Analepsy - Quiescence

It's a difficult task maintaining a rising band that's had as much success from their debut album as Analepsy have been blessed with, whist also having their frontman/axeman quit the band during the Covid worldwide struggle. "Atrocities From Beyond" was not only a major success for the band, but also for the brutal death metal scene as a whole. Its intense, mystifying artwork was enough to lure in anyone intrigued - and that was before being witnessed to the fantastic production that beholds which at the time of release was not a common thing for brutal death. Although five years later, Analepsy are committed to the craft of writing themes of outer-world / extra-terrestrials - another adaptation that has become almost overcrowded since the majority of bands in this scene have moved on from the typical themes of gore, mutilation etc. Whilst the alien concept is more interesting overall, the choice to continue down this path for the band seems unquestionable for the band. The artwork is a glorious blue theme as opposed to their previous album which was a flurry of reds, both artworks similar in the styles of galactic conquests that draw you in instantly.

The production on "Quiescence" follows the band's previous works and is undoubtable one of the top aspects from the band. It honestly makes all the difference having such a contempered, slick approach that instantly defines the genre into modern territories. Instrumentally, this record dives deeper into the more melodic stylings of death metal. Not exactly your In Flames or The Black Dahlia Murder-esk melodies, but more infused with a groovy backbone of sorts whilst complimenting gorgeous guitar solos against menacing blastbeats and guttural vocals. The slamming-groove is heavily present within the album as opener 'Locus Of Dawning' ends with the biggest slam riffs you've heard this year. 'Impending Subversion' showcases more of the melody, branching into solos that instantly set apart Analepsy from the likes of simplistic bands they are often lumped in with. New vocalist Calin Paraschiv also boasts a dynamic bellow of extremely low gutturals, that few in the scene are capable of. Formerly of Clitgore and Necroville, giving Calin the experience needed for a new role such as this. His vocals suit the genre perfectly, although more range would need to be proven for Analepsy to continue their journey out of the slam family and into unconquered realms, which would perhaps mean few members exiting their current comfort zones.

'Edge Of Chaos' is mostly instrumental, and sounds larger than the pyramids themselves. And despite this song stinking of album-closer vibes, the band are perhaps saving their final trick til last with the album title track of 'Quiescence' which reverts into a monolithic, choir-like anthem. Its dynamics are greatly underappreciated as textures unfold that the band haven't revealed before on any of their material to date. Its deemed questionable why this wasn't placed earlier within the album, albeit worth the wait for such a creative, atmospheric closing for the record.

With three beastly guest vocals among it, a diverse extreme vocal talent is scattered across these ten tracks; from Abominable Putridity's very own Angel Ochoa's monstrous burps, to Suffocation's own Ricky Myers throwing his hat into the ring. Analepsy have come prepared to excite with their friends with one of the more stand-out death metal releases of the year for sure. Its explosive in execution as it is beautifully crafted to continue to impress their current fanbase aswell as introduce themselves to the newer, or perhaps younger and eager listening ears who may not of been familiar with the band several years ago. "Quiescence" is monumental among the genre, refusing to follow the basic formulas of their touring comrades. Analepsy most definitely have a potential to increase their popularity and hit the higher peaks of the bracket, with 2022 being their prominent rebirth.

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Locus Of Dawning
2. Impending Subversion
3. Elapsing Permanence
4. Accretion Collision
5. Stretched And Devoured
6. Converse Condition
7. Fractured Continuum
8. Spasmodic Dissonance
9. Edge Of Chaos
10. Quiescence