review Monument Of Misanthropy - Unterweger

Second official album for Monument Of Misanthropy, a band that includes George Wilfinger on vocals (Disfigured Divinity) and Cédric Malebolgia (ex Swart Crown / Putridity) on drums. “Unterweger” is a brutal death metal album like it hasn’t been heard in a long time. In the 11 tracks that make up this work (the twelfth is a cover of the great Morbid …

review Biolence - Enslave, Deplete, Destroy

Having formed in 1998, it makes sense that Portugal’s Biolence are still obsessed with the old-school death metal crossover thrash sound, as presented in their 2021 EP release of “Enslave, Deplete, Destroy”. If you’re a genuine death metal fan, there’s literally nothing disappointing on this twenty-four minute long release other than it may be too …

review Shadecrown - Solitarian

It is done I decided to spend part of the year in Finland, the country not only that of 1000 lakes but also of 1000 metal bands and as you will understand your humble servant will review an LP of a… Finnish band! Surprising, is not it? There are so many talented bands over there that you could get lost! However, I am starting to find my way aroun …

review Gore Dimension - Ethereal Realm

Short intro and then all hounds of hell are unleashed upon the poor listener. Unaware of what will follow, you stay as you were, comfy in your chair, until these ravagers from Turkey hit the first notes. “Ethereal Realm” is the first full length of Gore Dimension and this is what we call “Stepping in the right foot”. Swirling riffs, bringing in min …

review Melting Eyes - My Final Resting Place

Melting Eyes is a new death metal band from the Netherlands but its line-up consists of experienced musicians who have played in bands like Warmaster, Compos Mentis and The Impaler. “My Final Resting Place” is their debut EP in which they offer six tracks of first-class death metal. The first two tracks ‘Bringer Of War’ and ‘My Final Resting Place’ …

review Callidice – Shades Among Us

Well, yes I am again in Finland, I will end up going to live there as my boss makes me review bands from the land of a thousand lakes! Yes yes it is also the name which one gives to this small country, large not by its number of inhabitants but by the quantity of talented bands which reside there! If France can boast of being the world champion in …

review Concrete - Ethereal Atrocities

One cannot talk about Bulgarian death metal scene and not to mention the name of Concrete. These Cannibal Corpse-worshipping death metal psychos started the band in 2011 and “Ethereal Atrocities” is their fourth full-length album, released by the German RTM Productions. What you’ll find here are nine tracks of pure old school death metal in the vei …

review Militaria - Remains With Pain

Militaria are a military themed metal act from Gold Coast Australia. Except some brutality and skill that is certainly unique to the act. Militaria’s newest album entitled “Remains With Pain” is a different kind of album then I’m used to predominantly about war times the whole album adds brutal realism to blast beats and guitar skill combined with …

review Korpituli - The Ancient Spells Of The Past

Black metal! I deeply believe that it is necessary to come from countries where vast territories can seem inhospitable, this particular music style which moves the depths of the soul often releases a lot of melancholy, it speaks to our so often tortured souls. This is how Scandinavia produces us as always the best jewels of the style (sorry for the …

review FleshTorture - Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad

After almost a 10 year hiatus, Nicaraguan death metal crushers FleshTorture are back with a new, ferocious album that is ready to slaughter the ears. Originally a sickening hybrid of death metal and grindcore the band has reigned in a bit with their new release “Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad” and changed things up a bit, but for the better. T …

review Thumos - Nothing Further Beyond

There is always something enigmatic about metal bands that try to remain a complete mystery by leaving a very scarce trace of any history, member information, or anything to really go off of, save for the music they present. U.S. based Thumos is one of those groups and creates a sound that is considered progressive post doom. No lyrics, no vocals, …

review Edenic Past - Red Amarcord

This “Red Amarcord” by the Americans Edenic Past is a rather bizarre and imaginative project, a band that sees among its ranks characters of the caliber of Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, Krallice) and Nicholas McMaster (Krallice, Turris Eburnea). 13 tracks of an experimental and sometimes psychedelic brutal death that incorporate more or less …

