Awaken The Misogynist - Descended From Vast Dimensions

Awaken The Misogynist’s album “Descended From Vast Dimensions” is one hell of a chaotic ride through hell. The sheer rawness and feel of this release has not been heard since the days, but is reminiscent of, early Napalm Death and Deviated Instinct. Perhaps not in sound mind you, but just in the absolute raw presentation of their material. If you combine that with the insanely brutal riffage, this release really stands out above a lot of other releases coming out these days. The level of brutality is equal to this undeniable vibe of rawness, and it is this equality that combines to form a vortex of chaos unheard of in modern brutal death metal. Let’s go even deeper and add the ever-changing vocal patterns throughout this release. There’s no way to pinpoint a vocal style here as the vocals are all over the board. You have low gutturals, pig squeals, gurgling squeals, etc.. Sometimes you can follow along with the vocals, other times you can’t. Normally this would be annoying, but I was so into this CD that it didn’t even matter.

Another plus for this release is that the tracks were blended together, sometimes with the usage of samples. The continuous flow of this album only added to my chaotic enjoyment of it, and I think other fans of this genre will feel the same way. I think that Awaken The Misogynist are a band that play their art in an unconventional manner while maintaining the foundation of the genre. “Descended From Vast Dimensions” has set their future in motion in a very positive manner, and all fans of brutal death metal should take notice of their approach to this art and appreciate the raw and chaotic beauty that is presented here in all its glory. There is absolutely no disappointment here, only top notch metal at its finest played by 5 guys who are passionately serious about the music they play. It’s quite evident in the 12 tracks on this offering. With that being said, contact the band or Comatose Music for info on adding this CD to your collection. This band deserves all the support and respect they can get. I am already anxious for the next release!

5 / 5 STARS

1. Slamertainment Tonight
2. Resurrection I - Thirteen Bodies
3. Leeched
4. Breeding Violence
5. The Cleansing Of Ignorance
6. Crimson Horror
7. Tsuchigumo
8. A Satan Rose
9. Infinite Regression
10. Resurrection Ii - Reigning Terror
11. Kantstepated
12. Abuse Of Consumption