Casket Robbery – Rituals Of Death

Talk about BRUTAL! I’ve heard this album about 7 times through (digital) and just killer music. They fall under the brutal death metal genre with a female vocalist. There’s not a lot of brutal bands with female vocals in this category of metal, one off the top of my head is a Spanish based band called Barbarian Prophecies. They’re not as over-the-top though, this band just tramples. Casket Robbery tunes low in their songs on the guitar, totally smoking and thick. The guitars fit well with the vocals. Some songs to key into that you can also see on YouTube would be 'Worm Food' and 'Post-Mortem.' You can get the feel of the band in those videos to see if their brutality is to your liking. 

"Rituals Of Death" is the only music that I’ve heard from the band and they’ve been around since 2010!  Wisconsin natives belt out this pummeling metal that makes your skull throb! Curious about "Evolution of Evil" their debut LP with the original members. Erik is new on drums for them blasting away! A lot of double bass to go along with the guitars, ultimately sick! Megan is also a new member on vocals who overpoweringly crushes. Very likable as front person and over-the-top she crushes. Some of their videos you can get a taste of what she sounds like. I’m sure that if you’re true metal, you’ll like her!

This album isn’t very long (32+ minutes), but it packs a punch! These guys have a long life ahead of them! With this lineup, I’m sure they’ll achieve success in the extreme metal category. Their energy is rampant and their originality is there, too! Not a lot of bands in metal can make it happen with their fan base. But Casket Robbery is here and their extreme sound is way likeable as well as original. I can’t stress that enough! This LP they’re going a lot towards their sound being thick and underground.

Also, the production quality is sound, everything seems to fit just right! The tempos are somewhat slow, just a lot of palm-muted guitars and Megan’s crushing voice! It’s completely guttural. This is what they wanted to achieve though! Erik does a great job too behind the set, too. He’s been working with other death metal bands such as Narcotic Wasteland, In-Defilade, et al. He’s quite experienced! Check Casket Robbery’s latest LP, "Rituals Of Death" now! Buy the CD and Lyric Book, show the band that they’re worth it!

4 / 5 STARS 

1. Worm Food
2. Don’t Forget The Eyes
3. Death’s Dance
4. Post-Mortem
5. Beautiful Death
6. Bone Mother
7. The Hidden… The Hideous
8. Old Ones
9. Reanimate
10. Return To The Sky
11. From Hell