Interviews written by: Dave Ingram Jr.


Dave Ingram Jr. - End of Year Summary 2017

  I told you that this year would probably be lacking. And boy howdy... due to familial illnesses and well-documented personal strife, I've gone an entire year without a single review, which is a rather frustrating first. Alas, summaries are still tradition; all of these releases have been given thorough spins over the course of 2017, and nearly all of them do...


Down Among The Dead Men: Dave Ingram Interviews... Dave Ingram?

Let's cut the crap; Down Among the Dead Men's self-titled album is an absolute masterpiece. There, I said it. Again. It's a glowing example of what death metal is supposed to sound like - short and punchy tracks, minimal displays of technical arrogance, lashings of punk influence, and of course a lineup featuring Rogga Johansson and... Dave Ingram. No relation. David and...


Onslaught and the joy of jager, muffins and thrash

*This interview was conducted with Nige Rockett, Sy Keeler and Andy Rosser-Davies in July 2009 after Onslaught's set in Sheffield supporting Testament* Hi guys, you played an absolutely fucking mindblowing set earlier tonight, my ears are still ringing and my throat feels violated so how was that for you? SY: Pretty damn good I must say! It was a very enjoyable night,...