Why Tiberius Project believes in democracy

Since its inception Tiberius projecT has remained a two-piece consisting of you and Dennis Martins, with occasional guest musicians appearing for recording sessions. You have stated this arrangement is easier than a full band.
We have worked with other bands in the past, a lot of brains thinking different ideas, a lot of ways to finalize a unique song. The musicians had compromises, no time for the studio and the band. We never finalized anything. It’s horrible to work with artists with big egos! They want to do things their own way. If there is no command, no leader, no strong boss providing direction, projects stop and nothing happens. I believe in democracy, but artists usually are anarchists. Then, with four or five anarchists trying to create a group, you have an excellent result or a great disaster. Dennis played with a lot of bands; he has a great experience working with musicians, he knows about the difficulties of keeping a band. Dennis came to my home, we talked a lot about how hard it is to create a band. He told me about his studio, then after a long talk we decided to work with an independent project. I gave all the directions about the themes, melodies and style. Dennis created all the arrangements. For the first time we got to finalize our first album. We invited friends to help us execute the songs. In the future, you will know more about the other musicians. I am Captain Kirk, Dennis is Spock, and our spaceship is called Tiberius projecT. I present the ideas; Dennis is my conscience, the other musicians obey the captain. We are working on the second album now. Managers want to give us work and radio stations and zines from all over the world know about Tiberius projecT.

Who thought of naming the band Tiberius projecT, and how does it represent its two founding members?
Ha! Ha! Great question! I have been a fan of Star Trek since my teenage years, especially Captain James T. Kirk. The middle name Tiberius is strong and universal. I was watching an episode of Star Trek, and the name Tiberius was screaming a lot of times. I think was a message from the gods of the underground for me! I really like that name, Tiberius projecT.

How does Star Trek resonate with you on a personal level? Do you watch the spinoff series Star Trek: The Next Generation, or other science fiction programs? How would you account for the profound impact Star Trek has had on you?
Since I was a child, I have been a fan of Star Trek: The themes, visuals and philosophy left me enchanted. I like the leadership of Captain Kirk, the intelligence and logic of Spock. I have all of the episodes of the first generation on DVD. I grew up watching Star Trek, Lost in Space, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and so on. I like the later series too, but the first generation rules!!! Star Trek has a lot of meanings for me; I’ve learned a lot about society by watching the series: war, politics, work, religion, differences of ethnicities and nations. Star Trek broke several taboos and gave us a view of the future and technology.

For how long were you and Dennis acquainted before he invited you into his studio to record a full-length album?
I knew Dennis for twenty-five years. He is a different guy: eccentric, funny, talented and crazy. We’ve played soccer, went to parties and gigs together. Today he is married and has two kids. He works with music and has other activities too. Dennis has other projects of music, but the most famous of these is Tiberius projecT.

Two bands you were exposed to in your teenage years were Iron Maiden and Helloween, and two bands you were exposed to later on are Kreator and Sepultura. Being a Brazilian band, how revered are Sepultura for the influence they have had on underground metal since the late 80s? And how high a regard are Maiden, Helloween and Kreator held in Brazil today?
Iron Maiden and Helloween are references of true Metal in South America and Brazil, thousands and thousands of persons love them. Kreator is a reference of thrash metal; an amazing and universal band. They kept their roots, Kreator rocks! Sepultura was the first Brazilian metal band that got international exposure. I love them, but there are better bands in Brazil. Listen to the band MX for example; it’s possible to find out about them on my FaceBook profile. MX is fantastic! I listen to new bands; I think Rammstein is the most original of them. But 80‘s Metal rules, the old school is forever! Sepultura, Maiden and Helloween will influence new bands until the end of the world. I see teenagers wearing shirts of these bands on the streets. The old school is a fountain of creativity and passion.

You and Dennis were involved in several bands before Tiberius projecT. Provide information about some of them?
I've been playing in a band called Betrayer. It was popular in the neighborhood, but I had to stop because of studies and work. Dennis worked with a lot of bands; the most famous was Imperial. They stopped playing because of conflict among the members of the band. They have some influence on gothic music in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It's so nice and strange for us; yesterday we were metal lovers, and today we are making music and influencing other bands. I never imagined Tiberius projecT would have great repercussions, but it's happening. Producers from Brazil and other countries are in touch with us to try scheduling gigs. We are in negotiation with them. We want to do the best for our fans.

How active was your previous band Betrayer in the Brazilian underground before you parted ways with them? Did this band release any recordings or perform around Brazil during the time they were together?
We were teenagers when we played with the band Betrayer. We didn't release recordings, the technology today is incredible, then is possible go to studio and create a good album, with less money. Times ago was expensive to record songs, today, the things are different. Betrayer played only in local area, but was popular. Good times. The 80s were amazing for metal music; we were young and crazy, we believe that we could change the world. But, we had to stop the activities of the band, because we begun to work, university. Sometimes I meet friends to drink beer and talk about old times.

