Interviews written by: Darlene Steelman


The peaceful revolt of T.A.N.K

It's in 2006 in the Parisian suburb that the future founders of the metal band T.A.N.K (Think of A New Kind) meet each other. Called Dark Signs at this time and their main influence oscillates between Children Of Bodom and In Flames. After several line up changes T.A.N.K plays all over France and Belgium, where its enthusiasm and aggressiveness on stage are...


Why Pictured wants self control of their business

Created in 2007 in Quimper, Brittany, Pictured releases its firstself-produced demo, “Son Of The Night”, in 2008. Already characterized by a strong musical personality, Pictured releases “The Dwelling” in 2010 at the Drudenhaus Studio (Anorexia Nervosa, Alcest, Ultra Vomit). This release gets numerous positive feedbacks. Later, the band finds other sources for creation and brings up new material, more mature and powerful...