Interviews written by: twansibon


Brodequin interview

Jamie Bailey-bass/vocals, Michael Baily-guitar and Chad Walls-drums formed Brodequin in the summer of 1998. Finding inspiration deep within the torture chamber and many Inquisitions, Brodequin released a 4 song self titled demo which was embraced by the underground resulting in the band moving more than a thousand copies. In February of 2000 Brodequin released their debut album entitled ‘Instruments Of Torture’. 10...



Ascension founded around Easter 1993 under the name ’Decay’, but a steady line-up was fixed for the first time in the autumn of 1997. A little bit later, the name ’Ascension’ was born. The first Ascension demo CD ’Walking on the psychopath’ was released in March 2001. Ascension play Melodic Death Metal, but none of the kind In Flames for example does....


Psychotogen expected some praise and negative responses

PSYCHOTOGEN traces its origin to 1999, when ex-Pessimist member Chris Pernia (drums) and Mike Baron (guitar) joined forces to create a new Baltimore underground act. Vocalist Rob Kline, fresh off his own nine-year stint with Pessimist, joined shortly thereafter, and was followed by guitarist Jeremy Grande and bass player Tony Pernia. The line-up complete, the new band dubbed itself Excathedra. After one...