Where did Dennis study to become a musician? Was he likewise educated in studio construction and management?
Interesting question! Brazil today is very well, the economy is strong and growing. The life is easier, the young have more opportunities, and the future of the country is brilliant. In São Paulo (Brazil) is possible to find places for Metal bands to play, the underworld is growing up! Today is possible to make money with art and music. Dennis and I are from the old school. We didn’t have the same opportunity on the past. LPs and instruments were imported and expansive. There were no computers, CDs, mp3‘s and no internet. The technology is changing and linking the world! It’s a revolution!!! Dennis is an autodidact and I am learning with Dennis and other persons. We never went to a school of music; he constructed the studio by his own efforts. Dennis says: If we go to school to learn music, we will lose the originality and personality!!

How long has Dennis’ recording studio existed and how well known in your local metal/thrash scene has it become? Which other bands have been known to practice and record there?
Dennis studied a lot during the years to be a great musician. He created his studio because he wanted to record his work. He never was satisfied with the final result when he recorded his songs in other studios. He paid a lot of money for nothing. Dennis decided to spend some money, and then he created a home studio. He had a great evolution recording his own music and began to work with a lot of artists. I prefer to avoid speaking about the artists who worked with Dennis; the merchandise is expensive (laughs).

Have any of the bands Dennis was involved in before he helped form Tiberius project recorded any material at his studio?
Dennis has a project called From Dark To Light, and played with the band Imperial, both projects have stuffs recorded in his studio. He played with other projects and bands, some of them have material recorded there too. I don't know how many project Dennis are involved, the most famous of them are the band Imperial and Tiberius projecT.

By which process do you and Dennis blend technique with emotion? How does the process set Tiberius projecT apart from other bands, or establish the band as an influence on other Brazilian musicians?
Dennis is the logician of Tiberius projecT, he is the technician. I am the emotional side and writer. I’ve studied theater. I think music is emotion; all musicians should pass all kind of feelings for the listeners. Music is energy and life; a song can to influence persons and nations. We have a great responsibility about we are saying and doing, because our art is being spreading around the world. Tiberius projecT is referenced nowadays; we have a conscience to do our best.

Describe the process of working on an independent project and how it led to Tiberius projecT’s official formation.
The process is different from that of other bands. We are working on the second album. We are independent and the process is slow, there is no pressure from producers and managers. We just choose a theme, we talk a lot about it, about the message of the songs, We want to share all the emotions we are feeling with our listeners, and music is emotion for us. Usually all of the arrangements are by Dennis; he is the body, the machine. I am the soul of Tiberius projecT. I think technique is important, but emotion is important too. I try to give Tiberius projecT a theatrical aspect; we want to kick people’s emotional sides. The world is becoming strange. People are not machines; we are human beings, we have hearts and red blood running in our veins. A lot of persons are depressed or suicidal, and governments and the system forget we are not robots. The world needs a new order. Our second album will be better than the first. Now we are working on a song for an American girl called Brienna, a fan and dear friend of Tiberius projecT. She passed away, possibly from suicide. I cried when her boyfriend told me about her death. She was only sixteen. The members of the band? Everyone asked us about it. You will have more information soon. For the time being it's a secret; we have reasons to keep their names hidden.

Are your societal views that Star Trek helped shape reflected in the lyrics you write for Tiberius projecT? If so, name some of your songs that channel the understanding it gave you about war, religion and politics?
I love Star Trek, when I watch the movie I like to pay attention about the dialogues. They speak about everything, if you only pay attention to visual effects, you will loose a lot of interesting conversations about culture, philosophy, strategy, administration, politic, leadership and so on. If you Listen our songs: Total Madness, Avenger or Tiberius Arise, you will understand what I am speaking about it. We are working with a new album, heaviest than the first one, you will see more of Star Trek there. The first album "Dream Over", we didn't know what to do, we just take a lot of ideas and put together. But, now, we know what to do, we know what our fans want to listen. We are recording the songs and releasing one by one, until to finish and get the whole album. How intensive were your discussions with Dennis about bringing theatrical elements to Tiberius projecT? How theatrical would you say your first recording is, and does this resonate with people who have reviewed it? I think, music is art, all musicians should transmit emotions, all kind of emotions for listeners. I've studied theater, a lot of bands use the elements of theater for performances. I think boring, to go for a gig and watch four or five guys stopped, just playing their instruments. Did you know Rammstein? They are fantastic, lately I watched a gig of them, they look like a group of theater, a lot of visual effects, they are more than musicians, they are actors. I paid a lot of money to see Rammstein live, and I would do it again, I talk a lot with Dennis about with, and he agrees with me, I want elements of theater together with Tiberius' projecT songs, we don't want to be like robots playing on stage. There are persons that love and there are persons that hate our style, but we are trying to read and listen to nice and bad reviews. Everything is helping us with our next album.

Your songs have been included on the playlists of several internet radio programs. Name some of the first net radio shows to feature the band, and add whether this exposure led to other radio programs contacting you.
Yeah, several internet radio programs and some FM's are playing our songs around the world. Yesterday was a dream, today a reality, because of this, we are working hard to make a best album than the first one. Days ago I've introduced you to Mike of http://www.myspace.com/heavymetalmayhemradioshow, he interviewed a lot of famous and no famous artists, Mike give us a lot of support. Access our blog: http://www.myspace.com/tiberiusproject/blog , then you will get information about radios that play our songs. For contact us check it www.myspace.com/tiberiusproject or send an email to dibih.tiberius@gmail.com. Thanks for supporting Tiberius projecT my friend!
Interviewer: Dave Wolff
Jan 14, 2011
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