review Wrathrone - Eve Of Infliction

I must admit that this is the first time that I come upon the Finnish death metal horde Wrathrone and shame on me because what I’m hearing in their third record “Eve Of Infliction” is bloody great! “Eve Of Infliction” offers eight songs of old school death metal mixed with some groove death’n’roll elements and from the opening track ‘As The Knife C …

review Deathblow - Insect Politics

Deathblow’s late 2020 release of “Insect Politics” already seizes your attention in advance with some artwork that will no doubt reel you in like you’re the biggest fish in the lake. Their trippy display of horror and space entices listeners into their world of thrash meets hardcore, with a hell of a lot of Power Trip meets Municipal Waste worshipp …

review Krakslott - The Witchhammer

Kråkslott are a sludge doom band hailing from Sweden that just put out their debut full length last year. Adhering to old school doom and heavy metal tradition in the vein of groups such as Black Sabbath or Sandbreaker the sound is very stripped down, epic and raw. With fresh material still in their minds, this three piece group have put out a sort …

review Abominated - Decomposed

First demo for this Polish duo born at the end of 2018 and dedicated to an old school death metal with a clear Swedish stamp. “Decomposed”, this is the title of their first work, consists of three pieces plus an intro for a total of 10 minutes of music. Raw production and in line with what is proposed on a musical level. Raw, cheesy riffs with a de …

review Saprobiontic - Apocalyptic Retribution

Saprobiontic’s music is as cool as their logo. What you get here is a reckoning, oblivion-styled death metal assault on the ears in the modern styles of Cannibal Corpse and Thy Art Is Murder. These German bruisers are no newcomers to the platform, as “Apocalyptic Retribution” is the band’s third release in total, and their sophomore album. The open …

review Evil – Possessed By Evil

Simply naming a band “Evil” gives two possible impressions; a rather criminal lack of imagination or a desire to get right to the point. With these Japanese blackened thrash metal maniacs it appears to be the latter and second full length “Possessed By Evil” ploughs into your ear holes like a deranged drunk driver through a shop window. As soon as …

review Anime Torment - Void Terror

Anime Torment are a deathcore band from Czech Republic who take influences from the earlier, more melodic bands in the scene but spice up their sound with a modern punch in production and a decent enough diversity within the six tracks on their new EP titled “Void Terror”. The record’s single ‘Easy Prey’ is surprisingly catchy; something that death …

review Nihilrage - Eternal

First official work ever for these Nihilrage, death metal band from Spain. “Eternal”, their first EP, comes with 5 pieces for a duration of about 20 minutes of pure death metal with multiple affinities with much better known bands. A very interesting intro opens the doors to the first track ‘Merciless War’, characterized by a solid and powerful rhy …


Tragedy In Hope is a one man black metal band led by Sasha Giller out of Russia that delivers an interesting slab of black metal with his debut album, “Sleep Paralysis.” Giller does everything on the album, from vocals to the samples to instruments, and while considered ‘symphonic black metal,’ Giller delivers a more raw version of groups like Crad …

review Sepulcros - Vazio

Sepulcros are a five piece death doom group from Portugal that have quite an impressive debut with their album “Vazio.” With initials shrouded in as much mystery as their music, listeners will find six tracks of solid epic doom (aside from the opening and closing atmospheric pieces) that will grip them by the throat and drag them down under into a …

review Misanthropy Apotheosis - Against Your Filthy Kind

This small but brutal EP is a sample introduction to those who have not heard the Greek duo Misanthropy Apotheosis. “Against Your Filthy Kind” translates the band’s message well: groovy yet hateful lines delivered by death metal snarls with a clear production so the feeling is still 90s death metal but not raw and fuzzy akin to a group like Dismemb …

review Pustilence - The Birth Of The Beginning Before The Inception Of The End

No, this is not the Dutch death metal masters Pestilence, it is the Australian trio Pustilence with their debut EP with the long title “The Birth Of The Beginning Before The Inception Of The End”. Sean Matulich (bass), Earl (drums/keyboards) and Taylor Burnett (guitars/vocals) present three tracks of merciless death metal attack plus one short inst …

