review Malum - Legion

Malum is a black metal ensemble from Finland and “Legion” is their 3rd full length album. “Legion” could be described as an album that paves in the ways of northern European black metal as it was shaped in the 90’s. Cold, frigid and misanthropically distant from humanity. However, Malum seem to be closer to the mid-late 90’s sound. They sometimes s …

review Tarre - Unheil Fan 'e Klaai

Hailing from Friesland in the Netherlands is Tarre (which means tar or pitch in the Frisian language, and yes the Frisian have their own language and it is not to be named Dutch, haha). This band brings you doom and sludge metal in their purest form. Tarre is active since 2016. Although the band is relatively new, some of the members already have a …

review Birth Of Depravity - From Obscure Domains

Spanning almost 15 years in the scene, Birth Of Depravity is undoubtedly one of the most respected brutal death metal bands from Greece. “From Obscure Domains” is their second album, after “The Coming of the Ineffable” (2012). The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in 2016 at Infected Studios, George’s from Mass Infection own studios …

review Cerebral Engorgement - Cerebral Chronicles

Gore House Productions presents the fifth album from the brutal death metal/slam one-man band Cerebral Engorgement, “Cerebral Chronicles”, a demonstration of sheer brutality. Formed in 2007 as Extripated Fetuses, changed name to this one and began the apocalypse, the only permanent member and almost just one is Michael Simon who composes and plays …

review Assatur - Where Chaos Reigned

It is a common sense that although death metal remained fresh from its birthtime until now, incorporating new elements/styles to be refreshed, over the last years there has been a serious attempt for an old school death metal revival. There has been an increased amount of bands that pay tribute to the old school death metal and its sickening ways; …

review Domgård – Rót

Domgård, from Gothenburg, Sweden, has just released a new album – Rót (2019) – and they have continued their melancholy, technically proficient, black metal – from ‘Vin Elden’ to ‘Ginreidh.’ ‘Vin Elden’ opens with the sound of burning wood and acoustic guitar strumming – very folksy. Simple, and folksy. Just straight strums with very little flouris …

review Popiol – Zabobony

Popiel is a new black metal four piece comprising of all ex and/or current Thy Worshiper members and this material is from a separate project started nearly 20 years ago! Which raises the question of what could have been had this album come out back then? Popiol play a very atmospheric Celtic themed style of black metal. Bands like Agaloch and Wode …

review Talsur/Doomcult - Nameless

Nameless is a split album of east versus west by Talsur from Russia & Doomcult from the Netherlands. Both produced 2 new songs and cover a song of the other. Talsur recorded his version of Doomcults song ‘Wrath’ from his first album “End All Life”. Doomcult made his own interpretation of Talsur’s song ‘Waters Of Loss’ from his album “Tormented” …

review Foul Body Autopsy - The Unquiet Dead

Ok first things first. Those of you who read the band name, saw the logo and the artwork and thought they were about to listen to some old school death metal or even some type of brutal death metal… Turn the page. Foul Body Autopsy is a band mostly inspired by bands as At The Gates, Amorphis and Amon Amarth so you can figure out what’s the deal h …

review Sxuperion - Endless Spiritual Embodiment

I remember picking up the LP, “Cosmic Void”, and adding it to a playlist. I went on a trip and put the playlist on shuffle. It was cool, cuz I wasn’t too familiar with some of the bands on this newly crafted list. I, however, do remember a few stand out songs throughout the trip, checking the list and seeing it was Sxuperion. I was impressed with t …

review Fulci – Tropical Sun

The Italian slam death metal trio Fulci are back with their latest album, “Tropical Sun”. This album is their second full-length album and was released under Time To Kill Records. Hailing from Caserta, Italy Fulci is composed of Dome (guitar, synth), Fiore (vocals), and Klem (bass). This album pulls no punches with its content, but just like the ho …

review Selefice - I Met A God

Formed in 1990 in Athens, Selefice is an extreme metalband and was founded in the same period as bands like Acid Death, Rotting Christ and Septicflesh. The band even shared the stage with some of these bands back in the 90’s. When they released their first demo “Selefice” in 1991 it sold 1000 copy’s worldwide. This is not bad at all when you rememb …

