Cimmerian Possession - Sadistic Storm

Cimmerian Possession’s very brief debut, “Sadistic Storm,” is surely a force to be reckoned with their raw, almost crust death metal form. A bit of Gatecreeper meets faster Immolation for 4 tracks of just sheer face stomping music. 

Tracks like ‘Castles’ are brimming with ferocious riffs and pounding drums with a sense of old school hardcore in the mix while ‘Flames’ is a bit faster and more of a pit starter with little room for error. 

‘The Wrathful’ is petty much one’s standard death metal piece but features a bit more energy and seems to draw influences from Swedish bands like Grave. Still very raw and uncompromising, this is about as underground sounding as one can get without sounding like a garage demo. 

Finally there is ‘Bringer Of Night’ which adds some thrash influence to the mix for a bit more groove and head banging opportunity before sifting back towards the more murky, flow together style that populates the rest of the album. 

Overall as a result, not too much to go off to make a solid impression, but these guys have promise in being a strong raw death metal act with hopefully more to come.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Castles
2. Flames
3. The Wrathful
4. Bringer Of Night (Noctifier)