review Devourment - Obscene Majesty

Let me get this straight right from the start. My answer to the question “which is the most brutal record ever made?” is simple: “Devourment – Molesting The Decapitated”. I think this album took brutality right at the peak. I recall all the nice memories when it was released and I even remember my surprise in listening Devourment for the first time …

review Excuse - Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos

Excuse, from Helsinki Finland, is a relative newcomer in the speed and thrash metal scene. In January 2013 they released their self titled demo. Following their demo came their first EP “Goddess Injustice” which was released in September 2016. This masterpiece contains of a total of four songs which truly shows the direction in which they boys are …

review Shoot The Messiah - Kill All Gods

Hailing from Amersfoort in the Netherlands, Shoot The Messiah bring forth onto you their version of this death/thrash thing that seems to have become very popular as of late. Don’t get me wrong, it has been around for a long time, the idea of mixing thrash into your death, yet it seems to be picking up steam with a lot of younger bands as of late. …

review Jugulator - Ad Exitium

Jugulator come from Algeria. They were born in 2014. Before that they had been active as “Curse Of Pharaoh”. “Ad Exitium” is Jugulator’s debut full length album. The band’s style is mid paced thrash metal with Anthrax, Megadeth and Testament influences. The opening track ‘Ghost’ features beautiful acoustic melodies, slow/mid tempo riffs, very nice …

review 12 O’Cock - Split

Biiiig big breath and let’s talk a little bit bout this new release here, coming straight from Splatter Zombie Records. An almost all German, 12 way split CD (hence the title “12 O’Cock”), strictly for the fans of true grind/ gore-grind, rough sound. We’re talking bout basement-rough sound, so those of you who pay attention to the production, can s …

review Of Fire - Dräparen

Of Fire are back to bring us their great Swedish old school death metal with album “Dräparen”, a set of good songs that touch several parts within the Swedish death metal, from melodic Dismember to death’n roll of Entombed, and the fury of Interment or first Entombed/Nihilist, every Swedish act have a piece here. They began in 2012 called SPASM in …

review Insurrection - Circles Of Despair

“Circles Of Despair” is the brand new, debut, full length album from the Friesland, Netherlands melodeath/thrash band, Insurrection. Formed in the year 2010 and their first recorded output not seeing the light of day until 2015’s “Catatonic” EP, these guys seriously put in some work before laying anything down. Evident again in the four year gap be …

review Forlet Sires - Holy

For those of you who happen to know me personally or have gone thoroughly through my reviews either in my old paper zine Sewer Zine or in, it is already known that I have always been fond of the Swiss metal production. Swiss bands from the most well known to the most underground ones, no matter the metal genre they had chosen to serve …

review Barbarity - Keeper Of Oblivion

Barbarity is a death metal band from Russia and were formed in 2002. Their early releases engulfed the brutal death metal sound of the early 00’s. Their latter works were more death metal oriented and they even added in some grindcore elements. Having found their personal style in death metal and sounding far better than many other European or Amer …

review Hex - God Has No Name

Hex from Spain are active since 2012. They released their debut album (“Deadly Sin”) in 2014. And this is the their second album “God Has No Name” released this year by Transcending Obscurity Records. This album contains 7 tracks of death/doom metal. The album kicks of with a long intro and then the brutalness starts. Low and heavy riffs combined w …

review Global Scum - Odium

Don’t be misled by the grind aesthetics of Odium’s cover artwork portraying a bloodstained woman wearing a gas mask in front of the ruins of a destroyed area. Global Scum don’t play grindcore. I would rather call them a groove metal band. They mix thrash metal with downtuned grinding riffs and nu metal elements to enrich their sound and create an i …

review Dawhn - Deprivation

Formed in 2012 and hailing from Saratov, Russia, Dawhn has arisen. Releasing an EP and a single in their very first year of existence. Fast forward many daw(h)ns to the year 2019 and we get a full length offering in the way of “Deprivation”. For this new release there are only two members currently listed as active on Metal Archives, Roman Nosov on …

