666 Shades Of Shit - Bitchagram

Sum up all the dose of humor you possibly have for this one. The name alone will do the job. 666 Shades Of Shit. Got it? So let’s make a couple of things straight here to avoid any misunderstandings further down the road. These fine Dutch gentlemen express themselves through goregrind. Which means, they have no intention on expressing inner emotions or changing someone’s life with their music. On many occasions, grindcore is not even about the originality of the music itself. What 666 Shades Of Shit want to achieve with this first full length of them is to bring a party from their studio to your yard. Get you drunk, wasted, rape your woman, burn your place to ashes and end up watching it with a big smile holding beers at hand. Ok maybe not all of that but you get my point.

"Bitchagram" is all about that and more. A funny carousel intro and then the first track breaks in. 'Shithead' is all the definitions you can give to grindcore. Full on blastbeats and the grind riffs come and go followed by a crazed growler behind the mic. Excellent intro and after 2 minutes it gives its place to 'Burp'. Yes. That’s right. The title is 'Burp' and it carries on the legacy the previous one left. 'Barbecock' is the third track in the row and what better intro than the voice of Joe Pesci in the Casino scene where he squashes a guy’s head on a vice. “Fuck me?? You motherfucker you…”

It all carries on like this. After a while no one will care about chords riffs or drums. You will just find yourselves moving your heads according to the drum beat. Party music is what grindcore is and this is exactly what 666 Shades Of Shit created in their first full length. 15 songs in about 26 minutes. Not bad hey? Successes come and go in under 2 minutes electric shocks. 'Chix With Dix', 'Analeashed', 'Projectile Diarrhea', 'Turd Song' and 'Bugagge' are just a few of the songs that will haunt you in this hearing.

The production of course is the most appropriate. Heavy and dirty. Guitar and bass sound is nasty. Heavy and itchy, helping a lot to create a muddy production appropriate to this type of extremity. At the same time of course it is crystal clear when it comes to defining the instruments. Each one has its special place in the final mix and this boosts the outcome even more.

Crazy shit I’m tellin ya. The grincore fans should have no second thoughts about it. As for the rest. Just consider it a really good reason to leave work early and get wasted.

  1. Shithead
  2. Burp
  3. Barbecock
  4. Chix With Dix
  5. Bugagge
  6. Bullfight
  7. Afijn Paturijn
  8. Analeashed
  9. Kont Harmonica
  10. Projectile Diarrhea
  11. Anal Droid
  12. Hockey Jingle
  13. Shit Crew
  14. Turd Song
  15. Anus Nanuk