Chrysalis - D.eforming N.eural A.ggresion

Chrysalis is an Italian band from Turin, arising from another band called Soulless, which remained active from 1993 to 2001, in those years they released a great EP “…From Different Worlds” in 1996, also highly recommended, and an album that they recorded in 1999, “D.eforming N.eural A.ggression” which was going to be its debut, and by chance of fate, it was left in a saved drawer so that thirty years later it finally comes to light, and appears like an old hidden treasure. And what is it that was almost forgotten in the tunnel of time and now finally emerges?

Well, nothing more and nothing less than a great technical death metal album in line with what was done in the 90s, of which there are several examples, see Death, Atheist, Pestilence, Cynic, for example, to give an idea of ​​what it sounds like. Chrysalis has more violent parts than the aforementioned groups, with blast beats, and some more chaotic and brutal parts, with screams on some parts. To listen to this album we'll we have to do it with the perspective of thirty years ago, so go back to your adolescence, without the internet, with catalogs by mail and with the exchange of CDs and cassettes, a wonderful journey.

Now we listen to this album and we realize that it is a hidden gem, with the structures of the songs that were given at that time, clear references to the classics of the moment, it is a shame that it remained hidden until now, because it would have been a record cutting-edge within the style of technical death metal, the good news is that we finally have it, in digital format for everyone. It will also have to do with waiting for time, the lack of support, not coming from a main country of the death metal scene, something finally overcome, if this album had come out from the USA, UK... its fate would have been different, so the band broke up in 2001 without seeing the light of their debut. It was formed by Raoul Ronco bass, bocals (backing), Pierre Ronco guitars, Massimo Tosco vocals and Sergio Pavinato drums, this is the last known line-up. Album is composed by twelve tracks where we can listen to the technical vision of death metal of the band, without losing the melodic point of view, which they also have, arpeggiated riffs and complex bass lines, to which are added technical drums, moments and different types of voices within aggressive and classic death metal. At some moments you will have the feeling that you have already heard this album before, because of how familiar the style and the structures of the songs will be, and at the same time it will surprise you, and you will welcome something "old new" within it has 30 years behind.

It should also be added that the work of the drums is different from the time it comes from, since the use of blast beats in technical death metal was not very common, and in this case they are used and in a notable way. Of course the bass also has its moments with jazzy lines at various times, and a constant presence throughout the album, since it can be seen at all times, it is also a hallmark of the band, and the guitar work with its constant cascade of riffs, going from heavy parts to other technical and intricate parts, accelerations and complex pauses. Everything follows the guidelines of the technical death metal of the time, perhaps a little more aggressive in some moments, but it is clear that they had their own vision, and it would have been a cult reference in its time.

I hope this can encourage its members to release something new again since they have caught up with their album, like a Chrysalis that takes time to bring out the wonder it houses. Perfect for fans of technical death metal from the 90s and 2000s, and of course for everyone that likes good metal.

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Rebirth
2. One Voice
3. Collective Submission
4. Echoes Of Loneliness
5. Searching Knowledge
6. Through The Time
7. The Machines Judgement
8. The Host
9. Killin' Addiction
10. Sleep King
11. Neurological Collapse