review GoreThrone - The Descension

The debut EP from Grand Rapids based death metal group GoreThrone is a very fast ride, but “The Descension” is full of plenty of influences from Deicide, to Six Feet Under, to Cannibal Corpse that will make anyone who is a fan of death metal in general quite interested. There isn’t too much to go on here with the album clocking at about 17 minutes …

review Vrykolakas - And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos And Destruction

Band active since 2001, here come these Vrykolakas from Singapore who with “And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos And Destruction” arrive with their third official work. Dark black / death metal contains eight tracks on this album. Never a moment of failure along the entire flow of the album, a long and dark journey into the depths of the abyss of fear. The …

review Irredemption - Eternal Mutilation Of Saturn

Spain’s death metallers Irredemption have been quiet for some time. Last time they put out an album was back in 2005 so it is a little surprising to see this late 90s death metal band back in full swing almost 15 years later. Sounding like they never changed, the music is still rooted in the 90s style with a lot of comparisons to the likes of Suffo …

review Zora - Soul Raptor

Zora is a brutal death metal power trio from Calabria, Southern Italy. “Soul Raptor” is their 3rd full length album on which they focus on such topics like sociopolitical abnormalities, human psychology, enslavement games the governments play on our backs, mind control, mental alienation of the modern world, media misinformation, the sickening effe …

review Wretched Incarnate - Wretched Incarnate

First full length album for this one man band from the UK. Wretched Incarnate is the name and Mr. Ash Cotterill is responsible for all you’re bout to hear once you push the play button on this first, self-titled album. “Wretched Incarnate” deals with a really old school approach in death metal. Power comes from the riffs here. Morbid Angel meets Be …

review Nephren-Ka - From Agony To Transcendence

This time, I’m gonna review a French brutal death metal band’s album which is unique one for me after a while. It’s really specific and I really congrats to them. I really admire their stuff. “From Agony To Transcendence” is Nephren-Ka’s third full-length album which is released in 2021, June via Dolorem Records (a French label). If you like distor …

review Netherbird - Arete

Waoh this album is a blast! So yes, Netherbird is not the most famous Swedish band, not the one that makes the front pages of the magazines, not the one that all the young death metal guys talk about but nevertheless the band, based in Stockholm, is slowly approaching its 20 years of existence and already has 5 LP to his credit. “Arete” is their 6t …

review Tristwood - Dystopia Et Disturbia

In celebration of their 20 years of existence, Austria’s blackened industrial death metal group Tristwood have decided to re-release their third album that was locked in the digital vaults way back in 2010. “Dystopia et Disturbia” is probably their crowning achievement that really put them on the map with its unique sound, even though their latest …

review Bihargam - Blood In The Temple

With concerts almost non-existent for the past year, and so many people missing them, metal artists have taken to putting out livestream shows and albums as a way to bring live music or the sound of live music back to the fans. Less than a year ago Kentucky based Bihargam graced fans with their sophomore effort of gritty black metal in 2020, and no …

review Incertus - Predestination To Damnation

Incertus are a relatively new group from Poland; not much is known about them save that they are a 3 piece with a rather simple, but effective death metal sound and their first full length debut unleashed hell on ears in March of 2021. While most of the music on this album goes pretty quick with the album clocking barely 30 minutes, and churning ou …

review Devolution - Consumer

Death/black metal from Toulouse (France) named Devolution, one man band that has just released their first work entitled “Consumer”. 8 songs that range in different genres but which in the end are all attributable to a surely intriguing and positive result. The choice was to come out with an entire album, Devolution present themselves with a good j …

review Ireful - The Walls Of Madness

Ireful are a relatively new Italian thrash metal group to the world, just forming in 2019. Their style of thrash is a range of speed or mid paced, much in the vein of very early Metallica, Slayer, and a bit of Exodus. One has those groovy riffs, spitfire drums, and echoing shouted vocals that just screams ‘Kill ‘em All’ worship. ‘The Walls Of Madne …

review Casket - Urn

Despite there being about fifty plus bands with the name Casket, and probably 75 percent of being death metal, Germany’s Casket have a rather unique story. They’re deeply rooted in the late 90s sound with a blend of Bolt Thrower meets Cannibal Corpse so old school, fast death metal fans are going to really enjoy it. After one full length debut back …

