Clairvoyance - Threshold Of Nothingness

Out for Blood Harvest Records the first official work for Clairvoyance, death metal band from Poland. "Threshold Of Nothingness" is the first EP after the demo in 2020. Although they come from Eastern Europe, their death metal is strongly inspired by the old death school of clear mid European and Scandinavian mold. 

5 tracks of dark death metal starting with the opener 'Decline Into Oblivion'. Speed ​​and cadenced parts recall certain similarities with the first Morbid Angels also for some effects that really make the difference. The music does the rest of the work by spitting out all the violence of this band from the speakers.

'The Curse' starts slightly muted but is terribly heavy in its gait. 'Chronicles Of Emptiness' still remembers certain passages at the Morbid Angel to then arrive at a very fast 'A Cairn Of Souls' that alternates outbursts with more slowed down pieces and mid tempos.

'Tarnisched Vessel' closes this first cry in the name of Clairvoyance with a full pass. Definitely an excellent album for lovers of the genre but we will see how they will behave in the long run and if they will be able to maintain these levels even with a neighbour, hopefully, full length. Recommended!

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Decline Into Oblivion
2. The Curse
3. Chronicles Of Emptiness
4. A Cairn Of Souls
5. Tarnished Vessel