Demoralizer - This World Is Suffering

“This World Is Suffering” is the debut EP from Netherlands based death metal group Demoralizer, and it is a solid 6 track effort. With a mix of Cannibal Corpse, Project Hate, and Spite, the result is a brutal and melodic output that is sure to stomp ears. From the foreboding lead of ‘The Stones Of My Tomb’ to the crushing ‘Children Of Armageddon’ there is little room for error as the band proves its point to try to be one of the more aggressive bands out there.

‘Stones…’ has some excellent bass work and melodic lines that match up well with the more brutal side delivered by the drums and vocals. ‘Unmarked’ is a bit of a filler track that seems like a instrumental intro for the next track or a outro that could have been just added to ‘Stones…’ to flesh out the song more, so it sounds a little out of place with the breakage. However after this it is just smooth sailing for Demoralizer as they shred their way through the rest of the album.

‘Silence’ is more of a brutal straightforward death metal piece with obliterating drumming and with the hateful vibe and spitfire vocals a little deathcore in the Spite vein. Vocals have that good mix of grunts and snarls with plenty of groove backing from the guitars for plenty of anthemic drive. Even the solos are quite melodic, which is a little surprising because it contrasts the brutality. ‘Alive to Die’ has no frills to it; just chugging pure modern death metal with all the anger of the world. Fans of the likes of Deicide will appreciate it for the speed.

The title track is more of a mid paced chugger loaded with groove and while the most accessible track on the album, also can be the most boring with the repetition of the riffs, although the solo saves the track with its jazzy melodic touches. One cannot argue though that the chorus doesn’t stick in the head and has a grab factor that the other tracks don’t, despite the song structure. Finally, the closing ‘Children Of Armageddon’ marches it was through with a rather slow to mid paced tone but crushes everything in its path. The drumming here is superb and helps the band exit on a memorable note.

Overall, despite a few speed bumps, Demoralizer pretty much have themselves set up for a very successful music career. The monstrous vocals, groove hooks of the guitars with face stomping riffs, varied drumming, and melodic solos make for a modern death metal group that listeners will be hungry to hear.

4 / 5 STARS

1. The Stones Of My Tomb
2. Unmarked
3. Silence
4. Alive To Die
5. This World Is Suffering
6. Children Of Armageddon

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Dec 14, 2022

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