review Rotting Christ/Varathron - Duality Of The Unholy Existence

In the fall of the 80’s in Greece a bunch of newly formed bands using elements from bands they were listening to and adding their own character and personality, managed to create a wave while each band kept their personal sound. The so-called Greek sound was born! There are many bands who rose at that period. Rotting Christ and Varathron were defin …

review Witch Vomit - Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave

Aye Yi Yi!!!! Witch Vomit has been crushing for a few years now. Hailing from Portland, Oregon – this (now quartet) is back with a new LP entitled “Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave”. More heavy and nasty tunes that’ll leave you lying on the floor, gasping for air. Opening up with ‘From Rotten Guts’, right out the gate – thick ass riffs, punishing …

review BruuT - Bloodmoon

BruuT from the Netherlands are a new band from the depths of Tilburg that was formed in 2017. All though they are fresh and a new band I can tell you that the members are active in the music scene for ages. Members of the mighty Acrostichon and Crustacean. The name BruuT means cruel or gruesome and that is exactly what they make. Old school death m …

review Remnants Of Tortured - Chainsaw

In the year of 2012, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico; Remnants Of Tortured were born onto this vile, filthy planet. The next year we undeserving filth were subjected to “Headless Sodomizer”, Remnants Of Tortured debut, a crushing tour deforce of chugging brutality. Groove oriented, chromatic based, palm muted riffs, mid-tempo rhythms, paired with …

review Phobia - Generation Coward

The American grindcore legends Phobia are back only two years after their latest full length, hitting us hard with this new EP of them, baring the title “Generation Coward”. 13 new tracks full on hateful chords, relentless beating of the kit and a paranoid growler spittin rhymes on all directions. ‘Cynic Bastard’ is the opening track and it is real …

review Catalyst - The Great Purpose Of The Lords

Formed three years ago in 2016 and subsequently releasing their first EP that very same year, the four piece know as Catalyst from Metz, France (and not the three bands know as Catalyst from the US) emerged onto the scene. A scene that could be plainly described and considered death metal yet it is so much more. There is the aforementioned death an …

review Mofsed - Rattenkrieg

Mofsed from California, U.S.A. were formed in 2011. They play a technical death/thrash metal hybrid with heavy metal influences. “Rattenkrieg!” is their debut album. It surprised me that they didn’t release any demos before, but went straight for the full length instead. Many bands of today prefer to DIY release their music and maybe this shows a m …

review 10:13 - Result Of An Iron Age

10:13 is certainly a strange name for a band, but even stranger is their sound. In fact, I am not sure what it was I just listened to. It could be best described as some sort of progressive industrial death fusion with elements of grind. In any event it is certainly a unique combination of sounds and vibes. Regardless of this fact, I found it insan …

review Skullsmasher - Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery

Nice to do a review about a band who are label mates, sharing stage would make a crushing wall of sound, no doubt about that! Skullsmasher from Los Angeles CA are giving us some serious old school grindcore mixed with the modern sound of these days. They also recorded a demo titled “Cranial Emulsification” released by Night Rhythms Recordings and a …

review Body Harvest - Parasitic Slavery

Body Harvest’s “Parasitic Slavery” is an album sure to be talked about in the metal underground if not the metal world entirely. From beginning to end, it embodies the essence of old school death metal while incorporating the transcendence into the modern-day attitude and vibe. In years to come, this will be an undeniable classic to say the least. …

review Tales Of Blood - Stuffing The Graveyard

I knew nothing about Tales Of Blood before Twan sent their debut LP “Stuffing The Graveyard”. I jammed the first track, ‘Dissect And Murder’, and felt transported back in time. In a good way. OSDM!!!!! Now, I had to do some research and find out who these dudes are. Hailing from Paris, France… looks like they got together for a short while in ’93 …

review Dismembered Carnage - Blasphemed Betrayal

Dismembered Carnage have self released their second album “Blasphemed Betrayal”, a journey to old school of Florida 90s with some touches of darkness and unholy spirit. Formed in Concord, California, in 2012, they have released a previous album and an EP. On this album the same infamous idea but with better sound and evolution. Maybe the first band …

