In the late 70's. I honestly could not have taken another path if I tried..I mean, Here I was in University, getting 2,000 FILMS (yes, I was a Projectionist) to use for my shows...and like I said..It started something...and I haven't looked back.

I know you've said you've tried to set yourself apart from some of the previous ghoul goddesses like Vampira and Elvira. Besides the obvious fiery red hair and visible tattoos, what other qualities do you feel make you a unique talent?
Well? I KNOW films. I especially KNOW Horror films. To be honest? I TA'ed Genre classes on Horror. My profs always said..(as well as my Mother, RIP) that because I was so 'different' but defiant in dramatics... why not mix both? And that’s when I looked at THEM and said "Ah, they FINALLY see!" I am not just a freak. I also have rather privy reasons, which? Will be revealed on the show (I am not tellin' ya too much Savage). The red hair? Well, "it's a Scarlet Woman thing. You wouldn't understand." Or you all do? Which, yeah, of course doesn’t hurt. Didn't your Mamas and Bibles tell you to beware of us?? Haha...

You've had what could be described by some as a somewhat "unconventional" childhood. Could you tell our readers a little bit about your youth and how it affected the adult you would later become?
Well..LOL..I know that after many of my notes, speaking about it, I get many people saying "I should write a book"..what have you..and? I just look at it like..Sure..I had a hard as nails upbringing..But? Whatever Does NOT Kill you? ONLY makes you a Monster...So? I also believe that things happen for a reason..NO such thing as coincidence...It is sheer synchronicity...Thats it. So? In my POV? Since I have never had it easy..then? I wont ever find myself , when the dark times that are already on their way, a shaking mess in a corner not knowing how to survive without an I-Phone, Food, or Fiends... And the things I have seen as a reward...people I have met, am meeting, WILL meet...When it's good? You have to tap that.

You've been married to musician Dissolved Paul for just over a year and I understand you performed your own wedding ceremony. How did all that come about and how did people react?
What is there to 'react' about?? lol!!.Well..As I have been sent back again..(my character of a 'Monster Conduit' , or yes. a 'Hunter'..However? when we find em? We are the go-between...Like Integration with worse things like NORMS).)But? I cannot and won't be giving up the reality of the fact that Yes, I am a born 'Witch'..My Family blood comes from Templars, thru Alchemists, Magus', Priestesses, Spies, (Its all on the internet...It gets better..You just have to know my last name.) I was born a redhead to a gap-mouthed family, as both sides had never had a redhead...(Went back 8 generations..NADA!) I am one of those 'Freak' redheads...so? I was allowed to leave my 'Catholic' identity as soon as I wished...and according to too many occurrences..aiding in the truth: I knew what I was a long time ago..So? Of course, Handfasting (with some Help...) is the only way for me, and? It was in the center of a 1500 year, 13 stone circle, called Templewood, and well..Let’s just say if you know your somewhat important UK facts, There was an infamous Horde of Gold, Major history..Anyhow...part of it was found in the middle of this particular circle.. So? I cast within the circle, everyone knew what to say..Since none of 'my' family members were there, It went well...Castles, Tombs, and just stunning as a Country, Scotland. Very Strong in Magick. Paul? He is like my Human Familiar...I couldn't have as much of a grasp on this plane, If I didn’t have him..(and well..He IS also utterly talented..so, I never have to worry about things that I know are just sheer talent..His Photography, videos, music (For just listening, or creepy films..) Plus? We are both Leo's..I a triple, where he is a double...So? The Feline Factor is ALWAYS in full sting!

