Cercenatory - Goresphere

Cercenatory’s “Goresphere” is a little slab of gore grinding brutal death metal that “cannibalizes” elements and vibes from other genres thus creating a rather intoxicating dose of insane madness/ The band have developed their own take on this art which is often duplicated and stagnant. Having said that, there is nothing stagnant here. Razor blade riffs are like a boxing expert hitting the speedbag with flawless abandon, taking you back to classic albums by Nile, Aborted, Cattle Decapitation, Sinister, and label mates Aborted Fetus. All the traditional elements are there as is the technical prowess, and I must say that this is the stand-out element of the whole album. This is some of the best guitar playing I have heard on a death metal album this year, bar none! It takes some serious thinking, passionate hard work, and discipline to play like this, so my hat goes off to David Marquez for his undeniable genius on this album. The drum element is pretty wild too. I’m getting a raw vibe from it and it really sets off the rest of the music. I like the direction here. A lot of goregrind band drummers use this style of playing. When I say “style” I mean the sound and production. It really sets the mood for the particular genre, and it really works on this material as well. I would not say that the drums are underproduced, but the rawness in sound and production is a way to enhance the overall feel of the music in order to make it feel darker and more foreboding. Gerson Puello really nails things here with his skill and style.

Adolfo Iglesias’ bass skills hang back within the music a bit, creeping around, not revealing the nature of the beast, but letting you know that there is indeed a beast there. I like it when bands utilize the bass in this manner. It is yet another way to enhance the music and Adolfo’s playing is so intertwined, it only pulls you in deeper with each passing track. Finally. We come to the vocals of Mr. Fernando Alvarez who keeps things pretty interesting. He has a range from extremely low growls to higher mid-range pig-type squeals. I really like his versatility as he uses his full range and keeps things fresh from track to track. You can tell everything was carefully crafted here and care was taken to choose the best vocal pattern. Once you combine all the elements of this album, everything flows into a continuous beastly harmony that puts listeners in awe from beginning to end. 2024 is going to be a good year for these guys, and I don’t think it will be too long before they are headlining shows and tours. If you like your brutal death metal with a hint of goregrind and a unique sound, then I recommend that you contact the band or Comatose Music for information on adding this release to your collection.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Devoured By Shadows: Annales Imminentis Exilium (Intro)
2. Inquisitor Vortex Soul Torturing
3. Through The Deep Thoughts Of Tartarean Sadistic Cannibalism
4. He, Who Stands Upon Holy Corpectomies
5. Into The Goresphere
6. Infernal Festival Of Lecherous Dismemberment
7. Crucified, Gutted, Desecrated
8. Macabre Trepanation Orgy In Hell's Dungeons
9. Abyss Of Impaled Religious Incandescent Torches
10. Phalaris Bull Seraphic Extermination & Infinite Carnage