Interviews written by: Paul


Who is the brother of Jakob from Illdisposed?

Cheers Jakob, thanks for taking some time to make this interview. Please tell us something about Illdisposed in the early days, about the idea of founding the band and the first important fact of the band. That's nearly 20 years ago now that Bo formed the band. The idea of the band was the dream of any teenager back then: to become...


Interview with Ralf of Requiem

Interview with Ralf of the Swiss band Reqiuem. Hell-o, for all the people that donĀ“t know the swiss death machine Requiem, please tell us something about the beginnings of the band. And a short introduction of yourself? Ralf: The band started in 1997 and released 4 full-length albums and an EP so far. Over the years we played far more than 500...