Interviews written by: Twan


Cyphonism, a combination of different backgrounds

On May 13th German band Cyphonism released their latest album "Cosmic Voidance" on Black Sunset. As we already did a review on the album (which you can read here) it was time to ask some questions to the band. Read and get some background information on Cyphonism and their new album.Please give us an introduction of yourself so we know who is...


How high can Final Cry climb

Final Cry is a band rooted in thrash metal, founded in 1989 in Lower Saxony, Germany. In March 2021, the band signed with German label MDD Records to release the follow-up to the 2018 released long player "Zombique". The new album is called "The Ever-Rest", just released so time to ask some questions.Please give us a short introduction of yourself and the...