Zedher is True Extreme Horror Metal!

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Zedher was formed in 1998 by cousins Agonia and Azeman. After the first self-produced demo entitled “We Will Die All”, (with a much more metal classic style), we decided to give a definitive and destructive turning point to the whole Zedhers’ concept, inserting new members in the band, and base our lyricks on horror movies (our passion). Putting in musical components swinging between black, death and thrash metal. You can hear the final result of this mixture on our new demo “Metal Possession”.

So how is metal life in Italy? Is it better in winter or summer?
Metal situation in Italy about live music is really bad, it’s hard to get some night, specially in the summer period.

A lot of power metal bands come from Italy. Why are you playing another style?
We show our best mood in this kind of music, what we play is the fruit of our feelings.

Is there a metal style you spit on? Why?
All Metal is ok.

What is your definition for: metal is a way of life?
Metal is a life-style, it is also for us, it is a mental condition coming from the bottom of our being.

Why is this hard to understand for outsiders?
Because it is like a fire burning deep inside, that needs a spark to get on. To those who don’t feel this spark it’s hard to understand. It’s easier to choose to destroy it, maybe because of envy.

The Mafia is glorified in books and movies. But what is true about this?
We are not interested on this matter.

And is a government also a kind of Mafia? Because they also steal, cheat, make rules etc.
We are not a political band.

Do you think that a band must have a message? And what is your message?
A band doesn’t necessarily have to transmit a message. Our message is: Zedher is True Extreme Horror Metal!!!

A band is a kind of role model for their fans. Are you aware? Do you behave mature nowadays?
Maturity is subjective in every person, this word can have many meanings and anyway we shouldn’t say about ourselves if we are mature or not.

When did you (sneaky) started with:
- drinking beer? Always
- smoking? Always
- drugs? never
- sex? Always
- joyriding? Always
- paint your nails? Always

When people say ........ about your band, it will make you happy and pride?
When they say we play metal with the capital M.

Do you reward your fans in some way? What do they have to do to obtain some free stuff?
We reward our fans with a nice stunning blow given by our music.

What is your goal? What do you wanna reach in 2 years?
To play live and make albums. To play ‘Wacken’.

Which things do you put aside for a musical career? Till you live from the music what job do you do?
Having fun, and live music. We all work, two of us are technicians, the other two work in a fast food.

Is it hard to earn money for the band? Summary some costs you have make for the band?
It is really hard to gain money for a group, and expenses are endless, starting from the instruments. We never stop in buying stuff, and our CDs are self produced, so we also have to face off the recording and printing expenses of CDs.

Is it difficult to sell albums when people download MP3? Can you prevent this?
We agree with MP3 interchange, it is a great form of advertising. Moreover, if a CD is really good, we think that people care much more to have it original!

Coming to the end. You have now the chance to say whatever you wanna say?
Listen to our CD, mental destruction is assured.

Last rites?
Thanks to BRUTALISM.com
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 9, 2005

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