Antigama - Whiteout

If you are into grindcore then Antigama should not be a new name for you. This crazy Polish band exists since 2000 and so far they have released 8 studio albums. Their last one is called "Whiteout" and offers 11 tracks of blasting death/grind. 

First thing that comes to mind when you start listening to "Whiteout" is that this record of Antigama sounds quite inspired by the mid-90s period of Napalm Death. I'm talking about "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" and "Diatribes" albums. 

There are grinding tracks like 'Undeterminate' and 'Dust Farm' or more mid-tempo like 'Holy Hand' and 'Disasters'. 'Unclear Conversions' has the blasting hysteria of Brutal Truth while 'The Howler' has some industrial feeling in it. 

The closing track '2222' even has saxophone in it but I don't know if this is John Zorn himself or not. The guys in Antigama are experienced musicians and know how to play their instruments in order to deliver a high quality death/grind record. "Whiteout" is not something revolutionary or super innovative but if you need to listen to some good extreme music then check this out.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Undeterminate
2. Debt Pool
3. Holy Hand
4. Dust Farm
5. Disasters
6. Unclear Conversions
7. Align
8. Muteness
9. Hindrance
10. The Howler
11. 2222

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Aug 29, 2022
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