review Wharflurch - Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell

After a few EPs and split albums, Florida based death metal group Wharflurch finally crawls from the sewers and drenches fans with their sludgy, yet tasteful full length debut “Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell.’ Coming off at first as a lumbering grim behemoth akin to the likes of older Suffocation, a bit of Torture Killer for the groove, and even a litt …

review Apostasy - Death Return

Chile’s Apostasy unleash their mix of thrash and black metal to fans on their third full length album “Death Return,” and like their previous efforts it is raw, yet groove laden. Think of a mix of early Testament meets Dark Throne with its catchy riffs, thunderous drums, and harsh vocals that sound evil and grim, but not quite to the point of annoy …

review Temple Of Dread - Hades Unleashed

Germany’s Temple Of Dread might seem like they are on a fast track from album releases as it seems like they’re putting out an album every year since they started with their debut in 2019. Usually groups who do this crank out music that is far too similar to the previous releases and feel like they are losing steam or variety, but these guys seem t …

review Nothing Sacred - No Gods

It is a little surprising when bands from the 80s put out an album, disappear for the longest time, and then suddenly appear back in the world like nothing happened. Almost like they were frozen in time for it. Ultimately, Nothing Sacred were an Australian active from 1983 all the way to 1993 before disappearing and then reactivating in 2015, but o …

review Primal Creation - News Feed

This band describes themselves as an modern thrash metal band and their lyrics are about what frustrates them in this world. Although they don’t see themselves as a political band, they just want to play music as they see it. After finding a stable line in 2014 the five members of the Belgian band Primal Creation went to create and release their fi …

review Heir Corpse One - Fly The Fiendish Skies

Debut album for Heir Corpse One, brand new (and unknown) band that includes members (Rogga Johansson, Kjetil Lynghaug, Marcus Rosenqvist and Peter Svensson) from multiple Swedish bands. 10 songs for a total of 28 minutes of death metal without technicalities or anything else. Death’n’roll in a clear and typical Swedish vein pushed towards heavy rhy …

review Vaelmyst - Secrypts Of The Egochasm

For this review, we are going to give up our continent and return to the new world in order to find some nuggets. It is always surprising and interesting to see that a North American band, in this case Vaelmyst, can sound like an European one. And yes and this is perhaps our main flaw in old Europe in this very particular style of death metal and m …

review Vriess - Vriess

2021 seems like a year for the Alien movie franchise themed albums in metal. Earlier we had an EP from Hideous Divinity, and now we have another group named Vriess out of France with a less obvious ‘Alien’ themed album, but at least the band name is taken from the fourth film. The project is formed from the masterminds behind Project For Bastards, …

review Suicide Of Disaster - Evisceration Of Pregnant Abdomen

“Evisceration Of Pregnant Abdomen” is the 2014 stand-alone release from the Indonesian brutal death metal band, Suicide Of Disaster. The band are consistent towards the underground genre at hand, demanding with groove-fused riffs, enabling the bleakest of breakdowns. Monstrous, guttural vocals spew out across each track from vocalist Bagol who soun …

review Stygian Dark - Gorelords Of War

Great surprise these Stygian Dark, band that sees the good old Dave Ingram (Benediction, Bolt Thrower) behind the microphone. Death metal old mold that remembers the good times gone. Dark and dark as a disc like this must sound. Black like pitch to stay glued and never separate. “Gorelords Of War” immediately starts with the title track and is imme …

review Deathspawn - Reverendus

There are some albums that just are relentless and like a train wreck right in from of you, one can’t ignore it. Deathspawn’s debut “Reverendus” is one of those albums. While it goes by quite quickly, the sheer fury of this Polish group cannot be denied. With a mix of Hate Eternal “I, Monarch” era and more recent Abysmal Dawn, this is some very sol …

review Insistent - Disease

Grindcore has always been fast, angry and brutal, it is safe to say that Insistent do not break this trend with their newest album “Disease”. Insistent are of course a grindcore band from Prague, Czech Republic. Keeping with the grindcore tradition of fast paced riffs and brutality. “Disease” is the most recent entry into Insistent’s catalogue and …