review Burial Remains - Trinity Of Deception

Am I worthy? I’m actually reviewing an album featuring the vocalist from FUCKING FLESHCRAWL!!!!! Well, regardless of that, Burial Remains is about to rip your fucking face off. My opinion is simple – if you’re gonna use an HM2 pedal, have the riffs too. Don’t let the tone do the work for you. Burial Remains has the riffs and the tone. Making for a …

review Entrapment - Imminent Violent Death

Hailing from Groningen in the Netherlands is Entrapment. Active since 2009 and released several demos, several split albums, compilations and 4 full lengths. This band is a well known name in the Dutch death metal scene and abroad. All though I revere Entrapment as a band, it is a one man project (Michel Jonker) and live he has a band. “Imminent Vi …

review -Inert - Vermin

Inert was an unknown band to me before “Vermin”. That made me rather anxious to listen to their music. I have always been fond of the unknown. A beautiful atmospheric intro opens the album and deep inside made me sure that it was actually prepaping me throughout for a death metal attack. And I was right! The riffs of the same title opening track ‘V …

review Mother Eel - Svalbard

Mother Eel is an Australian band formed in 2003. After several EPs and live albums, this is their first full length coming out in 2019! They entitled the album “Svalbard”. Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, constituting the northernmost part of Norway. Thus, what I expect to listen to here is something icy cold. The first song is ‘Suck …

review Lefutray - Human Delusions

Raging onto the scene in 2006 with their first, self-titled, EP, Lefutray brought forth their version of modern thrash, death, groove to world for us to enjoy. Fast forward thirteen years and a few line-up changes to 2019 and we get the fourth and brand new full length album, and first for Massacre Records, from these fine fellows from Santiago, Ch …

review Feradur - Legion

Hailing from Luxembourg, Feradur have been active since 2006 and “Legion” is their second full length album. As many bands of today they chose to self release their material in digital and CD format. I was unfamiliar with the band, but the first song ‘Deus (Finis Saeculorum)’ is a dynamic statement and puts the band in the melo death genre with inf …

review The Schizoid - Pariah

The Schizoid is a one man black metal band from Toronto, Canada. Jason Smith (aka Schizoid) was the vocalist and occasional bassist of the now defunct black metal band Dead Of Winter. He decided to return with this solo project and “Pariah” full length is the band’s first release. The album features 7 songs spanning to around 36 minutes. The produc …

review Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance

For those unfortunate masses out there that are late to the Tomb Mold game, which sadly has myself included, they are a rather infectious form of spores in the shape of a death metal band based out of the great white north, or Toronto, Canada if you wanna be exact. Tomb Mold is heavily inspired by the brutal action, cosmic horror rpg video games Bl …

review Sepolcro - Amorphous Mass

Getting home from a long day at work, you check your mail, there is a package there for you, within you find a record that has an evil looking, unreadable logo. You didn’t order anything. What the hell is this? Curious, you walk past your family on into your room and turn on your hi-fi stereo. You put the platter on and take a deep breath. Once you …

review Descendency - Generate The Genocide

Descendency, huh? What does the word descendency really mean? Well, the Wiktionary (if you even count that site as accountable) has it’s definition like this; Descendency – Noun -descendancy (countable and uncountable, plural descendancies) -(uncountable) The quality or condition of being a descendant. -(countable) Descendants considered collective …

review Erebos - Heretic

13 years after their second release, the Austrian war machine is set loose once again. Blackened death metal is their poison, with the cradle leaning more in favor of the death metal half and this is obvious from the first second. No intros and no unnecessary fuzz. ‘Killing Spree’ breaks the silence and all we get is a straight to your face old sch …

review Legacy Of Kain - Paralelo XI

Legacy Of Kain are what you would call a modern thrash band from out of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. Formed only in 2016, they have already been through what looks like a lot of line-up changes, through those mere two and a half years. With six members come and gone already, two only in a live capacity, they seem to have finally settled on their new m …