review Astora - The First Flame

Astora finally unleash their full length debut after a few Eps with “The First Flame.” Hailing from Slovenia, this one person band spearheaded by Gedo delvers some great riff laden melodic death metal that leans towards progressive as well, touching on groups like Edge of Sanity and even some old school death metal in the vein of very early Opeth ( …

review VoidCeremony - Entropic Reflections Continuum

I’d seen the name, VoidCeremony, but had never heard them. Twan asked for a list of LPs I’d like to review and, luckily, he sent their debut LP “Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel”. What a fucking banger! It made it’s way into my top 5 of 2020. Formed in 2013, in Ramona, CA, this quartet has a few EPs to their name. Now they have a …

review Abythic – Dominion Of The Wicked

Old school death metal is a squelchy and muddy path that’s very well trodden, but it’s also an extremely fun path. I’m more than happy to pull on a pair of wellies and go jumping into some puddles of putrid blood once in a while. But every now and again, even while trudging down a fondly familiar path you thought you knew so well, you can still com …

review The Harvest Trail - Instinct

Australian newbies The Harvest Trail align themselves superbly within the melodic death metal and thrash genres. Whilst lacking a modern production, the band offer an oldschool effect on their entire debut release, “Instinct”. From opener ‘Victims’, a youthful, energetic presence is released and the album is unveiled into a whirlwind of chaotic rif …

review Belarus Beaver - Planet Of The Beavers

The album “Planet Of The Beavers” is a comedic approach to death and grind by the Swedish band Belarus Beaver. Whilst comedy in death metal is about as welcomed as Alestorm are in the metal community, you can’t help but be captivated by the dedication to take on writing albums fully based around these small semiaquatic rodents, known as beavers. Ev …

review Incinerate - Sacrilegivm

Incinerate is one of those bands that has gradually mutated into a sickeningly grotesque force of wondrous splendor that we call brutal death metal. Am I overstating the obvious? Not at all. It can never be overstated that this is how it is done and how it should sound. Already shown on “Eradicating Terrestrial Species” (read the review here) and t …

review Blessed By Perversion - Remnants Of Existence

Third work (read the review for “Between Roots And Darkness” here) for these Blessed By Perversion, death metal band from Athens, Greece. “Remnants Of Existence” looks like an EP given the length of only 25 minutes. ‘Descending To The Catacombs’ is the right intro to open the gates of hell by Blessed By Perversion with the subsequent ‘Gallery Of Bo …

review Antropofago - A Propensity For Violence… Cruelty Enslavement

Third full length from the French death metalers. Antropofago is a band active since 2010 and so far they’re serving the technical side of death metal enriched with a lot of progressive elements. Technical riffs, “flirting” with the term “leads”, succeeding more basic ones under a barrage of blastbeats and death metal beats in general combined toge …

review Astral Tomb - Degradation Of Human Consciousness

What we have here is a young death metal trio from Denver, Colorado that attacks the world with its three-song EP “Degradation Of Human Consciousness”. First things first – if you like your metal with good clean production then stay away from this release! Astral Tomb offers dirty and unpolished demo sound but this doesn’t mean that it sounds bad. …

review Ominous Ruin - Amidst Voices That Echo In Stone

From San Francisco, California, here comes Ominous Ruin. This quintet, with former members of Inanimate Existence, offers us with this “Amidst Voices That Echo In Stone” (first official work after two demos and an EP) a good job of technical / brutal death, with some parts of slam and atmospheric dissonance. The album will presumably be released on …

review Venomous - Tribus

New EP for Brazilians Venomous, melodic death metal from Sao Paulo. One year after their second full length “The Black Embrace” the five Brazilian guys release this “Tribus”, 4-track EP under Brutal Records (the official video for the song “Unity” has already been released). Very particular melodic death and certainly with clear references to the a …

review Torment - Occult

Well, this time I review a French death metal band which is called Torment. They’re active since 2017 and their debut album is “Occult”. Track one, the intro brings you stress and panic by synthesizers and sound effects and it’s really magnificent. Second track, ‘Deathwish’ is a specific track, heavy riffs, Punchy palm-mutes. ‘Human Parasite’ is my …

