Abhorrent Execration - Death... Doom... Despair...

A raw crushing demo is what listeners get with the recently formed Abhorrent Execration from France. Released on Nekrassious Tapes and limited to only 66 copies, one is going to get 4 tracks of curshing, fuzzed out Old School Death Metal. A cross between Incantation and Torture Killer, expect a loud but tastefully groove laden album. This duo knows how to take the minimalistic sound and still create quality material. The thick percussive drums from OG go well with the fuzzy guitar/ bass tones and ferocious low end growls from RP, and even though the production doesn’t sound top notch, it certainly feels like that late 80s/ early 90s Death Metal many of us grew up with.

The tracks are a mix of fast and slow. ‘Genocidal Morbidity’ starts out heavy but has a churning groove element in the middle that catches on (and is reminiscent of the repetitive stomp of Torture Killer). Other tracks like ‘Malformed Miscreation’ are heavy all the way through but still have those Incantation Doom element moments along with the groove lines. True many of these tracks here sound the same, but Abhorrent Execration aim for a limited scope by drawing out the best elements they can with only a few instruments.

Ultimately, “Death... Doom... Despair...” is only a glimpse of what these guys can do, but it should be a showcase enough to give fans what they are about. Hopefully in the future one will get more longer and more track options full of Old School Death Metal laced with Doom and Groove elements for some fantastic ear stomping music.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Genocidal Morbidity
2. Barbaric Repudiation
3. Malformed Miscreation
4. Nihilism Phlegm Irreverence