Could you tell us a little bit about your career in film so far and if you have any new film projects you'll be involved in soon?
My Career...Haha, Good one! (They do not have schools, YET...on how to be a Horror Host) So? It is basically something that you either are meant to do? Or...Not. I just recently was the creepy and colorful starring role of a ZILF, aka Zombie Stripper..(and Lemme tell ya...I SWORE I would NEVERRRR do a Zombie Flick...Why? To be honest? A. I am pretty sick of Zombies, and what they have become...seems like everyone and their Dog digs Zombies...and? I do not think that Brain Eating re-animated corpses that can run you over and down you in .3 seconds are 'Zombies'..Zombies? Are slow...Dumb, and do NOT wear fashionable clothing with make up on!! *Sigh* What have they done, George??). 2? I have never taken a role of a 'zombie in the crowd', why? Well, what can I say? I am a leader, not a follower..I do not ever think of myself as someone that blends into a crowd, or even angry mob of Zombies...So? When Jungle Media asked me to do a short for them (NIGHT OF THE UN-WED...Circulating festivals as we speak, and the Extended 'Directors' cut is going to be available this week...(and autographed for a nominal Fee is anyone wants to say they have my first award-winning film, where I am gleefully gangrenously nekkid, sort of. I am also going to be working on, in, and hosting a few Conventions in the next upcoming months, Vancouver's first Horror Con should be interesting, I am also hosting (and also helping) for The Canadian Haunters Con, May in London, Ont. Then there is CRYPTICON 2011,Third year for me...Hosting (and Yeah, helping behind the scenes), And then?? THIS one I am very excited about is one Con in Indiana, where they are going to get as many 'real' Horror Hosts under one roof at the same time...(all of them I have free tables to sell T-Shirts, and generally get to meet some of my fellow hosts!) I am very excited about THAT! Then? Of course, There is my opus: THE GORY HOLE show! Since I have hosted LIVE for about 20 years now, I am taking a Frightful foray into the studio and in front of cameras, and ye shall be meeting my Lil sis, (Yes, she is also a red head...The whole reason we had to be re-animated *groan*, and? Well..as Monster Advocates..(since we don't actually 'Hunt' we just take the displaced, and place em..) such as myself and sister, We also have a pretty crazy one eyed Eye-Gore, so to speak, and he pretty well makes sure we are alright...(amongst other things) Well..ye shall see...

How would you suggest readers interested in following your exploits keep abreast of what you're up to at any given time?
You know Sav? I generally do not feel right spamming up folks spaces with instructions to come check out my fan page every day..But? If there is going to be something they should know about..Generally? They ask, or? Word of Mouth, or Yes! Fans really do read my page, so...Its not hard, trust me. (and If I personally think that you SHOULD know about it...Expect the Spam..;)

What is some of your favorite music to listen to of the DARK variety?
Well...I couldn’t do this without mentioning my Delightful Mad Doctor's music for Dark and Creepy places, (See Dissolved Paul; www.dissolvedamberrooms.co.uk) , But? I guess I have been living in the shadows for so long, that, well..just say I have 80 or so Gigs of what I consider 'essential music'..I mean, sure..I could name some bands, The bands I listened and saw in the 80's, the 90's, the last decade...and? I STILL wouldn't be able to feel as though I am forgetting someone. So? I am going to just say that : "I have met some great Bands, seen some great shows, (which I remember, or not..haha) Sometimes from the crowd, sometimes from the wings, But? When it all comes down to the more musical elements of my life, Well...put on a good heavy Voodoo Metal beat, the inner Witch comes out to play, and well..Lets just say 'Metal..Black." I also LOVE Rock Operas...(segway to next question..haha)

Name just a few of your very favorite films.
Oh ElSavago..That is a trick question, is it not?? Like a gun, most dangerous when loaded...So? I also feel that anything I may or may not say, SOMEONE will always ask me why, or why not, I put that answer in front of something else. However? Instead..May I insert some films that may be unheard of which I enjoy very much? For a film to actually get a whopping 5 skulls in my book, it MUST be GREAT! I tend to like more 70's films...(and I am going to say this once...Vincent Price? EVERY SINGLE ONE!) I think I enjoy Horror based on reality, or legend, or creatures that exist...(or existed) Like Cannibalism, Templar Zombies in The Blind Dead collection, Bodysnatching, Grave robbers...(Burke & Hare), Ken Russells THE DEVILS, or Nazi's (TOO many to name!!) Right back to good ol Universal Monster films...Hammer, not many Giallo's...I tend to not look at who is in it, per se, but the combination of all parts...Just think of a vault, over stuffed, DVDs laid strewn everywhere, and every single one is something that is an excellent Horror film, They all have their days...One day? I am in the mood for Lovecraft, Next day? John Carpenter...It REALLY depends!! (Geez, You can't win on these, can ya?) I also freelance doing reviews now and then, and the fact that I did attend and do very well in Film School, I doubt I could buckle em down to a few. (and I did name about 0.00000001 % of them, looking at my collection alone!

