Interviews written by: Paul Lewis


Spreading the Vampire disease

Sweden for years had a long standing metal tradition. Even many people think of Europe even it wasn't my type of metal but with due respect they did help put Sweden on the metal map. At one time Deep Purple recorded 'Smoke On The Water' in Sweden. The Swedish metal scene really blew up when Entombed and Dismember reared their ugly heads....


What will Wormreich reveal on April 15th?

Create in 09 out of Barren, Rotting Bowls of Nashville, TN and Huntsville, ala. Wormreich is a unholy trio of kindred souls who decided to create music as a vassel to the morning star. With upcoming release "Wormreich Revelations" which will unleashed on April. 14 on Moribund Records. Founding member V reveals the works of the "Wormreich Revelations". Greetings from Texas. It's...


Is Rogga Johansson the renaissance man of death metal?

To many Rogga Johansson is the renaissance man of death metal. With many projects like Those Who Bring The Torture, Ribspreader and Paganizer. Rogga is a man with a full plate. Rogga got together with another death metal veteran Dave Ingram former Bolt Thrower and Benediction vocalist the end result Down Among Dead Men. Sometimes I wonder if he ever take a...


Video interview with High On Fire

Video interview with guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike of High On Fire. [embed][/embed]


Video interview with Warbringer

Video interview with John of Warbringer at Trees in Dallas (USA). [embed][/embed]


Video interview with Silvertonguedevil

Video interview with Silvertonguedevil with some members. [embed][/embed]


Video interview with Exmortem

Here is an interview with some members of Exmortem. [embed][/embed]


Intergalactic Huntress summoned by witchcraft to smoke this galaxy to cinders

Ever since the release of their debut "Spelleater" California metal band Huntress been paying their dues playing anywhere, anyplace and anyone that's willing to listen to unique brand of occult power metal. With their second album under their belt "Starbound Beast". Huntress will be terrorizing many unsuspecting clueless posers on the Mayhem Fest tour with Amon Amarth, Machinehead and Rob Zombie. Vocalist...


The negative and apocalyptic message of Hate

While their brethren Behemoth and Vader had many opportunities to tour the States. Hate was left on the sidelines begrudgely waiting their turn. Which came in 2012. I seen the band myself opened up for Rotting Christ and Mayhem. Due to lack of distribution in the USA the band left Listenable Records and went to Napalm Records. I recently caught with ATF...


The catchy hooks of Audrey Horne

Originally started as a side project. Audrey Horne is kinda like a who's who of The Norwegian music scene with members playing in other bands like enslaved and sagh. With their upcoming fourth album release titled "Youngblood". Aubrey Horne has proven they're not some fly by night supergroup. I appreciate this music so much it has pining for the old days when...


The cheering gets noisier for Skálmöld

When it comes to Iceland far as music goes the first thing that come mind is Bjork. Latest musical import Skálmöld came into a year ago. Two years young the band got signed a year after they formed. They released their debut "Baulder" on Napalm Records. While on the road the band was busy writing material for second album "Börn Loka" which...


Video interview with Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral

Interview with Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral. [embed][/embed]