Blood Of The Wolf - IV: The Declaration Of War Eternal

A more death metal oriented approach this time around opposed to their last few releases. Definitely quality metal the whole way through! Vocals going good with the guitars. The axes are a good "crunch" tone to them hence the blackened death metal sound. Another likeable album for sure. Their songwriting is definitely still top notch. This album clocks in about 40 minutes. All the songs are likable. I especially like the harmonies it makes it more melodic sounding. Mike's vocals still low sounding which is prevalent on their previous releases as well! He's still maintaining the creative vents on the guitar.

The tempos vary some fast and furious and others a little more laid back. In any case, it was a quite diverse release. The energy is all there and the rhythms are impeccable. Mike is great at songwriting, Frank solid on the lead guitar and melodies. Overall, a great lineup not to mention compositions! These guys refuse to let up and just so you know, Christopher Grimes (Withering Soul) is on bass duties. This album could've been a little better produced which is why I took off some points. The music is what counts though and I thought this one a good one to crank up because it's so catchy!

The first few albums they were developing their own sound. As a Chicago band, they have a solid fan base. Other than BOTW, Cianide, Cardiac Arrest, Molder, Withering Soul are just some pretty admirable extreme acts. The scene is growing though and these guys are well versed! One of the most consistent old school Chicago acts are Cardiac Arrest. Koniglio started pretty early too with Rellik. Now, a defunct band these members have ventured into other bands BOTW being one of them. The overall aura to the band is a bit eerie hence their influences to the likes of Marduk and earlier Immortal.

I had to pre-order this because I was curious about the sound of this one. The sound is good, just like I said the production quality was a little sub-par. But the music is superb. These guys can go on for years! The energy is all there and the creativity as well! I like how they are more death metal focused on the songwriting approach, it turned out great! You can stream this, but show the band support by getting a physical copy of this one! It's well worth it. Even myself a veteran in music, I still think the sound quality is better with CD's as opposed to digital. Check this one out!

4 / 5 STARS

1. With Lightning For Vengeance
2. Father War Enthroned
3. Domination Decree
4. The Sword Everlasting
5. Their Blood Is Our Warpaint
6. From Kingdom To Collapse
7. Ritual Overkill
8. I Am The Blade Of Eradication
9. The Declaration Of War Eternal