Who are some your favorite authors?
I have always relied on books, I collect books, (I even have quite the Victorian library, including the Original first printed collected works of E.A.Poe. I love Lovecraft, Of course, I have an 1897 printing of Dracula, But I adore Clive Barker to Dennis Wheatley, which of course, brings me to Crowley, and The Book of The Dead (Egyptian). I also am mad for any books that are factual on Forensices...I also love alot of old collector books of 'Horror Hardcovers' that spanned the Libraries across N.America that I know I stole..Pretty sure most that have em, also decided to take rightful ownership of 'Horror Literature'. I like Mein Kampf, I am obsessed with History, Anatomy, biology, medical experimentation, Grave Robbing/Body Snatching, I have some awesome anthologies from the 80's (so you would get Ellis, O'Bannon, always got a great selection in many of those..) Cannibalism, Serial Killers (Own 2 authentic pieces of Serial Killer art...) FREAKS, Sideshows, Human Oddities, Medical Malformations, Snake Pits, Asylum practices, Bygone Medical practices, (i.e.? The Four Humors). Marquis DeSade, of course, Nietzsche, Religions, and my own explorations into my ancestry of Templars, Magus' and Illuminati. Egyptology, Mummification, Funeral Rites, Necromancers, Alchemy, Entomology, Torture Equipment, and ways of punishing people the past, Many books I cannot even mention...and pretty much everything in between all of the above, and neverending.

Let’s wrap up by talking a little bit more about what's happening in horror films nowadays. You've said already zombies have been done to DEATH. Yes I said death. (I suppose there are some folks who would dig DOING A ZILF to DEATH, yes? Heh heh heh...) What other trends do you see you dislike. What if anything do you think is promising? What would you LIKE to see?
Well? I am personally impressed with many, MANY folks in this Fright Fixing Flick conglomerate, and even happier that I have slowly stuck a stake in the heart of some of the aspects I hate, I.E REMAKES!! (Or Re-Imagining)..Now? They are just selling them under different 'pseudonyms', Prequel, Sequel...anything they can suck the living juice out of a film that really should not be touched...imho. It is like when I was hosting Mier Zarchi's I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, for instance, when I spoke to Mier on the phone, He was SOOOOO proud, and very, VERY protective of his film, which? He should be...In the hour or so that we spoke? He expressed how this, ISOYG, was his Opus, his pride, his cinematic sibling...That was about a year ago...and now look: There is already a re-make, But he wasn't staunchly against it when I spoke with him. So? Ya never know these days...Fuck 'The Zombie Survival Flashcard set'...There should be alot more energy spent on original, amazing, never before seen plots, and? Even more? Bejeezus! Have you looked around? We live in Horror! (No, not just us Hosts & Haunters) But, seriously...we have become jaded.  Do NOT even get me started on the misuse of CGI either... In conclusion? Horror has been my life for so long, I do not think I was ever not dealing with the strange peculiarities of life to lead me down the path to where I am now..and where I will be. I would love to see ego's thrown to the deepest depths of Dagon, as I say "Every time a crotchety old person passes on? A Horror Host is born" Yes, for some of us whom have been doing that, and nothing else for the last decade or two...You have to accept it, However? It would be quite ridiculous to say that ALL of every one of us is going to make it to where we want to be, But? I prefer doing live performances, any night...If we could only break down everyone’s ego? Then ya know what?? We just may be able to cause more of a myriad of Monster mayhem...This? Is my dream. There will ALWAYS be a need for Horror, and I just want to make sure if anything becomes beyond everything we ever wanted to do with it? I just hope I can say I was part of it. ;) I really hope that during this fine Sabbath of Samhain, (Hallowe'en), that everyone remembers to wear flammable clothing...Just for fun, and to make sure you choose your event wisely...Because, well..364 Days of the year may ALWAYS be like Halloween for most of us, However, The true night exists to do what we all do best...Thank You for the Interview, Savage...
Sins Eerily..
Miss.Gory X
Interviewer: Dave Wolff
Jan 17, 2011

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