Deocculted - An Eye For The Occulted Sun

This review belongs to an American death/thrash metal band called Deocculted which is active since 2018. This EP has 5 tracks and it's the remix of their 2019 album. I've not listen to their first version. Anyway, let's check it out.

'Spectraphobia', the first track of the album has good complicated riffs and drums sentences. Vocal is good enough and it will diggin you brain. Great using of oriental scales….

'Ectoplasm' has a very punching riff at intro. This song turns your brain on to choose the way to the deepest place in hell. Guitars play the different positions and it's one of the reasons that you won't be bored. Drum is so routine and straight. It was a fantastic idea to use the intro section at the end of the song.

'An Eye For The Occulted Sun' reminds me some part of Suffocation's style by its sentences. The song bangs your head for about 90 seconds. Breakdown destroys you balls by its feelings. the whole phase of the track is like you're looking at the world from the up and you've got the control of it.

'Excommunicado' is a tough instrumental song. This is one of the greatest death/thrash songs I've heard recently. It has the elements of these mixed genres. The volumes of the instruments are completely winning your mind.

Last track 'Siren's Song' is a masterpiece. What a damn song. Fabulous solo…. Good riffs. They have melody and it's good that an album has different styles. I just tried to scream with and beside the guitars. My favorite song of the album.

At the end I want to give them 4 of 5 because the mixing and mastering of the album was not my type (specially for drums). The whole album is perfect and I really like to hear more stuff from this band. Wish them the best.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Spectraphobia
2. Ectoplasm
3. An Eye for the Occuled Sun
4. Excommunicado
5. Siren's Song
Self released
Reviewer: Pooyan Ahmadi
Oct 3, 2022

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