review Diablery - Candles

Demanding album, especially for the length of the songs, for these Greeks Diablery. The band, active since 2008, with this “Candles” reaches its second full length after their long distance debut titled “Architect” released in 2014. Before that, two EPs were released, in 2010 and 2011 and a split with the Shadowcraft released in 2017. 9 songs for o …

review NecroticGoreBeast - Human Deviance Galore

Second full length under the banner of Comatose from the ravagers from Canada. Their self-titled debut of 2019 was shockingly brutal, leaving promises on what would follow. “Human Deviance Galore” exceeds the expectations by taking the brutality of its predecessor to the next level in many ways. Relentless blastbeats and drumming in general draggin …

review Argesh - Excommunica

Italy’s black metal group Argesh charges out of the gates of Hell with their debut full length, “Excommunica.” Avoiding the typical Darkthrone, Judas Iscariot, or Dimmu Borgir approach to black metal, the group does their best to still have a raw, but polished sound for the album, drawing on influences like Behemoth, Worm Shepherd, and even a littl …

review Ruttenskalle - Skin ‘em Alive

Ruttenskalle is the solo old school death metal project of Paulo Soares from Portugal. The sound is raw, grim, and evil, hailing back to the late 90s style of Dismember and Grave. The music is pretty basic with slow to mid paced riffs, a lot of distortion, vocals that switch between cavernous growls and mid range snarls with a healthy dose of drumm …

review Pillars Of Autumn - Sodamizer II

As a genre, the deathcore sphere has moments of absolute, crushing brutality and a top-notch production that may lead a band to second stage festival bills at most. Often the genre restricts itself into such a nanoscopic product of basic chugging riffs, slow breakdowns and two different styles of primary screamed vocals. However, the last few years …

review Stabbing - Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught

Pleasant surprise for these Stabbing, brutal death metal band from the boundless lands of Texas. Formed during this 2021, the girls/boys come from multiple experiences that in this EP (“Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught”) of only four pieces built well for the future. It’s hard to believe that behind the microphone of this guttural band there is actuall …

review Teitan - Vákuum

For those looking for a rather esoteric sound in black metal, solo artist Marquis and his band Teitan present a haphazard sound akin to the like of mid era Mayhem and Deathspell Omega with his new EP “Vákuum.” There are only 5 tracks here but each one is rich in varied sound, so there is tons of depth to the music. ‘The Grinding Teeth Of The Wheel …

review Syridas - Awaken

“Awaken” is the debut full length from Czechia’s melodic death metal outfit, Syridas. Just started earlier this year the group is a relative unknown in the metal underground, but has a sound that should garner much attention. While a lot of melo death groups like Soilwork, Arch Enemy, and Dark Tranquillity have kind of set the standard for melo dea …

review Conjureth - Majestic Dissolve

“Majestic Dissolve” is the debut album of these (unfortunately unknown to me) Conjureth, a Californian band that will entrust its work to the increasingly attentive Memento Mori, a label specialized in this type of sound. The band was born in 2018 by releasing two demos (which will then be resumed on vinyl) released in the course of the past year; …

review Pazuzu - Oath Of Unholy Sacrilege

Costa Rica’s Pazuzu have unleashed a small compilation album spanning their work since 2017 and onward that consists of split albums, demos, and one live album. The result is just raw, old school death doom that sounds like a mix of very early Paradise Lost meets Dismember meets Gatecreeper. The sound just oozes with simplicity and yet it works ver …

review Eastwood - Antibiose

Playin fast and working slow since 2012. This is what these German-French power-violence freaks claim they’re at, in their Bandcamp page. Now… if you take into account that “Antibiose” took two years to be recorded and the recordings were spread in two countries and six cities, the “working slow” part is absolutely right! On the “playin fast” part… …

review Vengeful 187 - War Neurosis

Vengeful 187’s debut album, “War Neurosis” is a pummelling, beatdown obsessed record which angrily slaps more times than your local stripper. The record focuses on themes of war, life in the trenches and the post traumatic experience that follows. Whilst this isn’t always obvious nor expected within a beatdown album, the message is portrayed enough …

