Win thy glory, conquer thine enemies, and enjoy thy kingdom

Answered by Barghest, 08.Apr.11

Greetings, how's it going so far? I'm trying to recover from celebrating my birthday this weekend...
Greetings. Things are good in the Spearhead camp, thanks.

First would you tell the readers about the Spearhead album which will be released may 10th in the US?
This was an opus 2 or 3 years in the making. A lot of work went into this one. A lot of struggle for our art. We went into the studio in the Summer of 2010. Things were only completed a day before Christmas eve 2010. This album is considerably more destructive, hostile and belligerent than any other Spearhead release, and probably more genuinely world-scorning than most other black/death metal out there at the moment. Thematically it deals with the cycle of ages, ebb and flow of time/civilization, and the inevitable decay and destruction of all time-bound things. All is ephemeral. Those who don't see it are the most ephemeral of all.

When did the band get signed to Agonia Records and how long the band been on Agonia?
Well, this is our first album with Agonia. We signed with them in early 2010, sometime before the recording of Theomachia. But a couple of us had met with him in 2008 on tour. So there had been some contact prior to the signing.

How's the band's relationship with Agonia?
So far so good. Time will tell.

I been listening to "Theomachia" and the first thing that comes to mind is Angelcorpse as far as brutality goes (and the vocals reminds me of Pete Helkamp?
I think it would be unmerited of us to say that there wasn't some Angelcorpse influence, and the general  'vibe' is indeed akin to some Angelcorpse material. However, our influences are diverse and this album showcases a lot of other ideas. To me Helmkamp has a unique vocal style - I personally don't think mine sounds that much like his, but I'd take it as complementary if they remind you of his.

What's up with the drummer situation? I knew you had the ex-drummer of Belphegor to fill during the recording session?
We are currently (as of the time of writing) on the look-out for a full-time drummer. We have a couple of possible options in the pipeline though. Our previous drummer was present during recording, but suffered an injury that rendered him unable to record the drum parts. We therefore had to draft in Torturer (ex-Belphegor) to fill in at the last minute, although the drum parts themselves remain as originally intended. He did a great job I might add. Incidentally, anyone who thinks they're up to the job of drumming for us, please do contact us:

How would you rate "Theomachia" to the band's previous works?
To me it has a different  'feeling' to both Deathless & and Decrowning & . I don't really think about comparisons. It's more violent, more hateful - I guess it's representative of us at this period. Judge for yourself.

How's the UK metal scene now these days?
The scene is relatively small, but we're a small country. There are some good bands, and the live scene appears to be improving on a small scale. Metal seems to be getting a little more popular in general I've noticed these days. I reserve my opinion as to whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Is the planning on doing any shows before the album comes out?
No shows are currently planned, mainly owing to the fact that we still need to have a full time drummer confirmed. But rest assured we intend to rectify this shortly and resume our live activities. We are open to offers, and discussions about a possible tour in the latter half of the year are ongoing.

Can about some of the songs on the "Theomachia" album?
Can I speak about some of the songs on the album? I suppose my personal favourites would be Kshatriya and Perdition Tide musically-speaking. Kshatriya is the Sanskrit word for the warrior caste. The lyrics were inspired by the Bhagavad Gita - religio-philosophical work of ancient India. It speaks of self-mastery, mastery of emotions and actions, so as to kill with neither trembling hand nor craven heart. All must necessarily die anyway. Perdition Tide deals in part with the overall theme of Theomachia as a whole - emergence of the Golden Age after the war of the Gods - a motif found in many mythological and traditional belief systems. Naturally, I'm only glossing over the deeper meanings for the sake of brevity.

What the reaction been from some of your peers and from the press so far?
At the time of writing the album has not been released, but the initial reactions have been extremely positive.

I notice some of the song titles are in Latin. Is the band somewhat inspired by the Roman Empire and what aspect of the Roman Empire inspires Spearhead?
One track title: the interlude, Praesagium. Two titles are in Greek, one in Sanskrit. I think to a small extent I find inspiration from that whole period, from Republic, to Empire, to Ruin. I can only speak for myself though. There are many aspects of its government I find appealingly practical, and pragmatic. It's certainly not an era of history that needs replicating in toto. But the aspects of centrality, and the emanative sense of universality on the temporal plane are certainly aspects more in line with a higher sense of purpose than anything we have now. The soldiery of that era too - and their mythology - is one replete with examples of self-mastery, casting off of emotions, and how warfare can stabilize a country when directed outwards.

Is there a possiblity of the band doing some shows in the US?
Yes, of course. We toured there with Urgehal in 2009. No doubt we will return for another attack. I cannot say when now though.

I like to thank you for doing this interview. Have any last words for the fans?
 I am all-powerful Time which destroys all things, and I have come here to slay these men. Even if thou dost not fight, all the warriors facing thee shall die.
Arise therefore! Win thy glory, conquer thine enemies, and enjoy thy kingdom. 

Bhagavad Gita, 11 : 32-33.

Svpero Omnia!
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Apr 24, 2011

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