review Ohio Slamboys – Zombie Killing Process

Ohio Slamboys, consisting of Slamboy 1 (vocals) and Slamboy 2 (instruments), are a two-piece French ensemble that have been battling the zombie hordes since 2017. Now they’re back with “Zombie Killing Process”, roughly a half-hour of their plan to stop the undead menace. “Zombie Killing Process” is wholly inline with what you’d expect from Ohio Sla …

review Violentor - Putrid Stench

Violentor come from Italy and “Putrid Stench” is their 4th full length album. Their style is a significantly punk influenced thrash/crossover. They seem to appreciate thrash titans like early Sepultura (check out for example the opening track ‘The Escalation’) and Slayer (‘Butcher The Holy Swine’ took me back to “God Hates Us All” days), but at the …

review Seax - Fallout Rituals

Grab your beer and start partying because it’s time for Seax, these four speed metal maniacs from Massachusetts give (speed) metal a whole other meaning. Formed in 2009 by guitarist Hell with the intention to make heavy metal but as time pressed on and other members joint the band the music style became more and more speed metal. With a stable line …

review Repugnance - Shrouds Of Deceit

With the EP of 2014 still sounding fresh, here come the Maltese butchers of Repugnance to ravage our eardrums once again with this first full length of them named “Shrouds Of Deceit”. Razor sharp riffs, brutal, guttural vocals, relentless drums, all with a great flow, forming great song constructions. 8 new tracks, odes to brutal death metal taking …

review Riot City - Burn The Night

Heavy metal will never die! Hailing from Canada, Riot City released their debut album “Burn The Night” through “No Remorse Records”. After a spacey intro the opening riff of ‘Warrior Of Time’ is ‘Somewhere in Time’ influenced with an American 80’s heavy metal touch. Cale Savy’s vocals owe a lot to the Metal God Rob Halford and especially to his 80′ …

review Embalmer - Embalmed Alive

Extreme metal started out in the 80s as an extreme form of music expression. Its aggressiveness, heaviness and lyrical approach were unearthly. At that time extreme metal genres were not divided. Most of the times they were united under the labels “thrash metal” or “speed metal”. Death metal appeared with bands like Possessed, Slayer and Hellhammer …

review Putrevore Grim Fate Split

4 years after “Tentacles Of Horror” the unholy alliance of Dave Rotten (Avulsed, Christ Denied… to name a few) from Spain and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Johansson & Speckmann, to name even fewer… ) from Sweden, strike back with a split 7″ vinyl with Grim Fate from The Netherlands. Putrevore side ‘Titan Towers Submerged’ contin …

review Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess

Let’s start by saying, who wasn’t blown away by Fetid’s demo, “Sentient Pile Of Amorphous Rot”? Man, what a fucking banger. I truly enjoy being able to use the word “FILTH” in a positive manner. I mean, how low can you tune a guitar? How gnarly can a bass sound? How vomitous can vocals be? How heavy can drums sound? Just ask these this trio from th …

review KHNVM - Foretold Monuments Of Flesh

KHNVM or Khoo-Num, a 2 men operation from Germany and Bangladesh have recorded their debut “Foretold Monuments Of Flesh”. The beast was released on 29th March 2019 on CD (limited, hand numbered digipack), LP (limited silver vinyl & black vinyl) and in digital versions. Have to say that my first impression considering the artwork of the album an …

review Krypts - Cadaver Circulation

FUCK! It’s like having a goddamn elephant sit on your chest for just over 37 minutes. All the while having Tyson and Ali on opposite sides of your head using you as a punching bag. If you’re in to the heaviest of death metal, and haven’t been jamming Krypts, WAKE UP. For those who have been blasting this Finnish quartet’s tunes…jump on their upco …

review Gruzja – I Isc Dalej

Gruzja are a two piece hailing from Poland. I going to quote their Bandcamp page as I think it sums them up best “From the filthy, moist drunken basements, Gruzja strikes with its nihilistic black metal for the 21st Century” The album cover tells quite a story too. It’s a black and white picture of two men seemingly drunk in front of a tower block …

review Pig’s Blood – A Flock Slaughtered

Pig’s Blood fire back with a second full length following their harsh and abrasive self-titled debut. “A Flock Slaughtered” pretty much carry’s on from where the first album left off, Starting off with a short punk drum beat and rhythm before a short pause and the opening riff makes way for the opening track ‘Gates Ripped Open’. The Scoring riffing …