review Centenary - Death… The Final Frontier

Second full length for the Americans Centenary, a Detroit band that has been active for less than ten years but with already two albums, an EP and a demo behind it. “Death… The Final Frontier” is an old school death metal album in the veins of first Entombed and bands close to that kind of 90’s sound. Raw and dirty sound at the right point, rhythmi …

review Perveration - Perversion In Manifest Disease

The new pride of Comatose Music in brutal death-slam is called Perveration and comes from Indonesia. A two piece band that just released its first full length so let us sink deep into it. Each band that respects itself starts an album using a sample of agonizing pain on humanity. Following that protocol, the screams of agony are succeeded by heavy …

review Borboropsis - Decorticated Burial Of Delirium

Borboropsis are a group from Ohio that is a bit of a side project for the members of blackened thrash outfit Flesh Warfare. For those who know of Flesh Warfare, the sound to be expected from Borboropsis is very different, but very exciting. While this EP only has 3 tracks to share, each one is steeped in a rich death doom, sound that might be a bit …

review Death Of Denial - Unholy Trinity

“Unholy Trinity” is the debut EP from solo act Denial Of Death from Germany. Spearheaded by Glauber Autaide who performs the vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass and drums there is a lot to expect from one person doing all the work. The result is a mix of symphonic black metal mixed with death metal here and there for a sound that is much like Old Man’ …

review Hranice Abyss - Aphagy

Groove and thunder is what listeners will get with the EP from Hranice Abyss. Hailing from Brazil this death thrash hybrid slaughters ears with their debut mini album “Aphagy.” With the tone of the guitars, drums, and vocals, one will definitely draw comparisons to groups like Belphegor. The vocals switch between the deep growls or the higher pitch …

review Spiritual Deception - Oxymoron

This time I want to review Spiritual Deception band’s new Ep. Spiritual Deception is an Italian technical death metal band which is active since 2016. This EP is called “Oxymoron”. First track is ‘Hidden In Consciousness’ which begins with an aggressive attack and it sound like the band Origin to me, except this band uses different scales on their …

review Destinity - In Continuum

Destinity, did you say Destinity? Yes, I remember the band, and for once it is not Scandinavian even if its melodic death metal style would stick very well to Nordic productions! The band is reborn from its ashes and thanks to the enthusiasm it arouses, despite its years of silence since “Resolve In Crimson” in 2012, comes back to us with a new LP …

review Bloodphemy - Blood Sacrifice

The Netherland’s Bloodphemy is back with their fourth full length album, “Blood Sacrifice.” Continuing on their path of heavy death metal, the music here is fast, grim, yet clear enough to enjoy in the vein of the likes of groups such as Immolation or mid era Morbid Angel. While there isn’t anything new here, the band opens with ‘Last Cry for Human …

review Metator - Akocedaktor

From hot and sunny Spain here is this duo dedicated to a death / brutal with multiple grindcore hues. Metator arrive at the first full lenght giving it the name of the first incarnation of the band, with whom they made themselves known in the previous decades and with whom they recorded a first demo in 2006. Metator do not go much for the subtle an …

review Svneatr - Chinook

Svneatr are a Canadian black metal group that try to avoid the traditional gimmicks of the genre and go for a more straightforward, yet atmospheric approach. On their second album “Chinook” the band continues that kind of folk black metal theme approach but don’t quite go the folk black metal route by adding in a lot of acoustic instruments or keyb …

review Polars Collide - Grotesque

Polars Collide is a metal band from Denmark the five headed group is making music for a few years and already independently released EP’s and singles for a while. They are know for their unique groove metal style combined with death and progressive metal elements. With their first EP “One To Rise” in 2017 the band became known in the European metal …

review Runespell - Verses In Regicide

Today we are back in Australia in order to give you some details about the next LP from the band Runespell which is entitled “Verses In Regicide”. As usual the sound is rotten, to believe that the more the sound is rotten the more it gives you a certificate of authenticity, it is a disease which is enormously current in the musical discipline of bl …