review Macabre Decay - Into Oblivion

Directly from cold Sweden here comes the new album by Macabre Decay, a band active in the death metal scene since 2014. This “Into Oblivion” is their second official work after the release of “Purgatory” dated 2018. Much more mature work under all the aspects and endowed with an extraordinary freshness. Band perhaps unknown to the most but that see …

review Bizarrekult - Vi Overlevde

Bizarrekult are one of those bands that feel like they’ve been on and off again before finally catching real ground with their releases. These guys from both Russia and Norway have been active since 2005 but with quite a few gaps between activity until 2019 when they finally gained a new guitarist and some traction to get a full length album out. T …

review Alcohelldrugs - Infernal Metal Punk

Alcohelldrugs from Brazil is a punk, speed/thrash metal band. “Infernal Metal Punk” is exactly what its title says: a filthy and violent attack of Satan’s music; punk and metal. The material you will listen here is raw and in your face. “Infernal Metal Punk” actually summarizes the band’s discography so far. It includes all of their tracks that hav …

review Ossuaire - Mortes Fables

Ossuaire are one of those obscure ‘one album wonder’ bands who made it far enough to crank out 1 full length album back in 2010 before disbanding a few years later. Judging from the obscure history they’ve been around since 2000 so the gritty, yet technical tone of their choice of death metal from France is very much like Gorguts meets the doomy wa …

review Cathexis - Untethered Abyss

Cathexis are a death metal group from Austin Texas. Their debut album “Untethered Abyss” is the culmination of six years of gruelling song writing and a carefully put together cast of international talent in order to recreate death metal with more groove and gore. “Untethered Abyss” is an eight track death metal album with a production value that c …

review 71TonMan - War Is Peace/ Peace Is Slavery

71TonMan are a Polish sludge death metal hybrid group that know how to craft epics of grim, old school proportion. They’ve been around since 2011 but after 2 full length albums “War Is Peace…” is their first EP. While sadly only 3 tracks which doesn’t really give too much to judge at least the tracks stretch past the 5 minute mark so there is a lot …

review Gorgásmico Pornoblastoma - Duo A Quem Doer

Gorgásmico Pornoblastoma comes from Guimaraes, PortugaL. They have been around for more than a decade already, punishing humanity with their lo-fi noise/grindcore. Sometimes their sound gets heavier and more brutal, especially due to the death metal touches which appear on their vocals. Gorgásmico Pornoblastoma is Ced (guitar/vox) and Luizao (drums …

review Sieta - Novgorod

Well what do we have here? Straight from the Slavic countries a folk metal album by the Russian band Sieta called “Novgorod”, this LP will be available in June. I am always so surprised when I listen to folk tinged with black metal, it has so much strength that emanates from this musical style that one always finds happiness there at one time or an …

review Exorcizphobia - Digitotality

Excorciphobia are a thrash metal group coming from Czech Republic, offering a newly styled spin on the genre whilst paying homage to the old school era of thrash. The first track of the album ‘Desires Of The Flesh’ is a classic horror filled thrash track. This song carries so much strength with an immensely powerful guitar solo and semi-brutal main …

review Nervous Decay – Nervous Decay

Nantes based Nervous Decay have been playing their particular cacophony of old school death metal since 2017 and from that point have squeezed out a demo, a single and this debut album. The debut album features the same tracks that were present on the demo and the single, but so often bands do this so that their original, battle tested tunes can be …

review Baalberith - Manhunt

Baalberith are a five piece death metal band with black metal influences here and there from Poland and “Manhunt” is their crushing debut full length for 2021. Taking a mix of mid era Incantation mixed with Behemoth, what one has here is some pretty solid mid to fast paced death metal. Tracks like the opening ‘22’ are excellent demonstrations of wh …

