review Wombripper - Macabre Melodies

Wombripper is a death metal trio from Russia that features in its ranks Andrey Petrov on drums, Daniil Kuskov on guitars/vocals and Konstantin Korolev on bass. “Macabre Melodies” is their second full length album after the debut “From The Depths Of Flesh” from 2018. What you will find here are ten tracks of ferocious death metal in the best Swedish …

review Uncle Woe - Phantomescence

Uncle Woe are a 2 man group hailing from Canada who take the simplest form of stoner doom metal and try to stretch it out into interesting, lengthy tracks. Following the structure of their debut album, their second effort “Phantomescence” bounces between short and lengthy tracks for a stretch of about 30 plus minutes of dredging guitar, plodding dr …

review Slit Your Gods - Dogmatic Convistions Of Human Decrepitude

Slit Your Gods’ “Dogmatic Convistions Of Human Decrepitude” is a 3 song EP with a running time of just under 14 minutes. The track ‘Cult Of Supreme Blasphemy’ starts out with a really odd intro which reminded me a bit of a mix of the backwards intro on Morbid Angel’s ‘Immortal Rites’ and Nocturnus’ ‘Lake Of Fire’. From there the madness kicks in an …

review Sxuperion - Omniscient Pulse

Sxuperion have been known to put out some pretty deep and fathomless releases and “Omniscient Pulse” is no different. The ambient factors are there, placed in a meticulous manner in which they are most beneficial to the material, invoking vibes and emotions all across the death/black metal spectrum. The riffs are of the chuggish fashion, once again …

review Panssarituho - Demo

Practically, at least for me, these Panssarituho are totally unknown… This is a metal band from Finland. I think this demo is their first work ever and with the three songs they present themselves to the metal people with all their violence. Here we talk about death metal combined with multiple influences but all attributable to the good old scho …

review Master - Alive In Athens

Master is no stranger to live albums, unleashing a rather consistent set list of tracks ever since 2000. They’ve been around since the late 80s and all over the place, from the U.S. to Czech Republic. Their sound has stayed true to its core for over 30 years despite recent lineup changes, with Paul Speckmann still showing he’s a beast on bass and v …

review Silver Knife - Unyielding/Unseeing

Silver Knife, from Brussels, Belgium, have released a very strong and poignant debut record in “Unyielding/Unseeing”. The vocals are very old school black metal wails, Ala: Burzum, Ildjarn, or moments of older Darkthrone. But this is not to say Silver Knife is derivative or cheap. The speed and precision of the drums, the cleanliness of the guitar …

review Initiate Decay - Awaken The Extinction

First release for the Brazilians and judging only by the name and logo you can bet your bottom dollar that this is a death metal release we’re looking upon. Breathing the reek since 2016, after two years they release this three track EP. “Awaken The Extinction” is a release of 2018 and their only one so far. Consists of three tracks that kind of tr …

review Crimson Sunsets - Sic Semper Tyrannis

Crimson Sunsets are back after 20-something years to finish what they started back in 1994. The band broke loose after their second demo in 1999 and recently got back together to record their first full length. Why now? Good question! Well… ”who the fuck cares”, could be a proper answer. The lads from Greece nailed it. Doom-death at its finest with …

review Disfigured Human Mind / Peste / Absurd

Disfigured Human Mind from the Netherlands is all about nihilistic noisecore and infernal schizophrenia from the undergrind. They perform improvised necro noise violent grindcore from the infernal sewers!!! Their side of the split is named “Apenas Ruído De Granito Maciço…”. After a hypnotic ambient synth ritual intro a grind riff breaks out of th …

review Bihargam - Ove Tenebrae

Bihargam has come quite a ways in their few years of existence since 2018. Originally a single entity known only as the ‘The Metalbaron’, the group has grown to a four piece that plays straightforward black metal with hints of rock and thrash thrown in. Think of them as an American mix of Dark Funeral meets more recent Satyricon. The tone is still …

review Embalsamado - Vasta Escuridão

Although “Vasta Escuridão” was recorded and mixed in 2014, it remained in obscurity for 4 years and was digitally released in 2018. It was not until 2020 that Embalsamado first full length album received a proper release from the Dutch label Murder Records as a limited edition to 150 copies cassette tape. The bells’ mourning chime and the synths of …

