Interviews written by: Hijo del Dolor


Welcome to the the morgue, the sweet home of Haemorrhage

Haemorrhage is probably the most known spanish band of extreme music in the world and Luisma (one of the founder members) is talking with us today about these twenty years and their first record with the american label Relapse. Before starting the interview, I wanted to thank you for spend this time talking with us, because we know that among the band,...


El Kaso Urkijo show us the way to the morgue

El Kaso Urkijo is possibly the oldest and most respected grindcore band from Spain. They start in 1987 with the demo "Padre del año… violador!” (Father of the Year ... rapist!) and divided in 1995, but after fourteen years of silence, in 2009 they recorded new songs to edit the album "La bañera fué su nicho” (The bathtub was his niche) and...


Porky Vagina: when goregrind becomes Swine-Core

Porky Vagina is an unsigned Polish band that plays an incredible porno/gore grind with tons of humor. Their discography (four EPs and an album entitled "Bukkageddon") are self-released and ready to download from their web-page for free, but we are sure that soon they will be signed by a label. Meanwhile, we are talking about this and other questions with Bukkake John...


A trip to the grindcore with Rato Raro

RATO RARO is one of the most senior and respected bands of Spanish Grindcore. Since its inception in 1992, its members have changed and have only been in the band from the beginning Toño (growls and vocals) and Raul (drums) (both brothers), and after Visy (guitarist) was joined to the band, who recorded their second album titled "Acidethc", released by the label...


Thirst Of Revenge, ready for the Annihilation

Carlos Mejías is known to have been a member of the Human Mincer brutal band, which left after the album "Devoured Flesh" (Xtreem Music, 2005). Today, six years later and with a solo album on his back called "The Beginning of the End" (Pathologically Explicit Recordings, 2006), presents us with the EP "The instinct of evil is near", a preview of his...


Human Mincer is doing aberrant death metal

Do you think that the leave and arrive of various members to the band during the last years has changed your music or do you think that “Degradation paradox” is the product of the natural evolution of the band? Regards!!! First of all, thanks for doing this interview!!! Well, in fact our new album is the result of the work that we...