Bonecarver - Carnage Funeral

Having bragged about Bonecarver's debut album "Evil" upon my last review, I can confirm the band are still signed to Jamie Graham's excellent roster of upcoming and bedazzling talent within the Unique Leader Records spectrum. Meaning Bonecarver are label buddies with some of the best bands in the extreme metal world, such as Vulvodynia, To The Grave, Signs Of The Swarm and many more across a wide and diverse lineup of brutal acts.

Since the band's first release, it's fair to say that deathcore has had a healthy revival with great thanks to the new kings of the genre, Lorna Shore. And with that, it's obvious bands are going to follow in similar directions and take note of their successors, turning them into obvious peers. Bonecarver's second album sets the band on this new territory and definitely develops a more serious approach to core with their format of blackened elements added, often creating build ups and atmospheric triumphs.

As ever, the vocals are the most distinctive artifact from the band. Fernando's stunning vocal patterns often fit somewhere between Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation meets Alex Koehler of Chelsea Grin. And whilst this time around he's mostly avoiding the deathcore stereotypical pig squeals, his technique seems more varied and intriguing on album number two, perhaps also more mature. The orchestral devotion on the record slots Bonecarver perfectly with the metal world's modern nature, without copying anyone else's homework as to speak. More so taking note and crafting in their own structure yet still cementing their status overall as a deathcore band.

The eye-catching artwork on the album at first takes a more basic design than its preccesor, yet on further inspection reveals a darker focus to the band's catalogue in the way of coffins and demonic entities. This reflects upon the lyrical aspect of the record which borders themes of lunacy and satanic forces.

Just as brilliant as their debut, it seems Bonecarver are a force to be reckoned with and a true ally for Unique Leader's awesome lineup. Modern, menacing and crafted for those seeking the brutal thrill of something different but with snippets of haunting atmosphere and vivid creativity as opposed to breakdown after boring breakdown - Bonecarver are only on the up from here and I'm excited to see what album number three will reveal, as "Carnage Funeral" is a clear success within the band's discography.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Carnage Funeral
2. Ancient Atrocity
3. The Reckoning
4. Thorned
5. Pillars Of Tragedy
6. Morgue Desecrator
7. The Red Wake
8. Horror Disorder
9. Bereavement