review Escarion - Pillars Of The Faith

I listened very happy to this “Pillars Of The Faith”, the first official album for Escarion, unfortunately unknown band from Melbourne. Released as a self-produced album, the four guys are able to expertly mix European and American sounds. “Pillars Of The Faith” is an investigation of the human psyche, contrasted with the idea of the ‘The Seven Dea …

review Omnivortex - Diagrams Of Consciousness

Omnivortex are relatively new to the metal world being they came together in 2019 and just recently put out their debut full length in November of 2020, but right from the opening notes one can tell that these Finns are going to be pretty big in tech death world. Boasting a big production, “Diagrams Of Consciousness” is a solid effort of music comp …

review Hidden In Eternity – A Tout Jamais

French gothic doomsters Hidden In Eternity have returned after what seems to be a fifteen year absence with “A Tout Jamais”, a fifty minute follow up to 2005’s “On The Ninth Day”. Before receiving this album in my inbox I was completely unfamiliar with Hidden In Eternity, but researching them threw up a few interesting nuggets including a revolving …

review Absurd - Complete Noise... Absurd Shit...

Back in the early days of the underground, when the whole extreme music thing was new-born, music styles were glued. There was no big difference if you played death or black metal, thrash or hardcore. I remember that back in those days we used to call “speed metal” almost every extreme and “thrashy” release based on what Motorhead did with “Overkil …

review Disfigured Human Mind / Gorgonized Dorks - Abusively Abrupt Pestilence

Disfigured Human Mind have been active since 1999. I first got into them in the year 2000 when I received the “Deadly Fragments” demo from a tape trading. I first got attracted by the grindcore cover and aesthetics. I loved the old school grindcore attitude of the band. This demo was recorded live. The production was lo-fi. There were many tracks e …

review A Pretext To Human Suffering - Rotting Sanctum

The year 2020 has probably been the most intelligent usage of time to form a band and create a record, especially if that release is able to be heavily promoted and released by the upcoming juggernaut label that is Reality Fade Records. So these US newcomers have hit a pretty sweet spot of success during the perilous chapters of the current pandemi …

review Apocalyptic Fear - Decayed Existence/Dawn Of The Ritual

Apocalyptic Fear is what you can easily call an oldschool metal gem – this Canadian band existed from 1991 and 1994 and managed to release just two demos, “Decayed Existence” from 1992 and “Dawn Of The Ritual” from 1994. Now those two demos are being re-released on one CD via Awakening Records which, curiously enough, is a label from China. What aw …

review Cadaver Putrefacto - Ritual De Exsanguinación

Directly from Buenos Aires, Argentina, here comes these Cadaver Putrefacto that with this “Ritual De Exsanguinación” reach the second official full length after “La Maldiciòn Del Zombi Errante” released in 2017. Band active since 2000 but only since 2016 can they be recorded their first activities between demo and EP. This latest work is presented …

review Dismembered Flesh Mutation - Necrophiliac Decomposition

If you enjoy the type of metal that you could slowly introduce to your parents and hope they understand and appreciate your interests, then this is definitely not the band or album to start with. Dismembered Flesh Mutation’s 2020 “Necrophiliac Decomposition” is as sickening as the band name and album title suggest. If you google the band name in se …

review Plague Years - Circle Of Darkness

The band is way young and already kicking ass! Fresh riffs and solid sound these guys put together some killer thrash metal. The whole album is super-charged. I was really impressed with their musicianship. They really are in their own with their sound. The vocals are petty hoarse and sound well intertwined with the guitars. Plus, the sound quality …

review In Demise - Conjuring Dystopia

Having released demos and albums since the birth of In Demise in 2005, this year’s offering comes in the form of a fifteen minute EP from the German band. Demonstrating a demonic balance between melodic riffs and attention-seeking build ups, the band provide a chaotic channelling of progressive death metal deemed fit for the genre at hand. Despite …

review Paganizer ‎– ... From The Reapers Vault ...

