Decrapted - Bloody Rivers Of Death

Decrapted is a band formed in 2021 by Vicente Paya (Unbounded Terror, Golgotha) and Dave Rotten (Avulsed, Holycide, Famishgod, and others). This is its debut album "Bloody Rivers Of Death", released by Xtreem Music. This is the product of two minds focused in death metal. Two veterans warrios, since 90s playing death metal and similar styles, and after some collaborations this is their band together. It is not a surprise that what you will listen to here is death metal, sick, dark, gore...

Other two men have been here, Camilo Pirata on guitar solo, and Migel Angel Riutort on drums, and it has been a great contribution.

The first thing in hands is the artwork, by ukrainian Daemorph Art, with very good taste within the essence of death metal, what this album demands.

'Bleeding Devourment' is the first track, brutal and intense, with some mid tempo parts, crushing riffs, vocals in the style of Dave with some changes little more open style maybe, continues the main riff almost all song.

'Forcefed Human Flesh'  low and slow begining, later some faster, great solos, chunky riffs, heavy and sick. 'Cook On The Steak' starts like to be the continuation of the previous song, slower and deeper, with some spirit of death doom of 90s.

'Headless Haunting'a classic death metal, with a good solo, in  the last moments a little change with some modern touch.

'As The Horror Comes', a march from hell is coming, double bass drums power, some voice changes from lower to open (Obituary), little but good solo.'Bloody Cave', a begining of low and slow chords, deep and dense, guttural voice at maximum with some changes, a funeral procession to the grave, a doom death metal march.

'The Ravenous' death metal riffing with a chunky and thrash part, if you love slow death, this is a good sample-

'Meat Truck', the last track, a solid death metal attack, with a good solo, deeper voices as possible, with a melancholic little melody to close this album.

In general this a good album of death metal, influenced by the classics of the 90s, among witch they are. Good production, good artwork, it can remind some times Autopsy, Obituary, Grave, Purtenance, Bolt thrower... I suppose it will not be the only work that comes out from Decrapted, so welcome good and old friends of death metal.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Bleeding Devourment
2. Forcefed Human Flesh
3. Cook On The Stake
4. Headless Haunting
5. As The Horror Comes
6. Bloody Cave
7. The Ravenous
8. Meat Truck