Death Apocalypse - Scars To The Flesh

Death Apocalypse's debut album "Scars to the flesh" is here and it will not disappoint lovers of 90's Swedish death metal, see Dismember, Entombed above all, although it should be noted that they have some interesting details.

Death Apocalypse is a trio from Germany, specifically from Laudenbach in Baden-Württemberg, a city where bands like Fragments Of Unbecoming and Veneral Disease also come from, and when they all know each other, so they all play in the other bands. Well, Death Apocalypse were formed in 2019 by Stefan (guitars), Ingo (drums) and Timo (vocals). They already had experience in the aforementioned bands and others, and decided to form this new one to unleash their taste for the death metal of the 90s, especially for the Swedish style, with that sound and those characteristic compositions, and here we attest that they have achieved it, because this album could well be said to be cooked in Stockholm.

The story of this album begins with 'Innevitable Bloodshed', a whole declaration of intent, in which they present us with their old school death metal, with hard guitars, sharing their melody and rage, the voice according to what we have in front of us is also guttural and aggressive, this is one of the songs from the EP previous to this album.

'Scars To The Flesh', this is also from the EP and gives the title to the LP, fast and brutal, as death metal should be, crushing necks, ready for the mosh pit? the melody of the riff is Dismember style, in general I'd say is the biggest influence on this band.

'Honor In Agony' here we see a clear influence of Judas Priest, something that also happens in some Dismember songs, I don't know if it's something wanted or it came out naturally, later it goes to a more oriental melody, and in the middle there is a more epic and melancholic part at the same time, speed is not lacking in this cut.

'Balck Oath Of Allegiance', if you still don't see the influence of Dismember, here you will see a beginning in the style of “Indecent And Obscene” album, even the sound of the guitar harmonic is like that, later on it changes and they give it their touch.

'Predominating Hatred' starts off dense and slow, and when the drums join it becomes a death metal march that progresses and breaks later in speed. 

'Deaths Eternal Silence' to close this album, dense and gloomy, slow and agonizing melody, which later changes to an epic melody followed by drums and again the curious sound of a video game as an anecdote. It is a track full of atmosphere and strength.

Well, this album ends here, in short, we will see influences from the 90s, and they will add their touch, the artwork according to what we are hearing, this is death metal, sound appropriate to the style, I look forward to the next work. Good album.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Inevitable Bloodshed
2. Vicious Perdiction
3. Cermonial Dismemberment
4. Scars To The Flesh
5. Honor In Agony
6. Black Oath Of Allegiance
7. Putrid Crown Of Repugnancy
8. Path To Impurity
9. Predominating Hatred
10. Deaths Eternal Silence