review Alchemy Of Flesh - Ageless Abomniations

For gamers who love metal, Tim Rowland presents a death metal project that is steeped in gamer lore based on games like Quake, Silent Hill, and even Star Wars (hell, the name Alchemy Of Flesh comes from a Star Wars novel called Dawn Of The Void). While not as blatant and obvious as some other groups go when drawing on gaming influences with World o …

review Deformatory - Inversion Of The Unseen Horizon

Well, in this article, I’m gonna review Deformatory’s new album which is released independently. Deformatory is a Canadian band which found in 2010. At this moment the band includes 2 members. Anyway, this album is called “Inversion Of The Unseen Horizon” that starts with an aggressive song which is ‘Within The Astral Abscess’. Good drums, riff and …

review In The Company Of Serpents - Lux

When one thinks of stoner doom or sludge metal they expect thick, grating vocals with epic tracks and a thick, reverb of sound with a very basic tones of guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. Every once in a while though a band comes along and breaks up the stereotypical expectations. In The Company Of Serpents have been around for some time since 2011 …

review Adarrak - Ex Oriente Lux

The debut release from Singapore based death metal group Adarrak is something to get excited about. A very solid death metal record with lots of melodic influences and technical touches with sprinkles of romantic doom moments there is a lot to enjoy here. “Ex Oriente Lux” is a bit of a roller coaster ride that will keep listeners guessing all throu …

review Exterminated - The Genesis Of Genocide

Exterminated’s new release, “The Genesis Of Genocide”, contains 9 tracks that have all of the elements of brutal death metal greatness, yet they have the vibe that takes you back to the late 90’s with a steady flow of old school style riffage that are reminiscent of albums such as Baphomet “The Dead Shall Inherit”, Gorguts “Erosion Of Sanity”, and …

review Fell Harvest - Pale Light In A Dying World

“Pale Light In A Dying World” is the poetic debut of Cheyenne Wyoming’s doom based group, Fell Harvest. Right from the opening track one can definitely hear the Paradise Lost “Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us” influences with the clean style vocals, chuggy riffs, thick sound, and a pace that really outruns a lot of other doom bands that tend to re …

review Gorgon - Traditio Satanae

One of the most historic black metal bands from France, Gorgon, unleash to the weak masses their 6th opus. “Traditio Satanae” is the follower to the band’s 2019 comeback album “The Veil Of Darkness”. The album is released from Osmose Productions, a cornerstone label for France and Europe and one of the most important labels for extreme metal in the …

review Nihilanth - Graceless Planet

Nihilanth are a death metal group from France and “Graceless Planet” is their debut album. A good mix of old school and technical death metal, fans of groups like Vital Remains and Deicide will find the speed and tones right up their alley. It is fast and grim, but not so blast beat driven that it causes headaches. The opening ‘Le Desosseur…’ prett …

review GoreThrone - The Descension

The debut EP from Grand Rapids based death metal group GoreThrone is a very fast ride, but “The Descension” is full of plenty of influences from Deicide, to Six Feet Under, to Cannibal Corpse that will make anyone who is a fan of death metal in general quite interested. There isn’t too much to go on here with the album clocking at about 17 minutes …

review Vrykolakas - And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos And Destruction

Band active since 2001, here come these Vrykolakas from Singapore who with “And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos And Destruction” arrive with their third official work. Dark black / death metal contains eight tracks on this album. Never a moment of failure along the entire flow of the album, a long and dark journey into the depths of the abyss of fear. The …

review Irredemption - Eternal Mutilation Of Saturn

Spain’s death metallers Irredemption have been quiet for some time. Last time they put out an album was back in 2005 so it is a little surprising to see this late 90s death metal band back in full swing almost 15 years later. Sounding like they never changed, the music is still rooted in the 90s style with a lot of comparisons to the likes of Suffo …

review Zora - Soul Raptor

Zora is a brutal death metal power trio from Calabria, Southern Italy. “Soul Raptor” is their 3rd full length album on which they focus on such topics like sociopolitical abnormalities, human psychology, enslavement games the governments play on our backs, mind control, mental alienation of the modern world, media misinformation, the sickening effe …

