3rd War Collapse - Damnatus

3rd War Collapse is a Brazilian / Finnish brutal death grind project featuring Cristiano Martinez (Ex-Vomepotro), Rodolfo Carrega (Clawn) & Kalle Lindfors (Inferia). Active since 2016, this “Damnatus” is the first work under this monicker released by Guttural Brutality Production.

11 tracks, 27 minutes for an old-fashioned death grind, with a rhythm section present and pounding from start to finish without ever showing signs of letting up. Riffs fired at the speed of light that chase each other, overhang each other ... they create walls of sound and then collapse directly on the listener in all its violence. A powerful guttural voice accompanies all the work, filling in the right way every space left free in this infernal bedlam.

'Forced To Suffer' or 'Headshot' are in my opinion the highest points reached in this mini album. Behind a properly built sound wall this trio gave birth to a very interesting project where each song was built properly without having to leave anything to chance. Certainly difficult to assimilate for many people but this is all that is to be expected from a band like this. And I honestly believe that many people will appreciate this work as 3rd War Collapse have managed to blend in an excellent way several genres that are different from each other but also very similar.
Good starting point for this band. Good job.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Eyes Of Deception
2. Broken Celibacy
3. Fifth Column
4. Forced To Suffer
5. Pandemic Nescience
6. Third War Collapse
7. Profit From Corruption
8. Headshot
9. Weak Minded Society
10. Mind Your Own Business
11. Stagnation