Between The Killings - The Killing Quartet Vol. 1

Between The Killings’ new EP “The Killing Quartet Vol. 1: Reflection Of Murder” gives you an example of just how extreme this new generation of death metal has become. What I like about this release, right from the beginning, is how they took a sample and wrapped riffs around it to produce an overall feeling of horrific euphoria. This was a great way to start things off. From there you pretty much have traditional tones and everything else that you would expect from a band playing this type of death metal. 

This is where Between The Killings their own sound and path of brutality. What I noticed about the music was a certain rawness that makes everything stand out more vs. a more polished and clean sound. In a sense, the more you listen it sounds like the band is tearing flesh from the bone! Some may think that a sound like this comes from a lack of production, but I assure you that the production is just fine throughout this release. Not too many bands playing this type of death metal go for a sound like this which makes this release that much more unique for the genre. Riff wise, think Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, and Dying Fetus mixed up and splattered all over hell. The drum work is pretty standard for the material presented here, but stands out a little more in comparison to similar releases. The most typical aspect of this release would be the vocals. There is not a lot of variation which could be considered a hindrance, but I think they still manage a damn fine set of songs here.

Between The Killings definitely have the tools and skills to be one of the most unsettling and devastating bands to ever play this type of metal. They are well on their way, and the elements here only show a small margin of what the band is capable of. I am sure their next release will continue to lay waste to everything in their path. You can be sure that when you listen to the band, their intensity will pull you into the midst of chaos and infect your mind with unrelenting barbarity of the highest order. 

I recommend this release if you are into any of the bands I mentioned earlier, or if you are a fan of brutal death metal in general. They are the true definition of what extreme metal is all about. You will not be disappointed in the slightest. Be sure to contact the band or Comatose Music for info on adding this awesome EP to your collection.

4 / 5 STARS

1. A Violent Proclamation
2. Invoked
3. From Interest to Obsession
4. Contrivance
5. Overwhelmed in Neuroticism
6. A Violent Ending