4 Way To Scream Your Hate - Split

"4 Way Scream Your Hate" is a 4-way split compilation featuring awesome material by Land Of Hate, Smashhead, Deathcrush and Zora. Total brutal death is what you will find here and no disappointments either.

Land of Hate: could not have produced a better old school death-thrash sound than what they have submitted to this compilation-raw and to the point!

Smashhead: adds a touch of grindcore into the mix yet still keeps that death sound flowing with catchy melody grooves.

Deathcrush: add more to the grindcore but again do not disappoint with keeping the old death metal sound alive within their tracks presented here.

And Zora: lend their special touch of extreme brutal death with some very cool modern influences.

It isn't everyday one comes across a split cd and likes both artists presented let alone liking more than one artist from a split out of 3 or in this case 4 wow! I can say that non of these bands have let me down in anyway and this is one of the most powerful split albums I have come across in awhile. Definately do recommend this to all fans of metal and give this a perfect rating of +5/5.

Land Of Hate 
1. Gener(H)ate 
2. Antination Antiwar 
3. Raped Years 

4. Orgy In Atrocity 
5. Genetic Deconstruction 
6. Human Fetus In The Sewers 

7. Blasphemy Souls 
8. Necrogod Devastation 
9. Eaten By Rats 

10. SelfDevoured 
11. Mass-sacred Nation 
12. Tsanta

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 12, 2009

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