review Scordatura - Mass Failure

Scottish’s Scordatura sledgehammer listeners with another slab of stone cold brutal death metal for another 30 minutes or so with their third album, “Mass Failure”. It is kind of an ironic title as the group does not fail here, but rather continue down the path they started back in 2009. The music is straightforward death metal very much in the vei …

review Serviço Funerário - Uma Noite Alucinante

Serviço Funerário come from Brazil. The band was formed in 2015. “Uma Noite Alucinante” is their first release in the form of a cassette EP limited to 150 copies and is accompanied with an A4 poster. The material was recorded in 2019. The laughs of the intro sometimes sound weird, others sound satanic and others in pain or as if coming straight out …

review Anaxagor - Anaxagor

In 2017 was Anaxagor was formed with only 3 goals, to have an album recorded at La Fnac, have an article about them in Rock Hard Magazine and last but not least to play at Hellfest Metal Festival. Maybe these goals where just for fun but the French old school thrash/death metal band definitely succeeded with a fourth goal, to make a hell of a metal …

review Sithlord - From Out Of The Darkness

What could be more metal than the return of the dark siders from Australia? Probably not much. After almost eighteen years of quiet without an album the thrash group Witchripper have shown their true moniker as Sithlord. Continuing down their sci fi themes of their album back in 2002, these guys put a old school tone with their album “Out Of The Da …

review Furnace - Dark Vistas

It isn’t very often that a group cranks out two full length albums in the same year, and usually when they do they risk a rushed, re hashed release that listeners do not receive too well. However, with Sweden’s death metal group, Furnace, the band does things right and makes it by with two decent sounding full lengths for the year 2020. The group’s …

review Repuked - Dawn Of Reintoxication

Sweden’s Repuked has been rather quiet for a while, not releasing a full length for almost 7 years. But, now they are back in 2020 with more grim, laughable perversity. For new listeners their sound is rooted in the Dismember and Grave style with raw, mid paced tones mixed with Vader tinged thrash and even a little Napalm Death grind. The result is …

review Wayfarer - A Romance With Violence

Wayfarer are a atmospheric black metal band with folk elements from Colorado, and much of their music tends to follow along the themes of nature and old history dating back to the wild west. The music is chaotic, yet also very peaceful; fans of groups like Agalloch will appreciate the harsh, wintery tone mixed with the softer moments. On their four …

review Chancroid - Bestial Perversion Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic

Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacteria Haemuphilus Ducreyi. Sounds quite nasty and probably is just as nasty as the music of the Indonesian brutal death metal band Chancroid. Arief on drums, Hendri on guitars and bass, and Wira on the mike present to the world their debut full length album “Bestial Perversion Of The Anom …

review Marche Funebre - Einderlicht

Marche Funèbre always seem to be evolving with every album they crank out. Still rooted firmly in the death/doom territory on their fourth full length album, this Belgium based group step away from the dark, harsh atmosphere heard on their previous album “Into The Arms Of Darkness” and go more for the gothic doom route on “Einderlicht” hinted with …

review Stigmata Diaboli - The Coded Devil

Very little is known about the individual known as Thorn (not to be confused with the one that did vocals for Vital Remains back on their “Dawn Of The Apocalype” album or the one from Portland, Oregon who does depressive black metal entitled Benighted In Sodom) or his blackened death metal band Stigmata Diaboli. Like a lot of the music and lyrics, …

review Mr.Kill - The Day Of Reckoning

Mr.Kill are an Australian melo death group and “The Day Of Reckoning” is their debut EP. Like a short story before the big novel, it teases at a larger story with plenty of good music to enjoy. The core of Mr.Kill’s sound is rooted in groups like Sybreed and The Duskfall with lots of fast riffs, melodic solos, and snarled vocals that aren’t quite a …

review Katalepsy - Terra Mortuus Est

Katalepsy are a Russian brutal death metal ground with technical elements thrown in and have been at home on Unique Leader Records for several years. Originally more of a slam death band in the vein of groups like Abominable Putridity, they’ve slowly evolved over their last 3 full lengths. Finally, it seems “Terra Mortuus Est” is their crowning jew …

