10:13 - Result Of An Iron Age

10:13 is certainly a strange name for a band, but even stranger is their sound. In fact, I am not sure what it was I just listened to. It could be best described as some sort of progressive industrial death fusion with elements of grind. In any event it is certainly a unique combination of sounds and vibes. Regardless of this fact, I found it insanely difficult to get through this CD. Absolutely nothing goes together at all. I try not to totally cone down on bands for what they create, but I can just about guarantee that little to no thought went into the creation of the noise on this CD. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to push the envelope, but this guy seemingly goes for the “pot luck” approach and fail miserably in creating anything close to what we can call music.

Each aspect of the music in its own right, but when it’s slapped together, seemingly out of desperation, what you get in return is clusterfuck of meaningless noise with only a few riffs and blast beats making any sense at all. I am clueless to what 10:13 is trying to do here. It’s almost as if the point was to be pointless. Figure that one out if you can! I have to be brutally honest and say that I cannot find one redeeming quality about this release except for the effort that the band put into the CD and, trust me, I am being generous to say that. I really wanted to give this CD a chance but unfortunately the same effort I just spoke of is nothing more than a half-assed attempt at the end of the day. There is nothing more to say about this release. This was absolutely horrible.


1. Oathbade
2. The Worst In Me
3. Misanthropic Delirium
4. Deconstructual Integrity
5. In The Black Book Of Death
6. Result Of An Iron Age
7. Son Of Monotony
8. Nashiteric
9. Beyond The Grip Of Humanity
10. A Day Too Late
11. Conduit Closing...

Self released
Reviewer: michael
Aug 14, 2019

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