Interviews written by: twansibon


Secretpath show their capability

Secretpath borns from a Pierluigi “Aries” Ammirata’s initiative in the summer of 2008, on Cosenza, a city of Calabria (a region in the south of Italy). October 2009 the band is ready with Pierluigi "Aries" Ammirata on guitar, Paolo Ferrante on vocals, Lisa Bilotti on bass and Francesco "Storm" Borrelli (ex-Strike Avenue, actually drummer also of the alternative post rock band Mo...


The prank of Bodyfarm

Bodyfarm was found in the late summer of 2009 by Quint Meerbeek (drums) and Thomas Wouters (guitars, vocals) with the intenstion to play quality death metal with a mind of it's own. The self titled EP released in 2010 received great responses. In April 2012 Bodyfarm finished their debut full-length "Malevolence" (Cyclone Empire Recs) and will be released soon. But before it...


Blessed Curse thrash‘s our face’s off

Blessed Curse are a US Thrash band that has many influences inherrant of the original US thrash scene of the 80’s and genre blueprint. Previously known as Devestator, Blessed Curse have a debut release out on Cyclone Empire records. This tears your bloody face off! Brutalism spoke to one of the bands founders, Tyler Shatterlee who welcomed us into the Blessed Curse...


The Nosebleed Connection is open to changes

Please give us a short introduction of yourself to start this interview with? Hi we are the Nosebleed Connection, we formed in 2001 and we are currently promoting our third album “Nosebleeders”. Each musician has an idol for the influence. Who was your I-wanna-be-like-this-star? And try to explain what made him/her your idol? In our opinion, having an idol means to feel...


Nothing speaks better then Krieg's music

Krieg, formed in 2005 by brothers Friedrich and Cristian Gscheidel, along with drummer Walter Valli. Possessed by the same passion for heavy metal of the eighties, and born of the same creative spirit, the group created a unique and powerful sonic impact, well outside the limited musical horizons of their birthplace. Revisiting their first ingenious compositions, and combined with new material, Krieg’s...


Sphere tear through the fabric of the Polish death metal scene

Sphere from Poland have blasted their way onto the death metal scene with a particular specialty named ‘Homo Hereticus’. Polish death metal maybe rather popular, but when you hear Sphere’s album, you will truly be amazed at its quality, its statement, its death metal purity. Drummer Th0rn gave up his valuable time to chat to BRUTALISM. How did Sphere form? Hi!! It's...


Decaying remind death metal followers of the value of the riff

DECAYING from Finland are a breath of fresh air in a death metal genre obsessed with copycats or overt technical wizardry. By nature of the sounds and the sound, Decaying hold true the traditional death metal “old school” of European music, ‘Encirclement’ is the groups second release, a masterstroke of death metal mite, lyrically interesting and laden with bone crushing death metal...


The spontaneous ideas of Accuser

German Thrash heavyweights Accuser have recently released a stunning album, ‘Dependant Domination’. This is a thrash effort that produces both modern production power and musical style, with relevance to the bands earlier material and experience. I got the opportunity to put some questions to Frank Thoms (vocals/rhythm guitar), this is what was said. Hello, congratulations on ‘Dependent Domination’ it is truly a...


The relation between Ratzinger and a pope

Who are Ratzinger? Tell us more about the band. Where are you from, how did you get together and why you choose this name? Ratzinger is a Chilean Metal band that was born in 2005. In this 6 years the band had released 2 full albums called "State Enemy" and "2012", also in this period of time we've shared stage with some...


Symbolic and their specific vision on their music

Hello, guys! How's it going? Introduce yourself, please, and give us a short recap of the band's history, as usual. We´re looking forward the upcoming release of SCARVEST and are curious about the reactions of zines, fans and others. Our members are Basti (vox), Andi (git), Stef (git.), Tobi (drums) and last but not least our new bassist Sebastian, who joined us...


Video interview with EyeHateGod

Here you can watch a video interview with some members of EyeHateGod.


Insight in the death metal underground scene in Iran

So please give us a short introduction of yourself? This is Hamedfetusgrinder, one of the first Iranian death metal and brutal Death Metal vokills and the president/creator of Persian/Iranian death metal milita (PSDM/IRDM). I did vokills in many Iranian death metal bands and indeed the first guy who had the first brutal death metal project in Iran called Wile. Death Metal promoter...