Is Rogga Johansson the renaissance man of death metal?

To many Rogga Johansson is the renaissance man of death metal. With many projects like Those Who Bring The Torture, Ribspreader and Paganizer. Rogga is a man with a full plate. Rogga got together with another death metal veteran Dave Ingram former Bolt Thrower and Benediction vocalist the end result Down Among Dead Men. Sometimes I wonder if he ever take a...


Soul Remnants serve up their dark and obscure death metal

Soul Remnants from Massachusetts blew me away with their second album ‘Black and Blood’ recently, this is authentic US death metal with some influences that travel really well, especially across the pond. With this is mind, I was eager to hear some thoughts from Tom Preziosi the guitarist of this band.  Hi Tom, well what can I say, "Black And Blood" is...


Hate Force One is ready for take off

Hate Force One is a death metal band from Westfalen, Germany and founded in the Winter of 2008 by drummer Manuel and bassist Florian. After filling in the other band positions the writing began and in 2011 the first promo was released named "Ready For Take Off". Followed with opening slots for Bloodwork, Contradiction, Ulcerate and Svart Crwon and more. Recording of...


Immolation: the kingdom spreads darkness

I just had the privilege to catch up with Immolation on a string of local dates. They opened for Carcass at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC to a sold out crowd. Immolation ripped through a set of mostly new material including "God Complex", "Spectacle of Lies", the title track plus a few older ones. This band seem truly invigorated and offered their...


Metallica and their trip to Antarctica

We meet one of the world’s most iconic rock bands, Metallica, during their stopover in Chiles Punta Arenas. From there, they will head to the Antarctic to play an exclusive gig, organized by Coke Zero, at the Argentinean Carlini Station on King George Island. Everything starts on Friday, December 6th, when the band arrives at Punta Arenas’ Carlos Ibáñez del Campo airport...


The creative train of Martyr can't be stopped

Please give us a short introduction of yourself so we know who is answering. Hi this is Rick Bouwman, guitarplayer for the Dutch Metal Legends Martyr Do you also have something to say about the other members in the band? Wilfried Broekman - Drums Rop van Haren - Vocals Marcel Heesakkers - Guitars Jeffrey Bryan Rijnsburger - Bass (Jeffrey is our new...


Why Razormaze fire kittens...

First of all, please introduce yourself so we know how is answering. Hi, I'm Alex, the singer, guitarist and Grand Puba of Razormaze! As you are not the only member please say something short about the others. Good and bad habits. Sam is an idiot. Joe is a dingleberry. Nick is a husband. So congrats with the new album and how does...


Nothing predetermined with Mortal Torment

So here we are with John, from ‘Mortal Torment’. But where the hell do I start with you man?. I mean... I am sure you are aware you got a mental problem. You’re definitely passing it through to the rest of the band. I’d rather skip obvious questions like ‘Why aren’t you still arrested’, ‘When did you break out of the...


Perverse Suffering aim to demarcate the pathological society

Hello ladies. Hope you’re doing alright. What is the story behind Perverse Suffering? Give us a short bio of the band as I am sure there are people who are not aware and would definitely be interested in the band! Perverse Suffering were born about October 2010 in the city of Bucaramanga - Santander - Colombia, with the idea of creating the...


Video interview with High On Fire

Video interview with guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike of High On Fire. [embed][/embed]


Artilery and their mixed legions

Long serving Danish thrasher’s Artillery are about to unleash an amazing album of melodic thrash in the form of ‘Legions’ through their new record label Metal Blade. Artillery have had a couple of comeback’s in recent times, but their last two efforts ‘When Death Comes’ and ‘My Blood’ are really damn fine releases. Awash with ideas, a new album (which you can...


Video interview with Warbringer

Video interview with John of Warbringer at Trees in Dallas (USA). [embed][/embed]


Down Among The Dead Men: Dave Ingram Interviews... Dave Ingram?

Let's cut the crap; Down Among the Dead Men's self-titled album is an absolute masterpiece. There, I said it. Again. It's a glowing example of what death metal is supposed to sound like - short and punchy tracks, minimal displays of technical arrogance, lashings of punk influence, and of course a lineup featuring Rogga Johansson and... Dave Ingram. No relation. David and...


Video interview with Silvertonguedevil

Video interview with Silvertonguedevil with some members. [embed][/embed]


Video interview with Exmortem

Here is an interview with some members of Exmortem. [embed][/embed]