review Warfist – Grünberger

The almighty and ever reliable Warfist are back with a new full length album following last year’s split EP with Excidium. I was first enchanted by Warfist with their 2016 album “Metal To The Bone” I loved their raw Sodom style thrash mixed in with the fun Motorhead beer soaked atmosphere. They ticked all the boxes for an extreme fan. “Grünberger” …

review Frosthelm – Pyrrhic

North Dakota (USA) based metal band, Frosthelm, has released a solid blackened thrash album in “Pyrrhic” on Revenger Records. This is their second album – the first being, “The Endless Winter” of 2015. Something I comment on continually is texture – the changing of styles, rhythms and musical clashes. “Pyrrhic” contains much texture – from the firs …

review Goresoerd Kain

Estonian six-piece Goresoerd is at it again with their 2019 album, “Kain”. Comprised of Eero “Nagy” Soomere (vocals), Stig Lindeberg (guitar, backup vocals), Erkki-Siim Kalbus (drums), Rasmus Tauk (guitar), René Jõhve (turntables, sampling) and Rauno Murakas (bass). “Kain” is their sixth release since 2006’s “Nekromantik” and continues to build upo …

review Iron Fire - Beyond The Void

Iron Fire “Beyond the Void” starts off with a haunting ancient type intro, then into one of the finest examples of face ripping, neck snapping classic/power/progressive metal songs I’ve heard this year. There’s a thrash element in there too which makes the beginning of this album reminiscent of influences such as Iced Earth, Realm, Sacred Steel, Ev …

review Thecodontion – Jurassic

Thecodontion is an italian band that extracted all guitars from their musical creation, preferring to present a stronger and much more present, bass guitar… in a way, it gives their sound the strength they try to pass on, to the audience, with the name, for example. The band extracts creativeness from the following: “Thecodontia (from Ancient Greek …

review Refusal - Epitome Of Void

From Finland Refusal comes to show their second album “Epitome Of Void” with French label Great Dane Records, three years after of their debut “We Rot Within”. Formed in Helsinki in 2008, the music of Refusal is old death metal, mainly Swedish style (Entombed, Nihilist), with influence of old grindcore in the vein of Napalm Death, Nasum or Rotten S …

review Nucleus - Entity

I can’t remember exactly how I found out about Nucleus, but it was a couple years back and I was hooked instantly! I was hyped to be given their upcoming album, “Entity”, to review. This is definitely my favorite release by Nucleus. I’ve been jamming this so hard. Hailing from Chicago, Nucleus has several absolutely crushing/mind bending releases u …

review Akrotheism – The Law Of Seven Deaths

Music can be seen as a gateway to dimensions where your mind is driven to higher levels of pleasure. Harsh, Gentle, Punishing… A ritualistic adoration of a deity, a tribute to a superior existence. Music has always served the will of its creator. Through music, many musicians expose the general audience to their beliefs, their ideals – be it good …

review Aftermath - There Is Something Wrong

Aftermath were formed in 1985. Back in 1994 Aftermath had already a strong presence in the metal scene mixing old-school crossover thrash and technical/progressive metal. Their debut album “Eyes of Tomorrow” that was released that very year (but was recorded in 1990) is an underrated classic. Their previous demos are impressive and deservingly were …

review Archaic Decapitator – The Apothecary

Archaic Decapitator are back with their newest release, “The Apothecary”. This piece is melodic death, in line with their usual style. For those who aren’t familiar with them, Archaic Decapitator is comprised of Gary Marotta (drums), Chris Ridley & Yegor Rubanyuk (guitars), Craig Breitsprecher (bass), and Kyle Quintin (vocals). The band is base …

review Disfago - Snake.Triangle.Sacrifice

Have you ever wondered how would it sound if you mixed the raw ugly British punk fury and antisocial themes of Discharge with the south american unholiness and blasphemy of Sarcófago? Disfago tried it. And it worked. Punk, proto-black riffs with tons of noise, thrash metal and vocals with echo and screams all put to blender with a really nice outco …

review Traumasphere - Voidcall

What we have here is a reissue of the only Traumasphere demo that dates back to 2001. The demo was self released in 2001 on CDr and it recently got a limited to 100 cassette tape reissue with different cover artwork. Traumasphere was a death metal band from France. After releasing their demo, they changed name to Abyssal Suffering and then Ummon (b …