Review Absurd / Hideshi Hino - Apocalyptic Extreme Noise Under Unleashed Murder

Murder Records in cooperation with Extreme Noise Tape released this bizarre underground split cassette tape of the one-man projects Absurd from Brazil and Hideshi Hino from Poland. Absurd is the project of Cesar China. On their side, they offered 37 tracks of mechanic grind noise that come from 3 different sessions, recorded in 2020. All 3 sessions …

review Devotion - The Harrowing

This time I want to review an album which is called “The Harrowing” by the Spanish band Devotion. This album is released on January 25th, 2021 via Memento Mori and includes 13 tracks. We are going to listen and check the album that is kind of mixed of South-American plus west European old school death metal style. It’s a cool stuff. HERE WE GO… The …

review Witchfuck – Black Blood Baptism

It’s probably not a huge surprise to anyone reading this that a band that goes by the name “Witchfuck” doesn’t exactly regard subtlety as high priority. You would also be forgiven for thinking you know exactly what this will sound like before actually listening to it (and you would be correct). Yes, “Black Blood Baptism” is no frills black metal th …

review Aeon Of Eternal - The Wanderer

Walking a fine line between beauty and sadness, one person atmospheric death doom outfit Aeon Of Eternal (simply led by Aeon) present its 2021 debut “The Wanderer.” Taking the best elements of bands like Draconian, Nyx, Ava Inferi, and Nox Aurea, this album is full of mysterious, yet tolerable doom that doesn’t quite stretch into drowning time leng …

review 3rd War Collapse - Damnatus

3rd War Collapse is a Brazilian / Finnish brutal death grind project featuring Cristiano Martinez (Ex-Vomepotro), Rodolfo Carrega (Clawn) & Kalle Lindfors (Inferia). Active since 2016, this “Damnatus” is the first work under this monicker released by Guttural Brutality Production. 11 tracks, 27 minutes for an old-fashioned death grind, with a r …

review Bonecarver - Evil

If you’ve been keeping up to date with Unique Leader Records over the last couple of years, you may have spotted Bonecarver as one of the new additions to Jamie Graham’s roster of brutal brilliance. Whilst joining as one of the more recent insertions, Bonecarver now share a label with the likes of Cytotoxin, Deeds Of Flesh, Brand Of Sacrifice and m …

review Disciples Of Death - Progressive Entrapment

What we have here is the debut full-length album of a band from Long Beach, California called Disciples Of Death. As you have already guessed from the band’s name, this is not some kind of surf rock but pure and crushing old school death metal. Disciples Of Death exists since 2014 and when you hear their music you will realize how good those guys a …

review Tortureslave - Tools Of Torture

The debut full length album of Germany’s Tortureslave take a deceptively looking death metal album and turn it into a thrash groove driven machine. “Tools Of Torture” draws influence of groups like Dew Scented, Death, or even Legion Of The Damned. Considering these guys started in 2017 they’ve picked some pretty good styles to follow, and the album …

review Agathocles / Grog - Smashed Hammer Feast

Agathocles they need no introduction. They were formed in 1987, although they have been active in the scene since 1985 as Necromantical Destructor, M.S.D. and Hellsaw before changing their name one final time to Agathocles. Their grindcore was baptized mincecore, giving birth to a new style with many followers (both fans and bands) over the years. …

review Paranoid Fantasy - Humanity Disgrace

If one is looking for late 90s death metal in the vein of “Domination” Morbid Angel or “Here In After” by Immolation, then Algeria’s Paranoid Fantasy is worth listening to. Their 2nd EP “Humanity Disgrace” is brief, but delivers five tracks of hard hitting cavernous death metal. Tracks like ‘Amputation’ and ‘Metamorphosis Degeneration’ are fast wit …

review Becoming The Entity - Beyond Cygnus

Born from the ashes of the Infernal Bloodlust here come these Becoming The Entity from Mexico, arrived with this “Beyond Cygnus” at their first full length over long distance. 8 songs of death metal of excellent workmanship, well played and produced. Since the opener ‘Emancipation Of Our Kind’, the coordinates on which the four boys will build thei …

review Internal Organs External - Apocalyptic Domination

Internal Organs External brutal slamming death metal created by one man, needless to say then that it was a true surprise upon listening to the EP to find that it is easily matched up with full bands. “Apocalyptic Domination” is a masterclass in what one person can do, creating fantastic songs from beginning to end, displaying extraordinary guttura …

