Witchmaster don't want to be nice

Witchmaster been playing filthy nasty for quite some time. Now with their recent release "Witchmaster". This Polish blackened thrash crew is showing no signs of slowing down. Here's my interview with Kali.

Good evening to you Kali, how you doing?
Hangover. But I'm all right thanx.

Can you in brief detail about the formation of Witchmaster?
We started Witchmaster in 1996, we wanted to play old school raw and dirty metal. We released 4 albums so far and still going.

Before you formed Witchmaster you and your bandmates were involved in other bands too right?
That’s right. Reyash (bass/vocal) and Vitold (drums) played together since 1991 in a death metal band called Mortuary, that later transformed into Supreme Lord. And we played in another band called Profanum, as well. That was in the beginning, before we formed Witchmaster. We used to be quite active so we have ties with so many bands.

How would describe Witchmaster's music and what bands mainly influenced Wichmaster?
I can say I was mostly influenced by Motorhead and bands like Sodom, Kreator, that was the kind of music I really wanted to play. Old school bands that we liked, we grew up with. Obviously we didn’t just do a Sodom rip off, but we incorporated lots of this kind of energy and simplicity in our songs. I don’t know how to describe it, its just old school black metal, but that is very broad label.

I recieved the CD myself I love the old school sound, I was real fortunate to enjoy some of the old school bands like Bathory, Whiplash, Exodus, and Sodom.
Yes, that is it. Especially the early Bathory albums.

Why the band decided to go with an old school sound?
We didn’t have a plan or anything like, allright guys from now on we start playing old school. That was just spontaneous and natural to do this. A that time this kind of music wasn’t very popular, but we thought fuck all that diluted crap. We do our thing.

Are you as well as other bandmembers still involved in respective bands?
Yes in a way. Inferno is not our drummer anymore, because he is committed to Behemoth. Our new drummer is Bastek, he used to play with Devilin, Spinal Cord and Hell Born, Reyash in involved in so many bands like Vader, Incantation, Christ Agony. I'm not involved in any other metal bands at the moment, they all split, but I'm doing some powernoise.

What made Ibex Moon so attractive to the band? Were there any other labels interested in Witchmaster before settling on Ibex Moon?
There were some labels interested, but we went for Ibex Moon because we know they will do a good job, we know John and he’s committed to what he’s doing.

How's the band's relationship with Ibex Moon so far?

I known John is very supportive of old school band and a fan of the old school sound is that one of main reasons that Witchmaster with Ibex Moon?
Exactly, that’s why we know he’s the right person to work with. We’ re all passionate about what we re doing.

What kind of reveiws the recieved from the press so far on the album?
From shit to great ones. It all depends on whos reviewing. Some people seem to miss the point, saying we’re unoriginal and sounding badly. We don’t want to be original and have good sound. We don’t want to be nice. There are people who understand and appreciate that.

Has the band been playing any show around homeland and Europe?
Yeah, we played some shows last year, and we're supposed to do a tour in countries like Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, so I'm looking forward to this.

I know it's hard to get a US tour has John been helpful or things working out on that end as far as doing some shows in the US?
I don’t think we’ll be able to play in the US anytime soon, for many reasons, the funniest of them is that 3 of us have criminal convictions, and we may be not welcome to US. That’s our excuse.

What bands you're planning to tour with in Europe?
I'm not sure you know. We we're supposed to headline the next one but I'm not sure about the support bands.

I would like to wish a very metal 2010 is there anything else you like to add?
Thanx for the interview and supporting Witchmaster.
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Feb 17, 2010

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