review Maniac Abductor - Casualties Of Causality

Man what a fucking good album from this in 2013 formed band from Joensun Finland. The members are: Jesse Räsänen is the drummer from 2013 and also started as drummer in 2018 for the death metal band Sadistic Drive. Jesse Elo guitar also in the band from 2013. In 2014 they’re joined by Janne Parvjainen on bass and Niklas Pappinen on vocals. This yea …

review Disowning – Human Cattle

French record label XenoKorp is absolutely on fire at the moment. They haven’t got quite as big a profile as other labels but in terms of quality both in the music they release and quality merch and presentation of their albums they are knocking it out of the park. BE it with new and reissues from Mercyless or new exciting bands like Skinned, Ad Pa …

review HexHorn - Before The End

“Before The End” is the brand new and second full length album from the death metal band HexHorn. This five piece band of hard working gentlemen hail from Katowice, Poland, the official seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony and Orchestra. So you damn well know good, talented and dedicated musicians come from a place like that. While, self-admi …

review Immortal Bird - Thrive On Neglect

I remember hearing the name “Immortal Bird” and not knowing what to think. Then I previewed their Bandcamp and immediately purchased every release. Their first LP, “Empress/Abscess”, wohhhhhh. This quartet from Chicago, Illinois was definitely laying down some intense tunes! I was stoked to see an ad for another upcoming LP. After listening to “Thr …

review Vitriol – Pain Will Define Their Death

US three piece Vitriol unleash their brand of Florida style brutality on the world with their debut EP. What you get here is four skull shattering tracks. The songs are brutal as hell but retain structure and add little bits of melody which add to the heaviness of the songs which intensity and emotion. “Pain Will Define Their Death” is like a whirl …

review Full Of Hell - Weeping Choir

Full Of Hell from Maryland and Pennsylvania in the United States are considered to be a grindcore band. Grindcore? What is Grindcore really? Good old Wikipedia says, “Grindcore is an extreme fusion genre of heavy metal and hardcore punk that originated in the mid-1980s, drawing inspiration from abrasive-sounding musical styles, such as: thrashcore, …

review Ontborg - Within The Depths Of Oblivion

From the ashes of Voices Of Decay arises the mighty Ontborg and their crushing debut album “Within The Depths Of Oblivion”. Ontborg are a Swedish melodic death metal band with various hints of some obvious black metal love thrown in here and there to truly decimate you. This band of metal veterans, with many a years spent in the melodic death/black …

review Throne Of Flesh - Dogma

Don’t be confused with the Danish death metal band of the same name that featured ex-members of Ravishing and did a demo entitled “Rituals Of Ancient Death” in 2006. Throne Of Flesh is a newly formed Italian old school death metal band. They were formed during summer 2018 by Flavio Tempesta (guitars), Giuseppe Tato Tatangelo (bass) and Joseph Di Po …

review Rancorous - Stealth Dominion

I have always loved demos eversince the cassette tape era. Tape trading was my personal teacher for finding new music. The dubbed cassette tapes from friends’ records or other cassette tapes (sometimes dubbed) may lowered the sound, but increased my agony to discover new music. The shitty radio show recordings I was trying to make avoiding the comm …

review Superstition - The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation

Shit! Remember when the “Surging Throng Of Evil’s Might” demo dropped? The DM world shook. Who were these dudes from Sante Fe? Raw, aggressive, old school with a new flair. Heads were stoked when the release of their first full length, “The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation” was announced. We all knew 20 Buck Spin was about to send us a new banger. …

review Bloodphemy - In Cold Blood

Alright then, now that we are all settled in and ready, we might as well start with the basic nitty gritty job of a quick, abbreviated, bio here. Bloodphemy are a four to five piece (depending on where you look online) band that hail from Amersfoort, the Netherlands. They originally formed way back in 2000 and were only active until 2003 and then r …

review Bloody Brotherhood - Don't Break The Circle

The album begins with bell chimes. A sick melody over the sound of the wind takes on what I would call an eerie/mystical intro. ‘Into The Darkness’ thrashes till death. Crawling underneath ripping death’n’roll riffs, the vocals are convincing. There is a nice break with emphatic mid tempo riffs. The riff changes are overall very nice and the band s …