666 Shades Of Shit - Whoracle Of Blasfemales

666 Shades Of Shit released their newest album "Whoracle Of Blasfemales" this August 23rd. Comprised of Motorkiller, Bartbaar, Bob, and William, they hail from Tilburg, North Brabant in the Netherlands. This is their second album, following up the beautifully named, "Bitchagram". I will admit to not knowing of these guys before this review, but I can confidently say that they are a solid goregrind act.

666 Shades Of Shit’s new release "Whoracle Of Blasfemales" starts off with a cheery circus tune in the form of Fodam-Se, but make no mistake, this isn’t some happy, cheery, bullshit. This isn’t "Picnic Of Love" from Anal Cunt. This is some real, authentic, goregrind. "Whoracle Of Blasfemales" is nasty, guttural, and an instant favorite of mine. It reminds me of another classic, "Supreme Genital Goddess" by Cock And Ball Torture.

The album is pretty consistent; there’s no lulls or boring bits – just brutal, grindy metal. My favorite track, 'Full Metal Faggot' is the right amount of guttural vocals, jumpy and shredding guitars, and that typical goregrind flow. A few other highpoints in the album include 'Crimson Glory Hole', 'Transsexualsaurus Rex' and 'Lesbian Truck Driver'. All of these songs capture that 666 Shades Of Shit sound very well.

For only their second album, this is definitely some quality work. Though this isn’t a review of "Bitchagram" I have to give it a shoutout too – these guys have the goregrind sound down pat. In my opinion, these guys can already pull the likes of Cock And Ball Torture, AxCx, Satan’s Revenge On Mankind, or even the legendary Napalm Death.

Overall, this album is an instant classic for me. I love this kind of music as it is, but this has a certain feel to it – like I said, it reminds me of "Supreme Genital Goddess" and that’s one of my all-time favorites. Considering that, I’m not sure I can give a fair rating, but I’m going to give this one a 4.5. In the past week, the only times I’ve taken this album off rotation, were for a date and when I went to the Weihnachtsmarkt, it has that much replayability. I want to temper my suggestion that, this music is by no means for everyone, but if you like CBT, Satan’s Revenge On Mankind, or classic AxCx, this is definitely an album to look into.

1. Fodam-se
2. Flying Fetus
3. La Fappe
4. Whoracle Of Blasfemales
5. Transsexualsaurus Rux
6. Karmeliet Carnage
7. Crappy Campers
8. Halul
9. Porn The Whore
10. Shite Beyond Shit
11. Lesbian Truck Driver
12. Flikker Ficker
13. Full Metal Faggot
14. So Far So Gore
15. Crimson Glory Hole
16. Uilenzeik