For more than 25 years Paganizer have well walked their own path in death metal, shaping an own sound based on their influences from the birthrising era of death metal. Paganizer were formed in 1998 from the ashes of Terminal Grip who was formed in 1994. With great respect for the old and mighty Swedish Death Metal scene, the rather productive deat …

review Gomorraa - Sordidus Fabellas (Luxuries Et Profanus)

Gomorraa were formed in São Paulo, Brazil in 2014 as Eterno Carnal. They soon changed name to Gomorraa to spit forth their old school black/thrash, highly influenced by the mighty progenitors of the genre/scene. In Gomorraa music there is a strong primitive Bathory influence (especially of the 1st album) with generous doses from the old mighty Braz …

review Sodom - Genesis XIX

This is what I remember about Sodom way back in the early days when “Agent Orange” was released… they were on top of their game. Seems like on this one their energy and riffs are back on top of DOMINATION. Totally kick ass and unrelenting. I don’t know why any scores on here are negative about this one because the whole way through is KING. I thi …

review Warside - The Enemy Inside

France’s offering of brutal bands consists of many greats, from the brilliant Benighted to the mesmerising Gorod. Following similar footsteps are newcomers to the scene, Warside. The debut EP ‘The Enemy Inside’ is a ferocious display of death metal with no brakes to their acceleration. Barking vocals are spat constantly by vocalist Thomas Allam, si …

review Wyrm - Purge

Eastern Europe has been distinguished for many years by a high quality black metal scene. Often melancholic, the black metal of these grey lands evokes defeated warriors, bloody poets telling the story of a battle lost in advance that they fought only for the panache. Wyrm comes from the Czech Republic and offers a black metal that may seem rather …

review Cesspool Of Corruption - Eradication Of The Subservient

Everything is bigger in Texas. Often proclaimed, somewhat backed by the brutes behind Cesspool Of Corruption’s EP “Eradication Of The Subservient”. Original released in 2016 and rereleased in 2020. An EP that could be held in higher regards if it were released in the late 2000’s amongst the waves of deathcore as the genre quickly interchanged. ‘Eme …

review Purnama - Flame Of Rebellion

With the goal to inspire to overcome every obstacle in life, to shake every religion and emphasise the power of nature the album “Flame Of Rebellion” was born and recorded. The band Purnama was formed in the Czech Republic and is a powerhouse to be recon with even though that they only have two albums. The band already toured a few years inside and …

review Disintegration - Prahara

Brutal Mind is known for aiming at bands that reek ferociousness. Disintegration are no exception to that rule! A fresh band to the scene with only one demo of 2016 so far. “Prahara” is their first full length and released in 2020. Six new tracks along with the two from their demo are the ones “Prahara” consists of. Blast beat upon blast beat upon …

Colin year list

2020 sucked. No doubt about that. People lost jobs, family, the freedom to travel, and live concerts basically ceased to exist for 75% of the year (depending on region of course). That was probably the hardest thing as a music enthusiast to digest as I missed out on so many great shows, meeting bands, and exploring new venues. So I did the next bes …

review Dethrone - State Of Decay

Sweden’s Dethrone have been around for some time, cranking out a hybrid of death metal and thrash that sounds akin to Dew Scented meets At The Gates. With two full lengths under their belt and about four years since their last album they’ve given fans a small EP to enjoy for 2020. Clocking under 15 minutes it doesn’t give new fans much to go on sav …

review Hypnos - The Blackcrow

Hypnos is an older, but relatively unknown underground death metal band from Czech Republic that has slowly evolved with the times. Starting in 1999 the group performed the typical death metal sound over the years in the vein of groups like Deicide or even Grave. As the years have gone on the band has evolved to more of a sound like Behemoth with m …

review Shrapnel Storm – Shrapnel Storm

Shrapnel Storm play thrash laced old school death metal, something that should come as no surprise to anyone given they are called Shrapnel Storm which may actually be the most thrash laced old school death metal band name of all time. Here with this self titled offering from the Finnish quintet, only their second full length since their formation …

review Death Invoker – Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge

Death Invoker has put forth a cassette release of their previous EP “Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge”. On the French label Nihilistic Holocaust. It features some pretty sick artwork that you would probably find tattooed on a deranged killer in a South American prison. Hailing from Lima, these Peruvian blackened metal thrashers have been spreading Sa …