review Lvcifyre - The Broken Seal

Lvcifyre is a black/death band from England which is active since 2007. They’ve released their last stuff on September 10th, 2021. A pure black-death metal album which brings you chaos and you can feel anti-social and riot in each track. it gets you to the 7th floor of the hell. “The Broken Seal” includes 9 tracks and it a magnificent album if you …

review Axedra - Mass Deception

Axedra is a band that was formed in Russia in 2008 by the brothers Ramil Garipov (guitar/vocals) and Ilnur Garipov (guitar). At some point they moved to Vancouver, Canada which is where they release their debut full length album “Mass Deception”. With the help of Logan Charron on bass and Daniil Volovik on drums, the Garipov brothers have created e …

review Monument Of Misanthropy - Unterweger

Second official album for Monument Of Misanthropy, a band that includes George Wilfinger on vocals (Disfigured Divinity) and Cédric Malebolgia (ex Swart Crown / Putridity) on drums. “Unterweger” is a brutal death metal album like it hasn’t been heard in a long time. In the 11 tracks that make up this work (the twelfth is a cover of the great Morbid …

review Biolence - Enslave, Deplete, Destroy

Having formed in 1998, it makes sense that Portugal’s Biolence are still obsessed with the old-school death metal crossover thrash sound, as presented in their 2021 EP release of “Enslave, Deplete, Destroy”. If you’re a genuine death metal fan, there’s literally nothing disappointing on this twenty-four minute long release other than it may be too …

review Shadecrown - Solitarian

It is done I decided to spend part of the year in Finland, the country not only that of 1000 lakes but also of 1000 metal bands and as you will understand your humble servant will review an LP of a… Finnish band! Surprising, is not it? There are so many talented bands over there that you could get lost! However, I am starting to find my way aroun …

review Gore Dimension - Ethereal Realm

Short intro and then all hounds of hell are unleashed upon the poor listener. Unaware of what will follow, you stay as you were, comfy in your chair, until these ravagers from Turkey hit the first notes. “Ethereal Realm” is the first full length of Gore Dimension and this is what we call “Stepping in the right foot”. Swirling riffs, bringing in min …

review Melting Eyes - My Final Resting Place

Melting Eyes is a new death metal band from the Netherlands but its line-up consists of experienced musicians who have played in bands like Warmaster, Compos Mentis and The Impaler. “My Final Resting Place” is their debut EP in which they offer six tracks of first-class death metal. The first two tracks ‘Bringer Of War’ and ‘My Final Resting Place’ …

review Callidice – Shades Among Us

Well, yes I am again in Finland, I will end up going to live there as my boss makes me review bands from the land of a thousand lakes! Yes yes it is also the name which one gives to this small country, large not by its number of inhabitants but by the quantity of talented bands which reside there! If France can boast of being the world champion in …

review Concrete - Ethereal Atrocities

One cannot talk about Bulgarian death metal scene and not to mention the name of Concrete. These Cannibal Corpse-worshipping death metal psychos started the band in 2011 and “Ethereal Atrocities” is their fourth full-length album, released by the German RTM Productions. What you’ll find here are nine tracks of pure old school death metal in the vei …

review Militaria - Remains With Pain

Militaria are a military themed metal act from Gold Coast Australia. Except some brutality and skill that is certainly unique to the act. Militaria’s newest album entitled “Remains With Pain” is a different kind of album then I’m used to predominantly about war times the whole album adds brutal realism to blast beats and guitar skill combined with …

review Korpituli - The Ancient Spells Of The Past

Black metal! I deeply believe that it is necessary to come from countries where vast territories can seem inhospitable, this particular music style which moves the depths of the soul often releases a lot of melancholy, it speaks to our so often tortured souls. This is how Scandinavia produces us as always the best jewels of the style (sorry for the …

review FleshTorture - Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad

After almost a 10 year hiatus, Nicaraguan death metal crushers FleshTorture are back with a new, ferocious album that is ready to slaughter the ears. Originally a sickening hybrid of death metal and grindcore the band has reigned in a bit with their new release “Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad” and changed things up a bit, but for the better. T …

