Interviews written by: andychristos


More slam and more brutality for NecroticGoreBeast

October 1 st the second full length of Quebecois war machineNecroticGoreBeast was released through Comatose Music. The review of "Human Deviance Galore" got the full 5 star rating by Andy Christos. Time for him to spew some questions at the band. See their answers in the interview. Enjoy! Hay there fellas… Whattaya hear whattaya say? Congratulations on a devastating second full length....


The right choice of Obsecration

Greek death metal legends Obsecration released a new album in 2020 after 7 years. What they did in between and what about the line up and recording, you can read in the little chat with founding member Costas. Hello Costas. First of all, congratulations on your new album. "Onwards The Mystic Paths Of The Dead" to me is a step above your...


The stinking vaginas and bleeding assholes in Lividity

Founded by Dave Kibler originally as a one-man project in 1993. After two years he invited other musicians into the project thus shifting Lividity. With "Perverseverance" they released their 5th full length (not counting the numerous splits, compilations and live albums) and Andy Christos has a little chat with him. Hello Dave. Hope everything's well. Congratulations on your new full length man....