WelicoRuss and the story behind skirts and make-up

Russian symphonic pagan/black metal band, WelicoRuss, is making their mark in the metal community of the isolated frozen Siberian underground. They bring to us a beautifully cold and chilling sound with their album entitled “Wintermoon Symphony”. I had the opportunity to speak with Alex Boganov about the band, their future endeavors, his personal life, and his thoughts about the NSBM. It is...


Video interview with Hate

This interview with ATF Sinner of Polish blackened death metal unit Hate at Zini's Pizzeria in Deep Ellum (Dallas, Texas).  


Video interview with Morpheus of Mayhem

Interview with Morpheus lead guitarist of the legendary black metal band Mayhem.  


Video interview with Ken of Abigail Williams

Interview with Ken of Abigail Williams at Trees In Deep Ellum (Dallas,Texas).  


Spectral Mortuary and the story of cannibalism, necrophilia and genocide

Denmark's Spectral Mortuary formed in 2003 with common bond and love for U.S. death metal bands like Suffocation, Malevolent Creation and Morbid Angel. With the help and sage advice of legendary producer Dan Swano who worked with such bands like Asphyx, Marduk, and Hail Of Bullets. The result is total depravity which is a brutal slab of techinal 90s death metal in...


Different elements form Legion Of Crows

Despite being isolated from mainland Europe, the UK always been a breeding ground of great metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and My Dying Bride. Upcoming UK metallers Legion Of Crows is no exception. With members coming from various musical backgrounds, Legion Of Crows play an unique diverse style which ranges from industrial to doom. Their debut "Stab Me" was released...


Pact with the occult

Many bands has used their music as a filter for their love of the occult and the dark arts. This USBM band Pact is one of them bands. Born in the eastern nether regions of PA of the year 2004. Hag went out and found three other brethren of the black arts decided to make primitive, brutal black metal to channel the...


The grindcore machinery of Mixomatosis

Mixomatosis is a well known Spanish grindcore band that shared splits with bands as Tu Carne, Necrocanibalistic Vomitorium, Neuropathia, Bunder Nekromunda, Agathocles, Anus Tumor, Ultimo Mondo Canibale, Moñigo, Gored Face, Holocausto Canibal, 2 Minuta Dreka, Intestinal Disgorge, Flesh Grinder and many more. Twenty years after of its creation, the Colombian label Strangulation Records will launch a tribute to the band to celebrate...


Keeping things difficult and technical for Annex Theory

Annex Theory is a Canadian band who formed in 2008, but just released their first EP as of recently in 2011. Comprised mostly of progressive, technical metal with a brutal edge, the album is a fresh sound amongst a sea of generic releases from other bands, and definitely shows promise that these guys will be around for some time (some of their...


A nurse who makes death metal

Funerus been playing old school death metal since early nineties. After numerous line up changes things didn't come together till Jill started jamming with John and Kyle of Incantation. When I first heard their latest release "Return To Sludge" I was blown away by Jill's vocals. It's very rare to hear a woman sing brutal death metal vocals. One listen to "Return...


Kaiserreich prepare for their ‘Christmassacre’

Extreme Black Metal bands are a dime a dozen these days, but few perform it with as much ferocity and passion as a band like Kaiserreich. Hailing from Italy they’ve developed an aggressive, yet more melodic style with their sophomore effort ‘Ravencrowned,’ which expands the former ‘Darkthrone’ clone that they were originally considered without losing any harshness. Despite a late start in...


Keyboards live on in Society’s Plague

Melodic Death Metal outfit Society’s Plague has just begun their career, but have received critical appraisal for their extensive keyboard use. Recently, a shift in the band forced their keyboardist to quit, leaving a possible gaping hole in the group and a change of sound. After a brief interview with Brutalism, though, Society’s Plague assures listeners that keyboards shall indeed continue to...


Welcome to the the morgue, the sweet home of Haemorrhage

Haemorrhage is probably the most known spanish band of extreme music in the world and Luisma (one of the founder members) is talking with us today about these twenty years and their first record with the american label Relapse. Before starting the interview, I wanted to thank you for spend this time talking with us, because we know that among the band,...


Demonical and their first US tour

Demonical might not be familar to some fans of the death metal scene. But the members are not spending their tour of duty with various bands like Grave and Centinex. Martin, Ronnie and Johan decided to form Demonical in 2006. In July of the same year Demonical recorded their 4 song demo titled "Blood Spell Divine" with singer Ludvig Engell of Remasulate,...


El Kaso Urkijo show us the way to the morgue

El Kaso Urkijo is possibly the oldest and most respected grindcore band from Spain. They start in 1987 with the demo "Padre del año… violador!” (Father of the Year ... rapist!) and divided in 1995, but after fourteen years of silence, in 2009 they recorded new songs to edit the album "La bañera fué su nicho” (The bathtub was his niche) and...