review Wretched Incarnate - Wretched Incarnate

First full length album for this one man band from the UK. Wretched Incarnate is the name and Mr. Ash Cotterill is responsible for all you’re bout to hear once you push the play button on this first, self-titled album. “Wretched Incarnate” deals with a really old school approach in death metal. Power comes from the riffs here. Morbid Angel meets Be …

review Nephren-Ka - From Agony To Transcendence

This time, I’m gonna review a French brutal death metal band’s album which is unique one for me after a while. It’s really specific and I really congrats to them. I really admire their stuff. “From Agony To Transcendence” is Nephren-Ka’s third full-length album which is released in 2021, June via Dolorem Records (a French label). If you like distor …

review Netherbird - Arete

Waoh this album is a blast! So yes, Netherbird is not the most famous Swedish band, not the one that makes the front pages of the magazines, not the one that all the young death metal guys talk about but nevertheless the band, based in Stockholm, is slowly approaching its 20 years of existence and already has 5 LP to his credit. “Arete” is their 6t …

review Tristwood - Dystopia Et Disturbia

In celebration of their 20 years of existence, Austria’s blackened industrial death metal group Tristwood have decided to re-release their third album that was locked in the digital vaults way back in 2010. “Dystopia et Disturbia” is probably their crowning achievement that really put them on the map with its unique sound, even though their latest …

review Bihargam - Blood In The Temple

With concerts almost non-existent for the past year, and so many people missing them, metal artists have taken to putting out livestream shows and albums as a way to bring live music or the sound of live music back to the fans. Less than a year ago Kentucky based Bihargam graced fans with their sophomore effort of gritty black metal in 2020, and no …

review Incertus - Predestination To Damnation

Incertus are a relatively new group from Poland; not much is known about them save that they are a 3 piece with a rather simple, but effective death metal sound and their first full length debut unleashed hell on ears in March of 2021. While most of the music on this album goes pretty quick with the album clocking barely 30 minutes, and churning ou …

review Devolution - Consumer

Death/black metal from Toulouse (France) named Devolution, one man band that has just released their first work entitled “Consumer”. 8 songs that range in different genres but which in the end are all attributable to a surely intriguing and positive result. The choice was to come out with an entire album, Devolution present themselves with a good j …

review Ireful - The Walls Of Madness

Ireful are a relatively new Italian thrash metal group to the world, just forming in 2019. Their style of thrash is a range of speed or mid paced, much in the vein of very early Metallica, Slayer, and a bit of Exodus. One has those groovy riffs, spitfire drums, and echoing shouted vocals that just screams ‘Kill ‘em All’ worship. ‘The Walls Of Madne …

review Casket - Urn

Despite there being about fifty plus bands with the name Casket, and probably 75 percent of being death metal, Germany’s Casket have a rather unique story. They’re deeply rooted in the late 90s sound with a blend of Bolt Thrower meets Cannibal Corpse so old school, fast death metal fans are going to really enjoy it. After one full length debut back …

review Macabre Decay - Into Oblivion

Directly from cold Sweden here comes the new album by Macabre Decay, a band active in the death metal scene since 2014. This “Into Oblivion” is their second official work after the release of “Purgatory” dated 2018. Much more mature work under all the aspects and endowed with an extraordinary freshness. Band perhaps unknown to the most but that see …

review Bizarrekult - Vi Overlevde

Bizarrekult are one of those bands that feel like they’ve been on and off again before finally catching real ground with their releases. These guys from both Russia and Norway have been active since 2005 but with quite a few gaps between activity until 2019 when they finally gained a new guitarist and some traction to get a full length album out. T …

review Alcohelldrugs - Infernal Metal Punk

Alcohelldrugs from Brazil is a punk, speed/thrash metal band. “Infernal Metal Punk” is exactly what its title says: a filthy and violent attack of Satan’s music; punk and metal. The material you will listen here is raw and in your face. “Infernal Metal Punk” actually summarizes the band’s discography so far. It includes all of their tracks that hav …