Interview with Tom Stevens of Nokturnel

Frontman, Tom Stevens, of the underground legend Nokturnel has been around the metal scene since it's early beginnings. Forming his first band Savage Death in 1985 and Nokturnel in 1989, Tom is a seasoned veteran in the underground. In 1999, Tom resurrected Nokturnel and produced the band's sophomore release entitled "Fury Unleashed". Nokturnel has just released a new song "Ancestral Calling" and...


Going strong with loyal legions and good intentions

Korpius knows what makes death metal decent, and this reflects in their latest album, ‘Shades of Black.’ Rather than stick to one side of death metal, the band does their best to mix many different influences into their music, from black to technical, and the reception from fans has really show an interest. Starting strong and still going strong, Korpius value their...


Win thy glory, conquer thine enemies, and enjoy thy kingdom

Answered by Barghest, 08.Apr.11 Greetings, how's it going so far? I'm trying to recover from celebrating my birthday this weekend... Greetings. Things are good in the Spearhead camp, thanks. First would you tell the readers about the Spearhead album which will be released may 10th in the US? This was an opus 2 or 3 years in the making. A lot of...


To glorify extreme metal with Belphegor

Belphegor is no stranger to the death metal scene. I been a fan of the band since I heard "Bondage Goat Zombie". Hot on the heels of their fourth Nuclear Blast release "Blood Magick Necromance" and completed US trek with floridian death metal legend Deicide. Belphegor are ready to ravage our land again supporting brazillian thrash legends Sepultura. Here's my conservation with...


Video interview with Moloch, guitarist of Melechesh

Video interview with Moloch, guitarist of Melechesh done by Paul.   


Only the fans count for Bronx Casket Co.

It's been awhile since I heard any music of your so how things been going with the band so far? Overkill has been really busy, so Bronx was put aside for a bit. Now thats it's been released the band is really into doing some shows and we hav ben looking for a good opportunity. Bronx Casket Co. recently released their latest...


Video interview with Hate

Video interview with Hate done by Paul.  


Vreid becomes stronger by doing the whole process themselves

Orginally started out as Windr till the death of their original founding members. Then Windr was reborn as Vreid. This black metal brigade made great great strides touring Europe and the US as one of the support band on the Pagenfest Tour. Vreid has return back to the front with their fifth album. Even though I never heard Vreid previous releases. I...


Hatred makes Hat

A little interview with Undertrykker from the Norwegian band Hat. Hello how's the weather in Norway? Springtime is just around the corner here in Texas. Hello. We are approaching spring here as well, so the weather is fine I guess. For the readers that don't know about the band can give the fans about the band hat and give brief explanation about...


What's the connection between Yugoslavia, Silvertonguedevil and a Pit Bull?

Formed six years ago Silvertonguedevil been slowly and steadly building their fan base the old fashion way by playing live around the the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I met and hung around the bands gutarist Aleks at various shows. Finally got to hear some of the bands material when Alek and singer Chris gave me their CD at the Kataklysm show. Living in...


The ninth rising of Amon Amarth

Started out as the grindcore outfit Scum in the early 90's till vocalist Johan Hegg joined the band. Scum transitioned to Amon Amarth. Considered one of the best talented bands around, Amon Amarth plays melodic brutal viking death metal. With their ninth studio album "Surtur Rising" and an US tour on the horizon, Amon Amarth prove they can still deliver the best...


Art is another word for Ana Kefr (along with metal)

With just a few months to go before the release of their second album, progressive death metal heads Ana Kefr has been hard at work preparing for their first tour and getting things ready with the label. But, Rhiis (vocals, keyboard), enjoys keeping busy when not figuring out new ways to continue evolving the band. He is completely against rip offs of...


Destruktor says ‘to hell’ with all trends

Quite personally, I’ve never really met a more fiery metal personality when it comes to Glenn of Australian based death metal band, Destruktor. He, however, really knows how to speak his mind. The man doesn’t let shit get in his way when it comes to his band, and lets his philosophy about ‘true, extreme metal’ outweigh the temptation of corporate whoring that...


Sacrarium live and breathe black metal

French duo Sacrarium deserves congratulations! Recently they landed a label promotion with De Tenebrarum Principio, a renowned black metal artists’ label. Now, their debut album, ‘March to an Inviolable Death,’ can be unleashed upon the world so more and more listeners can get a chance to hear some beautiful blasphemy. I got a chance to talk about the band with both V.R.S....


Video Interview with J-F Dagenais of Katakylsm

Video Interview with J-F Dagenais of Canadian death metal unit Katakylsm. The interview was recorded at Zini's Pizza in Deep Ellum before their performance at Trees.