review Cytotoxin - Nuklearth

Certain metal bands always try to push very specific messages across with their music, using the group an engine to promote something better than just a crushing audial experience. Cattle Decapitation grind and rage about man’s inhumanity to nature and animals and even are vegan to support their claim, and it works. Others like Otep stomp on social …

review Dystopia- Geen Weg Uit

Dystopia have gone through a few changes since their inception back in 2006. Originally a thrash group, this Netherlands based band have shifted more towards black metal in recent years, and seem to be more rooted into the symphonic side of the genre, marked by their tribute in 2015 to Emperor’s “Nightside Eclipse”. Their previous album, “Chaos Phi …

review Moaning Silence - A Waltz Into Darkness

Moaning Silence is kind of an oxymoron, but also a pretty good hint at what a band such as this from Greece is going to hit their listeners with. “A Waltz Into Darkness” is their second full length album after five years, and the time gap between seems to have paid off. This 5 piece gothic doom group seem to have aimed more to go for the gothic rou …

review Trail Of Blood - Closer To God

Germany is no stranger to thrash groups tinged with hints of death metal here and there, so one may not be surprised to hear remnants of Dew Scented or Kreator when checking out Trail Of Blood’s fourth album “Closer To God’. The production is pretty crisp so everything can be heard, and though the album features some pretty standard riffing and sol …

review Sandbreaker - Worm Master

Poland’s Sandbreaker unleash a thick desert storm of metal that is a mix of stoner, post, and doom metal. Like a quicksand it is slow, thick, and swallow listeners over time through eight tracks of heavy music. The dual guitar approach on a lot of the tracks really creates a lot of thick reverb, so there is a lot of distortion save for the wailing …

review Gride - Hluboká Temná Modř

New EP for the grindcore/power-violence freaks Gride from Czech Republic so let us sink our teeth deep into it shall we? First of all let’s see what we have here! Is it actually a new EP? Well… No! “Hluboká Temná Modř” (Deep Dark Blue) is the proper release on CD, of the digital release they initiated a year ago. It consists of eighteen tracks. The …

review Profeci – Matecznik

Profeci are a black metal four piece from Poland. “Matecznik” is their debut full length release. The band play a melodic, atmospheric slow paced style of black metal with sung and spoken word vocals, thing in the vein of later Celtic Frost or Schammasch when they stop fucking about and get on with it. It conjure up that woodland, open space wild a …

review Summon – Helios

Portuguese blackened death metallers Summon are back with their third release “Helios” a three track EP on Godz Ov War productions following up their debut full length 2018’s “Parav Il Zilittv” on Iron Bonehead records. All three tracks are simply called “Helios I – III” so this make for one big piece to listen to in one sitting. Part one bring for …

review Aborted Fetus - Pyramids Of Damnation

Russia’s Aborted Fetus have, yet again, blessed us with an all-out death metal assault entitled, “Pyramids Of Damnation”. Over the years, this band has unleashed some devastating releases and this new effort should be considered no different. However, I will say that musically; there is more of a solidified foundation of traditional death metal tha …

review Conquest Icon – Empire Of The Worm

“Empire Of The Worm” is the second album from Polish death metallers Conquest Icon. What started off as a studio project has now become a full 5 piece band and this is the first release with new vocalist Ronve formally of Purifier and Ebola. How do I describe Conquest Icon? Right, think of Incantation or Immolation not song structure wise but the d …

review Rotting Kingdom – A Deeper Shade Of Sorrow

After a really interesting debut EP released in 2017 US doom death metallers Rotting Kingdom release their debut full length album “A Deeper Shade Of Sorrow” a melancholy laden album that is brutal when it needs to be but has many different shades of the musical spectrum on display. Opening with the Paradise Lost-esque ‘Sculpted Into Life By The Ha …

review Stillbirth- Revive The Throne

German brutal slam deathcore outfit Stillbirth are no strangers to metal. More than likely anyone who has been delving into the slam subgenre has probably heard of them as these guys have been cranking out music since 2003. Over the years they’ve seemed to develop a pattern of sorts when it comes to releases. Originally delving into lyrics and them …

