The literacy behind A Forest Of Stars

It is not very often that Metal comes off like a well organized play, but when considering UK. Psychedelic Black Metal act A Forest Of Stars, it delivers quite well. Not the typical style that most fans would expect, one knows they’ve found something special when the music is unorthodox (and still makes sense) and the lyrics are thoughtful and not gibberish...


The cheering gets noisier for Skálmöld

When it comes to Iceland far as music goes the first thing that come mind is Bjork. Latest musical import Skálmöld came into a year ago. Two years young the band got signed a year after they formed. They released their debut "Baulder" on Napalm Records. While on the road the band was busy writing material for second album "Börn Loka" which...


Malignancy gels into a cohesive mass of insanity

Malignancy is a Yonkers, New York based technical death/grind band formed in 1992. Combining elements of the non-conventional, Malignancy push forward to create the perfect mix of insanity and technical prowess. The album "Eugenics" is released and as I rate it with the full 5 stars, it was time to ask some questions to Danny Nelson, founding member and vocalist. Hi Danny,...


True German heavy metal master's talk about their genuine 'Force Of Destruction'

Paragon are a real, true heavy metal band from Northern Germany and whom have been releasing albums for many years. Their recent release ‘Force of Destruction’ is a perfect album for true heavy metal heads, fist raising, headbanging reminiscent of great artists like Accept and Judas Priest. Brutalism was really blown away by this remarkable album, hence when we spoke with Jan...


How The Evil Dead manage to look fucking cool

The Evil Dead make music to drink with the dead and toast with the living. Based in Buenos Aires (Argentina), The Evil Dead mixes thrash metal, heavy metal and old school rock 'n roll with a triple guitar attack and hellish vocals. Making a unique style that they refer to as "Skeleton Boogie", something between a music style and a life style....


The peaceful revolt of T.A.N.K

It's in 2006 in the Parisian suburb that the future founders of the metal band T.A.N.K (Think of A New Kind) meet each other. Called Dark Signs at this time and their main influence oscillates between Children Of Bodom and In Flames. After several line up changes T.A.N.K plays all over France and Belgium, where its enthusiasm and aggressiveness on stage are...


Video interview with Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral

Interview with Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral. [embed][/embed]


Video interview with Ola Lindgren of Grave

Interview with Ola Lindgren (vocals/guitarist) of Grave. [embed][/embed]


Deiphago and their salutes to all Satanmongers

20 Years of black metal, Deiphago is showing no signs of letting up or slowing down. The band decided to relocate to Costa Rica after being and raised in their native homeland of the Philipines. The band hooked up with US kvlt label Hells Headbangers, last year they released their debut album "Filpino Anti Christ". After the dust and damage has been...


The mixing worlds of Whourkr

What is the origin of your name and what it means WHOURKR? The name Whourkr was created after a long talking like prehistoric human being with Laurent, the first singer. We noticed afterward that this sound "Whourkr" was appearing quite often and it actually sounds primitive. No real signification, it's like the language of the body, there is no intellectual thing in...


No sauce on the Buffalo Grillz meat

Please give us a short introduction of yourself so we know with who we deal with? You are talking with Marco, or "Cinghio" if you prefer, guitar player and songwriter of the band…. I've started to play when I was 13 and I always played bass, but I've started to play guitar 4 months after Buffalo Grillz born because I did not...


Sophicide lead us into happiness

Please give us a short introduce yourself. Hi, I'm Adam, 22 years old, guitarist and singer for Sophicide, which I started as my solo project in 2009. Sophicide isn't a one man project anymore. Who are the other recording artists? Actually we're just now in the process of adding band members and becoming a full band. So concerning the recordings so far,...


Pharaoh tries to seek a path less travelled

In a time where metal music can tend to start repeating itself or begin to meld into one gelatinous cube of ‘suck,’ there are a few bands out there who try to punch a hole in that cube. Pharaoh is a Power Metal band from the U.S. that has just released their fourth full length album of allegorical fantasies, and despite a...


Why Pictured wants self control of their business

Created in 2007 in Quimper, Brittany, Pictured releases its firstself-produced demo, “Son Of The Night”, in 2008. Already characterized by a strong musical personality, Pictured releases “The Dwelling” in 2010 at the Drudenhaus Studio (Anorexia Nervosa, Alcest, Ultra Vomit). This release gets numerous positive feedbacks. Later, the band finds other sources for creation and brings up new material, more mature and powerful...


There is always a floor or stage for F.U.B.A.R.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself and also introduce the other members as well. Hello, I am Mark guitarist of F.U.B.AR.. I will be answering the questions. And I also do a little bit of vocals in F.U.B.AR.. The other guys are Bas. He plays bass guitar and does the low grunts. Paul is drumming. And Luc is our main...