review Navalm - Cursed Land

Three years after the release of “Beyond The Reality”, Navalm is back in force with its eighth album “Cursed Land”. So if this seems obvious to me, and that I appreciate the band, I totally can understand the disappointment of possible fans due to the band’s lack of visibility : not present on social networks, no appearances on Western stages, very …

review Muka – Patologija Poniznosti

Croatia’s Muka are a blackened death metal band who evoke images of derelict factories, draped in rust and decay, the mummified remains of a deceased stray cat entombed in an echoing cavern of silt and old cans of lager. At least that’s the image their music piped into my odd little brain, whether this was their intention or not is unclear, but one …

review Interpolant - Arbor

Interpolant might come as a hidden, but welcome surprise for fans who know of the Netherlands’ based brutal death metal band Ichaos (or I Chaos). IChaos has been cranking out heavy, gritty music similar to that of Cannibal Corpse that slays pretty hard for death metal for about six years, and they’ve been strangely silent since 2015. Since then the …

review Old Growth - Mossweaver

With “Mossweaver” (2020), Old Growth has released an emotionally full, doom-tinged, folk-inspired black metal album. It opens with a fabulous slow, sludgy, picked intro and some rock thrown in for good measure. Then, in ‘Oakenheart,’ the atmosphere gets thick and the metal styling eeks out a little more. But even with this track, the sudden slow se …

review Redimoni - On The Brink Of Exisitence

Redimoni are a thrash metal group from Barcelona Spain with incredible speed and blasts thrown into their music Redimoni are certainly on the much faster side of the genre. With slight elements of groove thrown in but mainly a speed centred album. Starting off with the track , ‘As The Soul Leaves The Body’ which is a great introduction to the band …

review Cannibal Accident - Nekroluster

With a name that sounds like the title of an 80’s horror flick, Finland’s monstrous Cannibal Accident present their fourth album offering in their gruesome discography, “Nekrokluster”. A combination of brutal death metal and grindcore is essentially what Cannibal Accident are. Add a dollop of personality with a hint of comedy and “Nekrokluster” is …

review Crimson Dimension - Crimson Dimension

It takes a lot to make ‘epic progressive extreme metal’ work. For Finland’s Crimson Dimension, they take their craft over four tracks, stretch them out in anywhere from 13 to 18 minute increments, and show listeners what they can do with a guitar. For those who love guitar focused epics in the vein of Wintersun or even groups like Dark Fortress’s e …

review Depression - Ära Der Finsternis

Depression from Germany is definitely a well-respected death metal/grindcore band. They were formed in 1989 and within the next few years they shaped their personal style and remained faithful to it ever since. They have a huge discography, and they already count over 30 uncompromising years in the death/grind scene. So, it won’t be an exaggeration …

review Xeno - Sojourn

Xeno is a metalband from Middelburg, this city is the capital from the Dutch province of Zeeland. When the band started in 2008 it had a different name but after some lineup changes and years of hard work the bande became Xeno. The band was influent by a lot of melodic/prog metal bands but also some harder influences, and with lyrical philosophical …

review Scorn Of Creation - Annihilation Cult

New Zealand’s Scorn Of Creation’s unleash some pretty groovy death metal with their second album, “Annihilation Cult.” These guys are not a one trick pony though; there is a lot of variation as their album progresses in the riff styles and tempos so seasoned metal listeners will recognize band influences here and there but overall the 32 minute rid …

review Unfathomable Ruination - Decennium Ruinae

With their latest full length of 2019, “Enraged & Unbound”, still spinning to the player, Unfathomable Ruination decide to carry on the hammering by releasing a new 4 track EP with the title “Decennium Ruinae”. Stepping on the right foot here I have to say that everything you expect to hear when playing back a Unfathomable Ruination album are t …

review Aggravator - Unseen Repulsions

“Unseen Repulsions” is the 3rd EP from Texas based thrashers Aggravator. Fast, to the point, and with tons of groove those who like a mix of Exodus, Dew Scented, and Death will find the music quite enjoyable, despite being so brief. Aggravator use the pretty basic speed thrash formula- tons of catchy riffs with a hyperblast snarl and a mid paced sl …