review ΩΝ - Ανέγνων, έγνων, κατέγνων

ΩΝ (Omega Ni) is a one man band from Komotini, Northern Greece. ΩN in Greek means the one who exists/lives right now. The band was formed in 2015 and “Ανέγνων, έγνων, κατέγνων” (it can be written as “Anegnon, Egnon, Kategnon”) is their first full length album, but the individual behind the band, also named ΩΝ (He Who Is), has been active in the sce …

review Perfecitizen - Humanipulation

Perfecitizen have been around for a while, though their latest offering “Humanipulation” has the biggest release gap between albums so far- about 5 years. This Czechnian group formed after the split of Alienation Mental which has been cranking out music since the late 90s, so these guys are no strangers to metal even though Perfecitizen has been ar …

review Sciatica - Sciatica

Sciatica’s was born of pain and literally dealing with the condition sciatica, which deals with pain going down the sciatic nerve that can affect leg mobility and basically make one feel paralyzed from the waist down. Solos instrumentalist Cullen Wade dealt with this condition for some time, and instead of turning to drugs or animal beating to chan …

review Somniate - The Meyrinkian Slumber

The debut album from Czechia’s Somniate is a raw, yet melodic black metal effort tinged with doom elements. “The Meyrinkian Slumber” evokes similar sounds to that of Acherontas and a less classically tinged Ghostbath with the mix of furious, yet melodic guitar passages, shrouded vocals, and mixed in slower moments to ease things up a bit. The drumm …

review Héboïdophrénie - Cannabilism For Dummies

Unreadable logo? Check. Brutal artwork? Check. Barbaric song titles? Check. That’s the initial impressions from France’s brutal “deathgore” maniacs, Héboïdophrénie… just don’t ask me to pronounce that! “Cannibalism For Dummies” is the band’s second album since their 2013 debut, “Origin Of Madness”. On a first venture through the record it’s notic …

review Volturyon - Xenogenesis

What we have here is the fourth full-length album of the Swedish band Volturyon called “Xenogenesis”. This is the first time that I hear about those guys which is strange having in mind that the band exists since 2006. But is it possible to know every band from the seemingly endless Swedish metal scene? Probably not… What you will find in this al …

review Abyssal Ascendant- Chronicles Of The Doomed Worlds

Abyssal Ascendent continue their Lovecraftian apocalypse with their second chapter of “Chronicles Of The Doomed Worlds” called “Deacons Of Abhorrence”. Just like the first offering, this French group continues down the death metal path in the vein of groups like Akerfeldt era Bloodbath and Barnes era Cannibal Corpse with mid paced, chugging death m …

review Sxuperion - Endless Spiritual Embodiment

Pure chaos right from the start, Sxuperion’s “Endless Spiritual Embodiment” invokes thoughts and vibes of Incantation’s “Onward To Golgotha” but not just because of the similar style of song titles. The blistering sound of the ungodly guitars come through sharper than a butcher’s blade, but with all the foggy and muffled production. Added blackened …

review Maggoth - Maggoth

Poland’s 3 piece Maggoth can be compared to the likes of Slayer, Sepultura, and even Prong with their raw, yet catchy choice of thrash meets groove. It is raw, gritty music and yet cleanly produced enough that everything can be heard clearly, even if some instruments like the drums are pushed into the background at times. On their third full length …

review Once Upon A Dream - Cruciamentum

Once Upon A Dream is a five-piece metalcore band with members from Greece and Germany. Alcyone Records released their debut EP “Cruciamentum”. The cover artwork is a very beautiful and emotional piece of art with great colors and reflects in the most appropriate way the content of the EP. The band’s sound is based on mid tempo metalcore grooves wit …

review Infection - Beheaded Children Contest

Infection present some pretty amusing brutal death metal with their second EP entitled “Beheaded Children Contest.” It is a quick listen full of everything one could expect from a group from Peru that sounds like a mix of Cannibal Corpse, Mortician, and Torture Killer: blast beats galore with solid production all around, guttural vocals, really fas …

review Krigsgrav - Leave No Path To Follow

Krigsgrav is quite an interesting band, but a hard one to define as far as genres go. With elements of death, doom, black, progressive and goth, the band takes extreme metal to a level attempted by many but achieved by few. “Leave No Path To Follow” is a soulless and agonizing trip to where life is depleted and the aftermath of such has free reign …