Interviews written by: Paul Lewis


Video interview with Ola Lindgren of Grave

Interview with Ola Lindgren (vocals/guitarist) of Grave. [embed][/embed]


Deiphago and their salutes to all Satanmongers

20 Years of black metal, Deiphago is showing no signs of letting up or slowing down. The band decided to relocate to Costa Rica after being and raised in their native homeland of the Philipines. The band hooked up with US kvlt label Hells Headbangers, last year they released their debut album "Filpino Anti Christ". After the dust and damage has been...


Without Rome we wouldn't have Ex Deo

Kataklysm's frontman maurizo is a busy man not only he's touring with his band Kataklysm, he also own his own agency Rock The Nation and Hard Impact Management. Other than Kataklysm he also fronting Ex Deo. Inspired by his love of roman history. Maurizo decided to form Ex Deo after releasing one album on Nuclear Blast. Maurizo decided separate the two projects...


The stomach feeling of Liv Kristine

Liv Kristine career as an artist and songwriter in the mid nineties with Theater Of Tragedy then Leaves Eyes. Later on Liv expanded her musical horizons as a solo artist. Unfortunately she hasn't reach the same musical acclaim in the States like she did Europe. Sadly she would known in the States with her duet with Cradle Of filth which earned her...


Dust Bolt want to spread toxic demolition

In 2006 four 13 year old kids going by the name of Lenny B, Flo D, Ben E, and Nico decided to form Dust Bolt. Four years later this Munich quartet released their debut EP titled "Choas Procession". With the demo and the EP under their belt the band caught the attention of austrian label Napalm Records. Within three days the band...


Deadly Remains along with normal grind of work and life

Deadly Remains is one of the best new original death metal bands coming out of California. Born in 2006, the band recorded and released their debut "Moral Crusade" demo. That demo earned some gigs in their home state of California and all along the Pacfic Northwest and Nevada. These gigs earned the band a solid foundation of a fan base. Now signed...


Thornafire, not for an old school worship, nor for ego

The South American metal scene has spawned many of great bands. Starting with Sepultura in the late eighties and early nineties to Krisiun. One band that made a good impression on me was Chile's own Thornafire. Even though the band sings most of their in Spanish, you can't deny the technical brutality and finese musicianship. Already slated to support Master on their...


Moonspell and the secret wish of bringing down the system

The last time I interviewed Moonspell was four years at the Palladium in Dallas. At that time the band was one of the main support acts for Danzig on the Blackest Of Black Tour. A lot has changed since then, their last brillant release "Night Eternal". After many years on Century Media they moved on to SPV and released "Night Eternal". Then...


The harmony and melody of Stalwart

St. Petersburg, Russia was the first Russian capital before it was changed over to Moscow. This was the city that Peter The Great created which also was the home of the Russian Baltic Fleet. It was also known as Leningrad which was named after the creator of the USSR Lenin. St. Petersburg was also the place of one of the most brutal...


The emotional journey of Hellsaw

After departing from their previous band Sangius singer Aries and drummer Svart wasted no time forming their own band Hellsaw. In 2007 the band made their mark on the Flesh For Satan Tour as support for Inquistion. With some live appearances under their belt they caught the attention of Napalm Records and signed. The band went into the studio with Dark Fortress...


Video interview with Bobby Blitz of Overkill

Interview with Bobby Blitz, the vocalist of Overkill.  


Vorkreist: brutal and catchy as fuck

For the past 12 years french black metal commandos Vorkreist been terrorizing the landscape with their brand of militant black metal. With two members back in the fold after their involvement in Secrets Of The Moon and Merrimack. The militant anti christians are back with their new opus of black metal terrorism titled "Sigil Whore Christ" on Agonia Records. Armed with a...