review Thumos - Nothing Further Beyond

There is always something enigmatic about metal bands that try to remain a complete mystery by leaving a very scarce trace of any history, member information, or anything to really go off of, save for the music they present. U.S. based Thumos is one of those groups and creates a sound that is considered progressive post doom. No lyrics, no vocals, …

review Edenic Past - Red Amarcord

This “Red Amarcord” by the Americans Edenic Past is a rather bizarre and imaginative project, a band that sees among its ranks characters of the caliber of Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, Krallice) and Nicholas McMaster (Krallice, Turris Eburnea). 13 tracks of an experimental and sometimes psychedelic brutal death that incorporate more or less …

review Wharflurch - Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell

After a few EPs and split albums, Florida based death metal group Wharflurch finally crawls from the sewers and drenches fans with their sludgy, yet tasteful full length debut “Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell.’ Coming off at first as a lumbering grim behemoth akin to the likes of older Suffocation, a bit of Torture Killer for the groove, and even a litt …

review Apostasy - Death Return

Chile’s Apostasy unleash their mix of thrash and black metal to fans on their third full length album “Death Return,” and like their previous efforts it is raw, yet groove laden. Think of a mix of early Testament meets Dark Throne with its catchy riffs, thunderous drums, and harsh vocals that sound evil and grim, but not quite to the point of annoy …

review Temple Of Dread - Hades Unleashed

Germany’s Temple Of Dread might seem like they are on a fast track from album releases as it seems like they’re putting out an album every year since they started with their debut in 2019. Usually groups who do this crank out music that is far too similar to the previous releases and feel like they are losing steam or variety, but these guys seem t …

review Nothing Sacred - No Gods

It is a little surprising when bands from the 80s put out an album, disappear for the longest time, and then suddenly appear back in the world like nothing happened. Almost like they were frozen in time for it. Ultimately, Nothing Sacred were an Australian active from 1983 all the way to 1993 before disappearing and then reactivating in 2015, but o …

review Primal Creation - News Feed

This band describes themselves as an modern thrash metal band and their lyrics are about what frustrates them in this world. Although they don’t see themselves as a political band, they just want to play music as they see it. After finding a stable line in 2014 the five members of the Belgian band Primal Creation went to create and release their fi …

review Heir Corpse One - Fly The Fiendish Skies

Debut album for Heir Corpse One, brand new (and unknown) band that includes members (Rogga Johansson, Kjetil Lynghaug, Marcus Rosenqvist and Peter Svensson) from multiple Swedish bands. 10 songs for a total of 28 minutes of death metal without technicalities or anything else. Death’n’roll in a clear and typical Swedish vein pushed towards heavy rhy …

review Vaelmyst - Secrypts Of The Egochasm

For this review, we are going to give up our continent and return to the new world in order to find some nuggets. It is always surprising and interesting to see that a North American band, in this case Vaelmyst, can sound like an European one. And yes and this is perhaps our main flaw in old Europe in this very particular style of death metal and m …

review Vriess - Vriess

2021 seems like a year for the Alien movie franchise themed albums in metal. Earlier we had an EP from Hideous Divinity, and now we have another group named Vriess out of France with a less obvious ‘Alien’ themed album, but at least the band name is taken from the fourth film. The project is formed from the masterminds behind Project For Bastards, …

review Suicide Of Disaster - Evisceration Of Pregnant Abdomen

“Evisceration Of Pregnant Abdomen” is the 2014 stand-alone release from the Indonesian brutal death metal band, Suicide Of Disaster. The band are consistent towards the underground genre at hand, demanding with groove-fused riffs, enabling the bleakest of breakdowns. Monstrous, guttural vocals spew out across each track from vocalist Bagol who soun …

review Stygian Dark - Gorelords Of War

Great surprise these Stygian Dark, band that sees the good old Dave Ingram (Benediction, Bolt Thrower) behind the microphone. Death metal old mold that remembers the good times gone. Dark and dark as a disc like this must sound. Black like pitch to stay glued and never separate. “Gorelords Of War” immediately starts with the title track and is imme …