review Haeredium - Ascension

Haeredium is a modern folk metal band from Eastern France, formed in 2009 with the vision to make folk metal more modern with the focus on energy and to fuse metal with other styles like jazz. With themes about nature, philosophy and storytelling and a lot of happy tunes the band is very nice to listen to and every song doesn’t sound similar. In 20 …

review Destructo - Untitled

With a 4 hits drum stick countdown the holocaust begins. ‘Hellbent Speedfreaks’ riff and vocals come straight from Venom’s classic albums like “Welcome To Hell” and “Black Metal”. The bass is bad ass high which gets the groove pumpin’ on my chest. The whole song is a bastard mixture of NWOBHM with punk, just as Venom! The leads are Motörhead-ishly …

review Osmed - Territory Of Warfare

Formed back in 2009 and with only an EP of 2015 and a promo of 2017, it was about time for those breakers from Indonesia to release their first full length “Territory Of Warfare”. Osmed take their extremity to the path of brutal death metal combined with large doses of slam. To some ears it might sound the other way round but I think that although …

review Goatkraft - Sulphurous Northern Bestiality

Sarcofago are one of the most important names in extreme metal music history (“INRI” is, until this day, seen as a quintessential, when it comes to bestial black metal). They passed on, to others, the rules and guidelines of what is suppose to be the most extreme fringe of black metal, later on caught up by the likes of Blasphemy (are these the REA …

review Mourning Sign - Contra Mundum

Sweden’s Mourning Sign return with their latest offering entitled “Contra Mundum”. This is a band that transcends genres while maintaining the foundation of standards that true metal is based upon. Melodic in theory, and technical in precision and delivery, this album hits true and it hits hard. While labeled as progressive metal, this album sound …

review Antipathic – Humanimals

The joint US/Italian death metal ensemble, Antipathic, is back with their first full-length album, “Humanimals”. Previously having only dropped the 2017 EP “Autonomous Mechanical Extermination”, Antipathic still managed to release 12 brand-new songs for this album. Antipathic is an international, two-man venture composed of Giuseppe “Tat0” Tatangel …

review Bitchfork - Zombie Cows From Outer Space

So this is my fifth review now and have to say… This one is kind of rough, it’s difficult to express a cd you don’t really like. But since it’s only my opinion I’m going to try being mild about this one. Bitchfork from Austria presenting their first full-length named “Zombie Cows From Outer Space”, launched by Splatter Zombie Records. Farmgrind is …

review Blodhemn - Mot Ein Evig Ruin

One-man metal from Norway, Blodhemn, has released a new album – his second full length album, “Mot Ein Evig Ruin”. On the surface, it dances the edges of black metal. And it is in fact black metal. But the musician is influenced by a range of styles and eras in metal that take it way beyond tremolo picking and whiny growls – though there is plenty …

review Left Hand Solution - Trough The Mourning Woods

You got to admit that Scandanavia has a lot of metalbands, especially extreme metalbands and a lot of black metal, but in al the mayhem and the carnage a more gothic doom band formed in Sweden not extreme but without no doubt they became pioneers in also a new style of metal I am talking about Left Hand Solution. Founded in 1991 in Sundsvall Sweden …

review Meathook - Crypts, Coffins, Corpses

Meathook is a band formed in 2007 in Phoenix, Atrizona, USA, by Gonzales brothers, that plays brutal death metal in the vein of 90s and 2000s and this is their third album “Crypts, Coffins, Corpses” under the label Unmatched Brutality Records. A definition for the sound of Meathook is raw brutal death metal, with some parts near to slam, an ultra l …

review Texas Metal Outlaws - Texas Metal Outlaws

Hailing from the USA, Texas Metal Outlaws unleash their self-titled debut upon an unsuspecting world. These guys hit the target on all aspects of what it takes to create a memorable release. Everything from the music to the vocals, and even the layout intertwine to make this experience one that should not be forgotten. Throughout the album, the rif …

review Putrefied Corpse - Left To Rot

Someone could’ve given me this and told it was a release I missed almost 30 years ago, and I would’ve totally believed it. Putrefied Corpse captures the old school in a fucking serious way. Hailing from Enschede, Netherlands, Putrefied Corpse’s debut album, “Left To Rot”, is a damn beast. After a short but intense intro, they begin the pummeling wi …