Debridement - Compositions Of Decomposition

"Compositions Of Decomposition" is the second full length for this British one man band. 4 years after the first full length of 2018 and mr Connor Brown masked under the poetic name of Debridement, strikes with this new atrocity and here we are to see what has changed since then. 

Samples here make a stand. Not that the previous one lacked of samples, but this time any Mortician fan out there will find his Ithaca with this one. Intro track kicks in after a glorious intro sample under the title: 'Brains'. Heavy slammy guitar chords dropping hard on the poor listener’s ears. Fat bass and the drums just play along in groove. The vocals are mostly gutturals but Connor has a wide variety when it comes to death metal vocals. From grunts and typical growls to heavy squeaky gutturals. They’re all there! And this was just the intro track right? 

Second track underway and the sample of Arnold Schwarzenegger singing the track from “The Coasters”, 'Yakety Yak' from the movie “The Twins” builds up the tension for what’s about to follow. Breaks the silence groovy but not until some seconds later the balstbeats take over. Kind of intentionally muddy production but super tight and very fitting for this type of brutal death metal Debridement follow. Everything can be heard loud and clear but nothing is super shiny. Blastbeat upon blastbeat and the gutturals create an atmosphere unmatched. 

Don’t get me wrong here. Connor didn’t start and end in blastbeat. His riffs are mostly endorsed by blastbeats and gravities, but you will also find thrash beats and super-fast doublekick drums upon slam riffs. You get the appropriate space needed to breathe before you enter another blast swirl again. Take 'John Coxtolstoy' for example. Starts slow. Slam riff and a steady but groovy double kick drum for Connor to spill his guts out on the mic. 1:18 it all goes berserk. Rabid gravity blastbeats and fast thrash beats enhance one another until it goes back to groove again. 

"Compositions Of Decomposition" is the perfect example of how the discipline should be between rabid and super-fast blastbeat and groove. 

Definitely music to be played live as you’ll find yourselves wanting to mosh a lot as the hearing process proceeds. Not gonna change your views on anything but if you are a fan of the genre, trust me you’ll spend many hours with this one.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Brains
2. Takin' Out The Trash
3. Searing Flesh Enlightenment
4. Dissolved In Acid
5. One To The Jugular
6. John Coxtolstoy
7. Boil Them Till Their Flesh Falls Off
8. The People's Pandemic
9. Choose The Destructor
10. Gurgling Vomit
11. Craniopagus Parasiticus
12. Under The Stairs
13. Kaboom