Continuum Of Xul - Falling Into Damnation

First official EP for Italian death metallers Continuum Of Xul. After the promo of 2019 and the split with Abyss Of Perdition of 2021, this new work with the unequivocal title of "Falling Into Damnation" arrives under Lavadome Productions. For those who do not yet know these guys, know that behind this monicker there are some of the most influential people (present and past) of Italian metal. On the vocals the former Antropofagus Tya, on the guitars Matteo Gresele (in force also on the great Ad Nauseam), on the bass a "certain" Void .. that many of you will remember as the first bassist of Antropofagus and finally a Giulio Galati which I believe does not need any introduction (Hideous Divinity and Nero Di Marte above all). 

"Falling Into Damnation" looks like an EP characterized by leaden, sulphurous and gloomy atmospheres. Characterized by a compositional vein so dear to Heaving Earth, the 4 pieces of this mini debut certainly do not leave the attentive listener empty-handed. After the usual intro, we start with 'I Shall Be Thy Lord' and do it immediately by pushing the COX machine to the maximum. Piece, in my opinion, of pure "preparation for what will come in the following minutes. Acrobatic solos that so much recall some phrasing dear to Morbid Angel. The American school is called into question almost in its entirety but referring to that heavy genre part yes, but also technical and refined. Someone said Hate Eternal and Immolation? why not! 

The atmospheres, especially in 'Dreaming In The Underworld' recall a lot of the first Morbid Angels (perhaps too much). Great work of the rhythm section and of the riffs created masterfully by Matteo. 'Blasphemous Redemption' is perhaps the compositional apex of COX. 

A really pleasant EP where you can finally hear something original while referring to already known sounds. This work ends with a cover of Absu, perhaps the most suitable for the genre proposed by To you the honor of knowing which one by going to listen to this work Horns up!

4 / 5 STARS

1. Hellmouth
2. I Shall Be Thy Lord
3. Dreaming In The Underworld
4. Blasphemous Redemption (Praise The Flames)
5. A Equinox Of Fathomless Disheartenment (cover Absu)