Carceri - From Source To End

Second full length for the Dutch Carceri after 11 years from the previous "The Good Must Suffer The Wicked" and already active since 1995 first as Heavy Mozart and then as Detonate. For the new "From Source To End" the Dutch band calls a certain Robbe Kok behind the microphone, whom many of you will know as the current vocalist of Arsebreed and Disavowed.

In half an hour of sonic violence, these Dutch guys give us an excellent death metal album, going from almost old school sounds ('All Men Must Die') to outbursts at the limit of brutal (first of all the title track and to follow 'The Eminent Demise'). Only the instrumental 'Soul Shadow' gives us a few moments of respite in all this sonic fury.

Pleasant album from all points of view. A good songwriting that highlights in every single piece reminiscences of that death metal that Dutch bands already had (and are doing) done in the past (Sinister and Houwitser above all).

Surely the entry of Robbe on vocals brought a certain solidity and greater freshness to the Carceri, thus managing to fit perfectly into all the riffs and giving each piece the right emphasis and power.

Great album for all lovers of good old and beloved death metal.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Unbound
2. Single Burning Eye
3. All Men Must Die
4. From Source To End
5. Crusaders
6. Soul Shadow
7. The Eminent Demise
8. Second To None